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1 About Ketu and Nadi 4-5

2 Nadi astrology 6

3 Planets are neither malefic nor benefic 7-8

4 ? 9-10

5 Astrology is not Jyotish Astrology is not 11

6 Mercury "Utopia And Anarchy Of Stars 12

7 Tenets of spirituality through Vaidik astrology 13-14

8 Classical Astrology Vs Designer's Astrology 15-16

9 Astrology of Seers Vs Astrology of Designers - 17-18

Part 2
10 Research In Parasari 19-20

11 What is Designer's Astrology 21

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 3

of a sudden. So it is considered as a
planet of accidents. But it is not brave
like Mars unless conjoined with or
deposited in the signs of this red
planet. When hit back it wriths in pain
and strikes its tail repeatedly on
shows Ketu does not have

1.About Ketu and

that Ketu head. It has only
repents trunk. What does it
too often
Nadi and
mean? A person

bellows in influenced by ketu

pain when can't think properly.
Ketu does not have head. It has only
trunk. What does it mean? A person
pretend to be brave externally but
influenced by ketu can't think
are in fact timid from inside. The
properly. Proper mental faculty to
striations of diffidence can be
weigh pros and cons is absent in such
noticed in each of their action.
fellows. They are known for taking
Out of the five sense organs it is
rash decisions. Every action taken by
devoid of four i.e. eye, ear, nose and
them is guided heavily by the
tongue. So it has no appreciation for
elements of suddenness. And such
Ras, Roop, Gandh and Shabd. In other
actions or decisions taken in rash
words it is not blessed with Shabad
manner often prove to be suicidal also.
Brahm. Words loose meaning for
It expresses it feelings by wagging its
these fellows and they seldom take
tail. What does this mean?
any good advice. That is why they are
Thesepeople are number one
called stubborn, adamant and
psychophants. They can stoop low to
have their interests protected. So,
It is heavily dependent on Sparsh, the
Lal Kitab describes Ketu as a dog. But
only sense perception it has. So, they
they lack the loyalty of a dog. The
like lots of pattings and admiration.
visible loyalty is purely on account of
So pat them and use them like a pet.
lack of sense of discrimination. In
Since it has no head it has no desire.
anger it attacks with its tail. It lashes
It has only heart. So emotions rule
out like a whip and hits hard. Again all

the actions and decisions. To become

desireless is to move towards
salvation. Emotion is essential for
devotion and Bhav Samadhi. It is the
strong emotion that keeps the
aspirant glued to his deity. As such, it
astrology is
is taken as the significator for
hinged on
Likewise signification of the planets
play of
can be understood.
Nadi astrology is heavily hinged on
play of significations and
significators. Without understanding
them properly no one can grasp the
deeper imports of principles dealt in
g them
Nadi astrology. And for this it is
mandatory to be thorough with properly no
Parasari and Jaimini principles. A one can
student must be clear in his mind if he grasp the
is really fit to embark on the tough deeper
turf of Nadi. They must first learn to imports of
put up questions boldly for principles
clarification of any doubt. dealt in Nadi
Those who are trying to sale Nadi astrology.
should also be honest in this respect. And for this
Simply giving sutras and talking about it is
signification or few principles would mandatory to
not do justice to the students. They be thorough
must provide rationality behind each with Parasari
principle / sutra and should also be and Jaimini
able to explain the things logically. principles.
---------To be continued

