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~ I .
1) Jean went to town yesterday with his friend to QUYa pair of sboes. Wbere did be
2) I will allow my son to go to town. Wbat wilI I do? .

3) Tbe climate in our country is nice. Wbat nice is tbat in our country?
4) Tbe policeman explained tbe traffic laws to tbegroup. Wbat did be talking about?
5) Tbe two objects did make for tbe same moldoHow did tbey look?
6) If clears up we can bave our picnic.
7) Mr. Ricbards employed a lot of people.
8) Tbe water in this lake freezes.
9) Most accidents take place in beavy traffic.
10) She took offber coat.
11)Tbe children went tbe zoo Saturday. Wbat did tbey see?
12)Mr. Smitb went to town in a taxi yesterday to see his doctor. How did be go?
13) Sgt White was driving a brand new caroHe heard a loud noise. He stopped to see
wbat it was. Wben did be bear a noise?
14)Wbat do you usually do for recreation?
15) Tbe officer ordered: Come bere! What should tbe soldier do? .
16) Sam arrived at tbe tbeater at one but tbe movie didn't beginuntil tbree. How long
did be bave to wait?
17)I took tbe tire to service station and bad tbe mecbanic to inflated it. Wbat did tbe
mecbanic do?
18)Tbe teacher asks:Wbat are tbe properties ofwater. Wbat does sbe want to know?
19)Ton said tbat wire is not insulated. Wbat di4 ton mean?
20) Tbe student is looking at tbe rainbow. Wbat is he looking at?
21) John said it's nine a.m. and I'm leaving right away. Wben is he leaving?
22) Tbe entire class is going to leave to United States.
23) Tbe electric power failed Iast night.
24) Mr. Jackson picked out tbe best tool for his job.
25) I told Ton to get up right away.
26) Be careful to reI9-vetbe fla:IJ1!I1ables
from tbe boxeWbat did she remove from tbe
box? ,
27) Franks' hand was crashed in tbe accident. Wbat is happened in tbe accident? ,

28) You should keep tbis letters. '

29) Mary wants to serve in a hospital.,Wbat does she want to do in a hospital?
30) Mry bought a pair of shoes for $14.00 dollars plus 0.20 cents taxoHow mucb did
tbe shoes cost witbout tbe tax?
/ 31) Tbe man asked his friend to make up her mind. Wbat did he ask her to do?
32) You will succeed if you stick to tbe work Wbat should you do to succeed?
33) He is tbe autbor oftbese books.
34) Sarah has completed high school and will go to coIlege in September.
35) If this student makes over 90 in tbe test he wiIl be Ianguage qualified.
36) I had just left the office when you called. ~

37) Tbe wires were hidden between the walls.

38) We have to skip chapter three because there wasn't enough time.

39) I substituted ~
my brotber while he was ill.

-.,., ,. ' 4
.,;f.. .
I 40) The group broke up the party at 9:00 o'clock.
41) Roy checked out this morning.
42) The thief was released by the police.
43) Mary is deaf.
44) John speaks English as well as I do.
45) An oppOl1unitylike that is not be missed that.
46) What are harmers used for?
47) Man is able to survive at very high altitude. What can he do there?
48)We are havinga thundershower.Whatare we having? .

49) Last week Mr. Jackson reported in on a new substance. What did he report on?
50) Johnny went away to hide. Why did he go away?
51) Sarah told me that I was stupid and lazy. Why I was angry with Sarah?
52) Lay off. He is not happy.
53) Why does Jane have goose bumps?
54) What cause the car wheel xxxx?
55) The drawing has many verticallines. What way that the lines go?
56) Are you bored alI ready?

57) Do you like sports?

Yes I enjoy ncarly alI sports, but golf is my favorite.
What the man said about golf?

58) I don't knowwhat that means?

Vou should use a dictionary.
What is the man want the woman use?

59) Does the plane stop at Dallas?

I guess it does.
What does the man mean?

60) Who you think is right your sister or me?

I think 1'11stay neutral.
Whaf is the man telling to the woman?

61) My friend lives in this city.

1sshe married?
What does the woman want to know?

62) What are you waiting for?

For you to apologize.
What does she expect the man to do?

63) How did you find out about the news?

It was broadcast.
How did the man find out about the news?