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Directions for items 1-56. You will hear statements or
questions on the tape. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.
1.- a) yesterday B. a) The water becomes

b) to town salty.

c) with his friend b) The water becomes

d) Jim did muddy.
c) The water becomes ice.
2. a) permit him to go d) The water leaks out.
b) make him stay home
c) let him play at home 9. a) Accidents happen at
d) help him study his yellow lights.
lessons b) Accidents occur when
there are many cars.
3. a) the people c) Accidents are cut down
b) the mountains during the night.
c) the weather d) Accidents increase
d) the food when the lights are
4. a) paying taxes
b) voting in elections 10. a) She removed her coat.
c) driving regulations b) She bought her coat.
d) robbery c) She held her coat.
d) She sold her coat.
5. a) different
b) alive 11. a) monkeys
c) alike b) tennis
d) dif ficult c) cartoons
d) comedies
6. a) We can have a picnic
even if it rains. 12. a) to see his doctor
b) We can have a picnic b) to town
if the bus comes. c) yesterday
c) We can have a picnic d) by taxi
if the day is nice.
d) We can have a picnic 13. a) while getting in his
if the food comes. car
b) while driving his car
7. a) A lot of people work c) when he first saw the
for Mr. Richards. car
b) A lot of people live d) after he.stopped his
with Mr. Richards. car
c) A lot of people agree
with Mr. Richards. 14. a) work
d) A lot of people listen b) play ball
to Mr. Richards. c) eat supper
d) sleep'


15. a) stand at attention 24. a) He sold the best tool.

b) move toward the b) He overlooked the best
officer tool.
c) move to the rear c) He chose the best
d) salute the officer tool.
d) He didn't see the best
16. a) 3 o'clock tool.
b) for noone
c) two hours 25. a) He was washing.
d) because it was late b) He was in bed.
c) He was driving.
17. a) He refilled my tank. d) He was dr~ssing.
b) He filled the tire
with air. 26. a) things that can catch
c) He patched the tire. fire
d) HB removed the tire. b) things that can get
18. a) how it is used c),things that can change
b) who uses it color
c) what its d) things that can get
characteristics are rusty
d) where it is found
27. a) Many bones were
19. a) The wire is not good. broken.
b) The wire is not b) It was badly burned.
covered for o c) The muscles were
protectin. strong.
c) The wire is not d) It was cut off
carrying electricity. completely.
d) The wire is not
visible. 28. a) You should mail them.
b) You should destroy
20. a) a drop of water them.
b) cQlors in the sky c) You should save them.
c) a waterproof coat 'd) You should throw them
d) a stub from a ticket away.

21. a) after a while - 29. a) buy some medicine

b) immedi~tely b) see a doctor
c) at noon c) give some help
d) before 9:00 a.m. d) get a private room

22. a) Many will go. 30. a) $14.00

b) A few will go. b) $14.20
c) Some will go. c) $13.80
d) They will alI go. d) $13.98

23. a) It carne on. 31. a) decide what she wanted

b) It grew stronger. . b) think about it
c) It grew weaker. c) not to bother him
d) It went ofL d) change her method

--~,--~ "'!~..

.., '- .

32. a) ehange jobs ofte~ 38. a) We read it thoroughly.

~b) avoid distraetion b) We studied it
c) goto sehool earefu1ly.
d) eat well c) We ornitted it
33. a) He wrote these books. d) We hadsuffieient
b) These books are not time.
ec)He didn't write these 39. a) I did his work.
books. b) I bought medieine for
d1 He bought these books. him.
c) I looked after hirn. "
34~.;a) She is halfway through d) I wrote to hirn.
high sehool. .

b) She is through with 40. a) The group started the

high sehool. party on time.
c;::)She is starting high b) The party was
sehool. postponed at 9
~d) She isn't going to go 0'e1oek.
to eollege. c) The party ended at 9 -

