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Subject : Heat and mass transfer
Semester: 6
Sub. Code: 10ME63 Section:
Name of the faculty : Dr. Subrahmanya Katte, Thippeswamy G R

Q.No Marks
a) Starting from the fundamental principles, derive the general heat conduction equation
in Cartesian co-ordinate system 7

Explain briefly the various modes of heat transfer and enumerate the basic laws which govern 10
the heat transfer
3 A square plate heater (15cm X 15 cm) is inserted between two slabs. The slab A is 2 cm thick 10
(k=50 W/moC) and the slab B is 1 cm thick (0.2 W/moC). The outside heat transfer co-efficient
on side A and B are 200 W/m2oC and 50 W/m2oC respectively. The temperature of the
surroundings is 250C. If the rating of the heater is 1kW, find i) maximum temperature in the
system, ii) outer surface temperatures of two slabs. Draw an equivalent electrical circuit
4 a) Derive expression for heat conduction and temperature distribution for a hollow cylinder having 7
inner and outer radii r1 and r2 respectively with thermal conductivity k
b) Obtain expression for heat conduction for composite spheres having convection at both the
sides 3marks
5 An insulated steam pipe having outside diameter 30 mm is to be covered with two layers of 10
insulation, each having thickness of 20 mm. The thermal conductivity of one material is 5 times
the other. Assuming inner and outer surface temperature of composite insulation are fixed, how
much will heat transfer be increased when better insulation material is next to the pipe than it is
outer layer.
Derive an expression for the heat loss per m2 of the surface area of the furnace wall, when the 10
6. thermal conductivity varies with temperature according to the relation k = (a+bT 2) W/moC.
Where T is in oC. Also find rate of heat transfer through the wall, if L=0.2 m, T1 = 300oC, T2 =
30oC, a= 0.3 and b= 5x10-6.
7. State the significance of critical thickness of insulation. Derive expression for critical thickness of 10
insulation for cylinder
8. A wire of 6.5 mm diameter at a temperature of 60oC is to be insulated by a material having k =
0.174W/moC. Convection heat transfer co-efficient is 8.722W/m2 oC. The ambient temperature is
20 oC. For maximum heat loss what is the minimum thickness of insulation and heat loss per
meter length? Also find percentage increase in the heat dissipation too 10