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 5


It deals with past tarred more effectively

and try to correlate the same with the
current lIfe. For that there are fundamental
rules which these men usually don't divulge
because they lack fundamental honesty in
their attitude. And that is quite perilous for
those who join such workshop/classes.
Second reason is that these men themselves
don't know those rules comprehensively. So,
they try to
beat about
the bush
when Nadi is neither new
2.Nadi astrology confronted
and mostly
or independent nor
it is sutra based.
try to plate Every inch of it is
few things purely Parasari and
as Nadi
Nadi astrology is a very at no place it
serious study of the subject because it deals sutras. But
contradicts the
with the advanced application of the none must
ever forget pristine principles
principles dealt mainly in so called Parasari
the facts dealt in Parasari
astrology. As such it is a wastage of time for
those students who have not thoroughly that every astrology.
grasped and imbibed the Parasari, sutra has a
fundamental principles of astrology. logical derivation .
However, shrewd people are making all out There are countless Nadi sutras that seldom
efforts to market it as new and independent hold good for prediction but they are
branch of astro learning. This is also logically sound and themselves serve as
because of the reasons that these self-made rules for extended application. Unless these
stalwarts of Nadi are themselves not very things are not explained clearly students fail
sound on turf of Parasari. So, they give Nadi to apply them. That is quite ironical. Then
sutras without explaining them with for them sutra remains as sutra only
Parasari principles.

So, students need not nourish any confusion

in this respect if they sincerely wish to learn
and understand Nadi astrology.

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 6


the criteria for determining the auspicious

or inauspicious nature of the planets have
been discussed differently in the texts. We
need to understand them comprehensively.
The effects stated in the books are merely
the probabilities based on. first principles
and not the final and ultimate conclusions.

3.Planets are
The actual outcome rest within the purview
of wisdom and sense of discrimination of
the astrologers. What one needs to have is

neither malefic the ability to understand and maturity to

apply the same. Else all the studies and
nor benefic learning goes down the drain.

The role of planets is only to assort and

direct the karmic runnels commensurate
with previous deeds for fructified
culmination. Significations are merely the
instruments and apparatus to proceed in
correct direction. But the wisdom and
intellect to use the same are the properties
of individual's mental faculty. We can't
afford to ignore the fact that once astrology
used to be the preferred subject of the
In astrology planets of their own are neither most brilliant students in academic line of
malefic nor benefic. Inclusion of positive those schools of bygone days. Since the
and negative traits in anything is the subject remains the same , the criteria of
mandatory requirement of this dual world. eligibility can't be changed. Texts are not
The nondual Ardhnarishwara also has to get only to read and cram but also for grasping
bifurcated into Shiva and Shakti in this the contents.
universe for complying with the needs of
dualities. By describing the incarnation Now take the case of Rahu which we often
issue of planets, same aspect of life has take as a dire malefic planet. But the texts
been touched upon in BPHS. are replete with its positive qualities and
favorable results of the combinations
In the form of destiny planets only work to formed by it. This is a point to be noted
return us the crop (of deeds), the seeds of carefully. The persons influenced by Rahu
which were sown in our previous birth. We are clever, skilled, dexterous, intelligent,
can't escape reaping the same . That is why undaunted, risk taking and mentally very

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 7


strong. It teaches how to make sacrifice and The sign Cancer also exhibit the expanded
even lay life on the pinnacle of performing ambits of attachments, lust and illusions. So
the duty faithfully. The conspiracy hatched can we say under the guise of Nadi sutra
by Maha Vishnu in the form of that an exalted Jupiter would give increased
Vishwamohini could be detected by Rahu attachment for sensuality and worldly
(Swarbhan) alone. As such, such persons cuppidities in blind manner. Is it not a point
have the guts to blast the conspiratorial to be pondered ponderously? But in the
moves of the adversaries and successfully mindless pursuits of purely commercial
pierce through the security system of the orientation it has today perhaps become an
enemy camp with ample ease. unavoidably essential parameter for few
people so as to prove himself
Today just for commercial pursuits knowledgeable. But knowing
we are trying to promote Nadi
is more important than
astrology by ignoring its Parasari Now take the case of
foundation. People leave no stone Rahu which we often
unturned to raze the Parasari Nadi Astrology tells that Mars
principles for raising an edifice of take as a dire malefic conjoined with Moon in
Nadi for giving it separate identify planet. But the texts Navamsha fills the native with
on the basis of outlandish are replete with its criminal proclivities. Why the
concepts. By giving awkward, Shashi Mangal yoga of natal
absurd and ridiculous explanation positive qualities and chart becomes so virulent in
for pristine principles they favorable results of Navamsha diagram? This
unhesitantly try to mutilate the the combinations apparently unfathomable
shastra and mislead the hapless effect demands acid test for
gullible and innocent students. formed by it. the wisdom and erudition of
That is both the paragon of their
an expert astrologer. And an
ignorance and bottomless abyss of answer to this also elaborate
their wisdom. And they don't know how that Nadi is only the advanced and
much vulnerable they become in such a extended study of Parasari.
castleless defence mechanism. The guilt of
their conspiratorial pseudo war tactics
become engraved on their virtueless
conscience. To be knowledgeable is one
thing and look knowledgeable is altogether
a different thing. Alas! They could have
known this fact before stopping so low to
have their names registered in the list of
learned scholars.