35. a) He made under 90. d) The group was divided
b) H~ was language aeeording to
qualified. instruetions.
c) He won't be language
qualified. 41. "a) He carne this rnorning.
d) He may be. language
b) He 1eft this morning.
g},l.alified. c) He was given some
money this morning.
36. a) I 1eft on1y a minute d) Hewas out of eash
before you ea11ed. this rnorning.
b) You ea1led before I .

left. 42. a) The po1iee took hirn

c;) My offiee is to, the in.
left. . b) The poliee worked hirn
d) ~ entered the offiee over.
just as you ea1led. c) The po1iee let him go.
d) The po1iee followed
37. a) You eould see the hirn.
b) The wires were in 43. a) She ean't hear~
front of the wa1ls. b) She ean't wa1k.
c) You eou1d not see the c) She ean't ta1k.
wires. d) She ean't see.
d) The wires were outside
the wal1s.

- .'-,,,c", ..

44. a) I speak better English 51. a) because of her remark

than John. b) because of her
b) John speaks better appearance
English than I. c) beicause of her memory
c) John and I speak d) because of her
English equally well. influence
d) I cannot speak English
. atall. 52. a) Get off. He's not
45. a) You should forget- b) continue. He's nt
about it. happy.
b) You should take c) Sing. He's not happy.
advantage of it. d) Stop. He's not happy.
c) You shouldn't talk
about it. 53. a) because shei9 angry
d) You shouldn't go to b) because she is cold
the doctor. c) because she is tired
d) because: s,he is. warm
46. a) to drive nails
b) to bend or cut wire 54. a) It was balanceq.
c) to turn screws b) It was new.
d) to cut wood c) It was unbalanced.
d) It was stable.
47. a) fly
b) live 5"5. a) from left to right
c) expire' b) up and down
d) float c) from one corner to the
48. a) a storm d) .around the drawing
b) a bath
c) a harvest day 56. a) Yes, I've lost
d) a sunny day interest.
b) Yes, there are two
49. a) the new .procedure h~re.
b) the new theory c) Yes, there's a hole in
c) the new situation it.
d) the new material d) Yes, I've already
50. a) so everybody would
follow him
b) so he could finish
some business
c) so he could visit his
d) so nobody would find

. ~

~ :.::<,"



Directions for items 57-66. You will hear conversations or

persons giving information. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d.
57. a) Golf is the most 62. a) introduce her
difficult sport for b) tell her he is sorry
him. c) leave the room
b) Golf is the sport he d) open the door for her
likes the mosto
c) Golf is the sport he 63. a) He listened to it on
is least interested the radio.
in. b) He learned about it
d) Golf is the sport he from a friend.-
practices the mosto c) He read about it in a
58. a) a special book d) His brother told him
b) a ruler about it.
c) good manners
d) a pair of glasses 64. a) trucks
b) containers
59. a) He doesn't want the c) trains
plane to stop at d) tubes
b) He doesn't think that' 65. a) His house is big.
the plane stops at b) His house is pretty.
Dallas. c) His house is old.
c) He doesn't care if the "d) His house is moderno
plane stops at Dallas.
d) He doesn't know if the' 66. a) Her coat got lost.
plane stops at Dallas. b) Her coat got stolen.
c) Her coat got dirty.
60. a) She is wrong. d) Her coat got old.
b) He will remain at
c) He will not be there. .
d) He will not say who is

61. a) if she lives in the

b) if she knows the man
c) if she has a husband
d) if she has a job


, .:,.~"'. .. r;"-


Directions for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST

67. Ed: How long has Mr. Rivers studied English?

Tom: He for one month.

a) studies
b) is studying
c) will study
d) has been studying
68. I am a student. The instructor teaches me.

a) I am teaching the student.

b) I am taught by the instructor.
c) I teach the instructor.
d) I am not taught by the instructor.
69. How you like the weather in Texas?

a) do
b) are
c) have
d) must
70. The river has its orlgin in Minnesota.
a) waterfalls
b) ports
c) end
d) beginning

71. The singer is very popular.

a) The singer sings badly.

