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After using Mr Huglis car at 10.00 am on the Wednesday 9th of August, I Joshue B.

H Adele,
parked the car in the Consultec Ltds parking located at General Charles de Gaulle Street,
Eau Coule. I turned off the engine, switch to neutral and put on the handbrake before
leaving the car. It should be noted that I was parked nose in and the parking was in slope. I
locked the car and left for Consultec Ltd where Mr Hugli and I both work. At 11:15 am, Mr
Hugli got a call saying his car was involved in a car accident. We went back to the parking lot
and saw that the car was against a stonewall just behind where it was parked. The car was
locked and the handbrake still on. The stonewall was not damaged but Mr Huglis rear was
heavily damaged. We immediately went to the Police Station of Eau coulee to report the
accident and the policemen came to inspect and take measurement related to the accident.
Being the last driver, i was asked to do an alcooltest which was negative. After reporting the
accident, we were told we could leave and report to the insurance company.
Mr Huglis car number is..
My Identity Card Number is A230190310098B
My Drivers licence number is 872763.