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 8





, ,
, , ,


Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 9


? ?

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 10


For the knowers of Jyotish future telling

becomes less than a triffle and: as such, it
is the science that leads the man to higher
human reaches. But those whose faces are
scratched with worldly cuppidities would
find it hard to understand. And
unfortunately they are the people today
who are pretending to crusade the cause
of Jyotish across the globe. Misfortune

thou hast many forms to doom the
5. strology is not

Astrology is not Jyotish. Astro means

astral, logus means study. Thus, astrology
means study of astral or celestial things.
Prime moto against celestial things is

destiny. Hence, oversmart enthusiasts Jyotish is the science
trading in astrology have taken upon
themselves to establish that astrology is of jyoti that remains
the science of future telling; for, the lit in the the things
ignoramuses can know nothing more of and beings to give
destiny than future telling. They in their
hardened arrogation can't think of them the basis of
anything beyond the ken of their own existence.
wisdom and intelligence. For them the
Vaidik bards were less important than
these fellows because they were neither
protected by the things like reservation or
subrogation. Hence, they immediately field
their tentacles like taaraka, sursha, and
pootana etc in defence of their markentile.

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 11


on the people of ordinary mental

6. Mercury
orientation engrossed in the thoughts
of drawing satisfaction merely for
sake of flesh. Certain degree of
"Utopia And dedication, devotion and learning
becomes mandatory for the pulsations
Anarchy Of Stars of Mercury to bloom effectively. So,
the aspect of Jupiter on Mercury
Mercury is taken as a hermaphrodite gives rise to special Raj Yoga in the
planet in the conventional astrology nativity.
because it is deemed devoid of Only upon some fortunate people born
masculine or feminine polarities. to discharge special duties of
Pauranik stories depict it in the form Providence these things are bestowed
of allegorical indications. and in their case Mercury can be seen
As a matter of fact the energy field in its that golden glare which when
of Mercury does not only provide the blended with the positive force of the
neutral grounds for development of Sun forms the enviable Budhaditya
polarity but also acts like silver chord Yoga (not merely by placement of Sun
connecting the two separate poles and Mercury in same sign or house or
subtly. cusp). When formed in true sense it
In every human being two polarities gives the glow of glory of Bauddhik
constantly exist within his/her inner Shakti emanating from the fertile and
self and each in turn is dual in its swelling soils of Mansi Shakti.
functioning; just to establish the *****Excerpts from my book "Utopia
perpetuating principles of And Anarchy Of Stars
Ardhnarishwara at all levels of
differentiation in the time-space
In the lower self the currents of
Mercury are amply loose, fun seeking
and non-serious but in the higher self
it portrays the true immortal,
creative and perpetually unfolding
constructive energies. The
appropriate use of Buddhi or
intelligence for the universal
beneficence is neither a small thing
nor does this excellent quality dawn

