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A.R.K. Photo of the Year

A Campus-Wide Event

First Semester SY 2017-2018

1. Name of Activity
Act of Random Kindness (A.R.K) Photo of the Year

2. Anticipated Date/Time of Event

3rd week of September (Friday)
7:30 a.m.

3. Anticipated Activity Location

Saint Marys University Junior High School and Science High School

4. Anticipated # of Attendees
Any interested student

5. Activity Description

(Pictures say more than a thousand words) Act of Random Kindness Photo of the
Year is a campus-wide photo contest portraying different photographs of genuine actions
by a person/s, obtained from any interested student, submitted until the Friday of the 3rd
week of September.

Teenagers nowadays turn their attention more to visual objects i.e. photographs.
Photographs showing genuine kindness can open their eyes to a wider perspective of
what their mission is in their lives and how they can fulfill it.

Approved flyers of the event will posted in bulletin boards and will be announced
(the when is still undecided). Funds are needed for the prizes of the A.R.K. photo of the
year, although certificates will be given to the top three. These photos will also be
featured in the first publication of the campus in collaboration of The Marian Spectrum.

There has never been an activity like this before. The event needs three judges
specifically those with an expertise of photography or photojournalism.

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