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A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

Match the questions and the


1. ______________ are you Adeles fan?

2. ______________ is she from?
3. ______________ is her birthday? How How old

4. ______________ is she? What time When

5. ______________ is her idol? Where Which

6. ______________ does the concert start? Who Why

7. ______________ is her favourite colour, purple or green?

8. ______________ do you feel when you listen to her songs?

a) Green.
b) At 10 p.m.
c) Its on 5th May.
d) Because she has a great voice.
e) Etta James. She is a blues diva.
f) She is from Tottenham, London, England, UK.
g) I feel good and all my stress seems to go away.
h) She was born in1988, so she is use your brain!

B. Imagine you are interviewing Penlope Cruz. Use question words.

You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: My name is Penlope Cruz Sanchez, but my friends call me Pe.
You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: Im from a town called Alcobendas, near Madrid, in Spain.
You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: My birthday is on 28th April the year is secret!
You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: I've got one brother and one sister; both of them are younger than me.
You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: I live in Hollywood.
You: _______________________________________________________________________
Penlope: My favourite hobbies are dancing, cooking vegetarian food and designing clothes.
You: Thanks for your time.

C. Rewrite the sentences using the possessive case. Follow the example.

1. My brother has a mobile phone. It's my brothers mobile phone.

2. Jane has a horse. Its ______________________________________

3. My grandparents live in this house. Its _______________________

4. James has a dog, Star. Star is ______________________________

D. Circle the right option to complete the following sentences.

1. Whose ball is this? 2. Whose pens are these? 3. Whose books are these?
Its _____________ ball. Theyre ____________ pens. Theyre the _________ books.
a) Sams a) Deniss a) childrens
b) Sams b) Denis b) childrens

E. Write correct sentences in the present simple.

1. Harry / attend / Hogwarts School. ___________________________________________________

2. Harry / like / his scar /? ___________________________________________________________

3. we / not like / fantasy novels. ______________________________________________________

4. J. K. Rowling / be / from England / ? ________________________________________________

5. Hermione / not enjoy / broom flying /. _______________________________________________

6. my friends / love / the Harry Potter movies /. _________________________________________