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 12


For this it is essential to understand

it's pristine principles. Let me tell you

that same combination of Brihat
Jataka that deals with illegitimacy of
7. enets of birth also hold key to the prospects
of progression of soul for further
spirituality evolvement in this life.
through Vaidik astrology --
Nowadays it seems to have become a
fashion among a group of astrologers
to talk about spiritual astrology OR
Let me tell here that astrology is not
about the tenets of spirituality
the science of future telling. Future
through Vaidik astrology perhaps
telling is a business. It has its own
without having a clear grasp of what
mechanics like all other business. And
spirituality in actuality is and how has
in business equation of demand and
it been viewed by the sages in Vaidik
supply people become a player ; either
paradigm.? Obviously, the enormity of
as service provider or service seeker.
the topic appears to have been
Sometimes it is deliberate
spattered on the parapets of mere
involvement other times it may be
perceptions rather than any
inadvertent. But that continue to
understanding and deeper
happen in cyclic manner. Like waves it
comprehension. An oblivious extension
rises and falls repeatedly and of its
of conceit to the ambits of some
own in the sea of events coming to
viewless vast.
pass in life. It is the game of
Let me tell here that the english term
expectation, frustration and
spirituality is not an exact substitute
reexpectation. Almost like the birth,
for the sanskrit word adhyatm; in the
the death and the rebirth. Trapped in
same way as religion is not the
a vicious and inescapable circle.
dharma. Spirituality is more or less a
Since astrology is a science that helps
philosophy; whereas, adhyatm is
in exploration of self so as to get rid
essentially a dedicated and self-
of chain of birth, death and rebirth
disciplined arduous practice.
how can it be used for establishing
Soul is not something to be perceived
the chain of expectation, frustration
through any hypothesis or theory but
and reexpectation.
is an element of concrete experience
As such, it would continue till we don't
attained only through an inscrutable
understand the very purpose and
mode of deeper meditation. It is a
meaning of formulation of this
recondite thing hard to be expressed

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 13


in words. That is why the state of Next comes the stage of Mahishasura
enlightenment is nothing but the when the initial advancement of the
realisation of the self or the aspirant engaged in serious meditation
atmsakshatkar. propels the reasoning faculty to
In the entire Vaidik paradigm of question the superiority of anything
inexplicable concept of god-head, only else other than one's own abilities and
the soul has been worshiped, adored dexterities. The fuelling force here is
and reverend across the starry gamut paddled by the sense of possession
of penance, meditation and practice of and achievement. This stage can be
the man (sadhak) on the path of overcome by placing the vibrations of
enjoinment (sadhana) leading to the Pranav (aum or om) against the
golden palace of his Maker. enticing force field of Pranay. Here
Meditation is nothing but the buddhi-vritti needs to be
disciplined journey of mind from the exterminated with the sword of
body to the inner-dwelling self or the unshakable devotion.
over-self and in this trenchant However, the subtle impulses of
journey itself the mind has to loose Pranay still remains in the abysmal
its own existence. This is so because plenum and tends to engineer the
the entire body is in the mind but the background for negotiation with
entire mind is not in the body. Mind is cosmic currents active for desires and
inevitably the man himself and that is ambitions. That is the stage of
why he always appears like bundles of Shumbh and Nishumbh. Till it exists
thoughts or the thought-constructs. the duality between the mind and the
Withdrawal of mind from the avid soul can't be removed. ---------- (to
sensuality is the return of man (mind) be continued)
towards the inner horizon. But that
can't be possible till the thin
gossamer line existing between the
inseparable psycho-somatic energy
fields are squarely dissolved. Only
then the outer can merge into the
inner. However, that too is an
intractable task because the impulses
of self-arrogation becomes an
insoluble wall in the process of return
to the roots. And that has got to be
had madatorily. That is the stage of

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 14


up start astrologer) and of nill

contribution have started calling the

shots purely for commercial purposes;

8 lassical
it is the
duty of
The onslaught of
commercial gains and
Astrology Vs Designer's all the avidity for name and
sincere fame has propelled
Astrology students many intelligent brains
to quell
to distort the basics
of astrology under the
At the cost of repetition I would once from guise of new research
again like to say that astrology was juggling and innovative ideas.
always the science of great occultists with the
and never of the expert astronomers. basic
Those occultists also possessed the principles of astrology because for
sound knowledge of astronomy but them it has become now a science of
limited it's use in prognostication triffle and nothing else. They have
because they were well aware of the only concern for their swelling wallet
fact that the process of prediction and not for this science.
crumbles under the load of
unnecessary and unwanted loads of These guys being weak on fundamental
mathematics. And every astrologer side have nearly butchered this
worth his salt knows this truth. science from all sides and they even
With the strong waves of renaissance endeavoured to market it in foreign
of astrology in the last century lands. Few of them do not even mince
fundamental principles were revived words to project themselves as
and protected by those scholars; for, Parashar incarnate of modern era
they were having very high regards having firm footage on occult side as
for the seers and this science. But well. However; the fact is that their
bad things automatically crop up with understanding and insight of occultism
emergence of everything good. is in the bottomless abyss of
Astrology could also not be an ignorance. They are the chief
exception of this natural law. The architect of this Designer's astrology.
people of very recent origin (it Having no respect for the science of
doesn't look healthy to use the word seers , with very poor understanding