b)Many people like to listen to the singer.
c) The singer sings folk music.
d) People who like the singer are~intelligent.
72. A man who cashes a check wants it

a) deposited
b) changed for money
c) mailed
d) saved



73. Man has known about petroleum for many centuries.

a) hundreds df years
b) thousand~ of years
c) several years
) d) many decades

74. She get to the dance last night.

a) shouldn't
b)' couldn' t
c) can't
d) won 't

75. It is against regulations food in your room.

a) to had
b) to have
c) to having
d) have

76. Tom had the chair from the office.

a) removes
b) to remove
c) removing
d) removed-

77. Select the correct ~entence.

a) We will go on a picnic if it doesn't rain.

b) rf we will go on a picnic, it doesn't rain.
c) rf we doesn't go on a picnic, it will rain.
d) We ifit will rain doesn't go on a picnic.

78. For billions of years, the sun, which is a large star, has
been burning intensely without dissipating itself. The
reason for this unique action is the performance of
thermonuclear reaction which gives off heat and energy
without a great loss of fuel. The light and warmth that we
1rijoyeach dayare a resul t of the sun' s thermonuclear
I reaction.

According to this paragraph, the sun

a) gets hotter
b) emits heat and energy
c) gets cooler
d) is dissipating intensely'


79. Learning a seconCl language requires a great deal of

determination and effort. A person must concentrate on the
material. The learner must immerse hlmself.

According to the paragraph,

a) it is easy to learn a second language

b) a person need only listen to learn a second language
c) second language learning demands hard work
d) occasional studying results in second language learning

80. The best fire prevention system is good

a) cooking
b) housekeeping
c) painting
d) flooring

81. The principal was appointed by the board of education.

a) named
b) replaced
c) educated
d) instructed

82. Why don't you use your head when"you drive?

a) think
b) be quick
c) use your eyesight
d) use your hab
83. The inch, foot, and yard are measurements.

a) qu,ality
b); linear
c) w~ight
d) volume

84. Vi~iting with Americans you an opportunity to speak


a) to give
b) gives
c) giving
d) given

.' 't'

85. Not much about the matter since that time.

a) to say
b) is saying
c) has been said
d) have to say

86. In any physical fitness program, self-discipline must be

a) emphasize
b) to emphasize
c) emphasized
d) emphasizing

87. You should use a pen your checks.

a) to writinq
b) of writing
c) for writing
d) for write

88. Joe rides the bus' rather than the train. He says the bus is
faster and is as comfortable as the train.

a) He believes the train is more comfortable.

b) He thinks- the bus travels faster.
c) The bus is more comfortable.
d) He prefers the train to the bus.

89. I will probablv eat my lunch before I leave.

a) want to
b) should
c) will likely
d) must -

90. Silver, f~rinstance, is a good conductor.

a) for a moment
b) for example
c) instantly
d) for necessity

91. Don't 2RQ~e his interests.

a) be for
b) work against
c) examine
d) protect

,.. ..


92. The path is so narrow that

a) I'mtired
b) I must walk behind you
c) lE's damaging my shoes
d) I can see for miles
93. Paul took his clothes to the cleaners and told the clerk to
deliver them when they were ready. Paul wants the clerk to

a) put a special finish on the clothes

b) have the clothes taken to his house
c) throw the clothes away because they are too old
d) come get Paul's clothes to be cleaned
94. MississippiRiver flows southward.

a) -' the
b) The, the
c) The, -
d) -' -
95. I am tired reading. Let's go for a walk.

a) to
b) of
c) by
d) for

96. The wind's effect on an airplane while it is on the ground

is different when it is flying.

a) so
b) compared'
c) to
d) from
97. Don't that old shirt; it will make a good cleaning

a) wipe
b) discard
c) describe
d) polish

, 98. The animal died because it was underfed and

a) overworked
b) underway
c) overcooked
d) undercover


.-.' ,...

<? ."


99. The woman was seized.

a) harmed
b) captured
c) destroyed
d) aided

100. You can always count Jerry to do the right thing.

a) on
b) for
c) by
d) to



,--""-- -.--

"ii" ''