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 15


of the rudimentary principles and with become teachers whose own

hastely constructed half-baked understanding of the subject is a big
knowledge they have almost become naught. And all this has got enough
berserk in destroying the sound encouragement from the proponents
structure of astrology. But this type of this Designer's astrology. Helpless
of shamelessness is hard to be found have become the old scholars of
in the scholars of about two or three original institutions teaching this
decades ago. They industriously science with all sincerity and
maintained the dignity of this science. dedication.
Few people who ventured on this side Useless and illogical techniques are
of designing the things in being rammed down the throat of
contradiction to basic principles of innocent students. But I still feel that
astrology were dealt sternly and things have not gone out of hand ;
scornfully by the earstwhile scholars. even at this stage , provided the
Their nonsensical adventurism was lovers of astrology come out in open
devastated by iron fists. to hold these bull's of
But now things have nuisance by horn for
changed a lot; especially protection of the science
after demise of Dr B V Today people are of Seers. Else these
Raman. This has not talking of the hawkers would destroy the
emboldened the charlatans science of astrology;
core astrology, its
and novices to bring rather soon, and my all
spurious techniques, pristine principles efforts my prove to be a
brainless chakras and and the grammar cry in wilderness.
gormless paddhati into the
of its music.
field of prediction. For
them astrology has become Everyone is talking
an orphaned science where about paddhati
anyone is free to do
and chakra etc for
anything. Nonsense books
of bygone days with divination of a
juiceless contents couched birth map.
on the slender curves of
stupidity have suddenly
shot into prominence. Schools of
astrology has been opened at every
nook and corner of each cosmopolitan
cities where those people have

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 16


principles of astrology given by the


9.Astrology of Seers What is not in accordance with the

perception of sages should be and
Vs must be courageously nomenclatured
Astrology of Designers - after any Tom, Dick and Harry so that
Part 2 the purity of the science and the
dignity of the sages remain protected.
That is the least any lover of
astrology would expect from the
ruthless designers bent upon to break
At the outset I would like to say that the bones of science of astrology
when someone speaks nonsense he brutally.
must also be cock sure that people will
Confusion is the mother of all types
call it a nonsense. Public can't be
of misconception. For the first time
blamed for calling a nonsense as
Sri C S Patel used the term Rashi
nonsense. Sand castles made on the
Tulya Navamsha and Navamsha Tulya
sea shore are doomed to be washed
Rashi quoting verse from Dhruv Nadi
away and waves of the ocean can't be
but unfortunately people failed to
blamed for the same. A structure
comprehend it fully. They took the
designed and erected without taking
literal meaning of the term Tulya as
the wind load and wind velocity into
equivalent to or equitable with and
consideration is destined to collapse
started applying the same most non-
and the tempests can't be blamed for
judiciously , rather judgementally. A
bringing about the destruction.
careful look into the verse quoted by
Expression of any frustration to this
CSP would reveal that they are merely
effect can only be termed as some
the means of expression for defining
unpardonable occupation. And that is
the location of planets in Rashi chart
exactly what is happening today with
and Navamsha etc. And nothing more
the Designers of Astrology for their
need be inferred from there.For
illogical, dimwitted and nonsensical
example if we read - sukheshe
thought constructs directed towards
bhagyamshe - it means the lord of 4th
the ruination of rudimentary

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 17


house is placed in Navamsha in a sign Here in this case as we have

which is identical with the 9th house discarded the natal chart (for
of the horoscope. So, it is merely a independent use of Navamsha) the
way of expression. It doesn't mean 7th lord of the natal chart has
that 4th house is equitable with or become redundant. Should that be the
equivalent to the 9th house or with eventuality then all the combinations
the house of Navamsha where the given or suggestions made in the texts
lord of the 4th house is deposited in. with reference to 7th house and 7th
However, the Designers of Astrology lord (of natal chart) will have to be
have attempted to cook a biryani of scrapped. That means writing the
corelationship out of their own rules of astrology afresh. Is it then
confusion and misconception. not a war against original texts for
bringing about total ruination of the
There is another wrong notion among
science of Seers? Is it not the
few Designers of Astrology that a
merciless massacre of its pristine
divisional chart can be used
independently without any reference
to the natal chart. Now suppose ---------------------- To be continued
someone goes for a study about U k jha
spouse from Navamsha diagram in
independent manner. So which planet
then would represent the spouse?
Lord of rising sign of Navamsha or the
lord of 7th sign in the Navamsha? OR
which house would be taken in to
consideration for spouse? Lagna of
Navamsha or 7th house of Navamsha
chart? Designers must put up their
considered opinion to resolve the
issue; for, natal chart here has been
subjected to utter banality for
according independence to Navamsha
in the matters of spouse.

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 18


not pierce
the barricade Few years ago an
created by over-enthusiast

who is staunch
And in such a practitioner of

10. esearch In state of some well

acclaimed odd
Parasari uncertainty
paddhati violently
the Rishi
(word Rishi bumped into me
means claiming, Parasari
anveshak I.e.
is for beginners
Disgusting is the expression and researcher ;
it also means with many stupid
nauseating is the concept of confining
Vaidik astrology within the tenebrous murderer descriptions
tunnel of confusion for calling it hatyara,

Parasari jyotish. Crime or sin is pretty because they

old but now being fuelled by many. But used to kill the accepted and

for those who had to climb the rungs established believe system or aastha)

of prominence without profundity I mean research work had a dictated

such definition and expression were destiny of stunted growth. This is

perhaps an unavoidable compulsion. because the worshipers of aastha

stood behind the scholars with
Many have learnt the subject from conspiratorial motif.
vernacular texts and notes without
ever caring to go through original
texts. And few who attempted could

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 19


and as a proof of his statement he

cited how the text has given
combinations for marriage at the age
of 5, 9, 11 or 13 year of age. I knew
that this ignoramus is more than
Then I gave
match for me and my wit so I had no
option except to accept his stupid him the task to
assertion with a humble request , " help me find
You are indeed a vibrant researcher
(of course
of astrology. Also pl keep on
enlightening me like this."
from external
Now he has snapped all contacts with support only)
me and is busy in serious type of the meaning of
research in astrology. That is how a
aphorism 19 of
anveshak (researcher) becomes a
hatyara (beheader). same chapter
especially with
respect to the
use of the term
e -----
for two wives.

Secretes of astrology publication-astrology book series Page 20


handsome share of stunning


So questions can't be raised on

those time tested principles.
However; one is free to apply both
of them independently for finding
out the same type of effects. If the
outcome tallies then they become
confirmatory to each other. Even if
the outcome is contrary each system
remains established in its quarter
with their own intrinsic strength.
The problem arises; for old
astrologers like us, when a cross-

over is prepared and presented as
new technique and paddhati etc

11. hat is There is no problem with that also

provided it is founded upon basic
principles and is logically tenable.
Designer's Astrology Logic is the essence of astrology
and whatever be done ought to be
theoretically and mathematically
rational.Efforts should not be there
to break the basic principles of this
science. When that is done it falls
under the category of Designer's
There are numerous types of ways astrology.
and methods for future telling and Udyot Kar Jha
all of them are not necessarily
jyotish or astrology, if so to say. It
was not even in past. But each
system has its own rudimentary
principles that deserve due respect.
Astrology has its own distict basics
and rules. Western astrology is quite
different in many ways from Vaidik
astrology. And they too have their

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