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Battery Management Solutions

Battery Charge Management

Dual-Input, Switch-Mode Charger with Power Path Management and I2C Control
bq24160, bq24161, bq24162
Get samples, datasheets, evaluation modules and app reports at: www.ti.com/product/bq24160
The bq24160/1/2 are highly integrated versatile solution. The two inputs are fully VIN based dynamic power management
single-cell Li-Ion battery charger and isolated from each other and are easily Supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 charger
system power-path management devices selectable using the I2C interface. applications
targeted for space-limited, portable Key Features Automatic adapter detection for USB
applications with high-capacity batteries. High-efficiency switching mode charger input based on D+/D (bq24160)
The single-cell charger has dual inputs with separate power path and control High level of integration
which allow operation from either a USB Startup system from deeply discharged Synchronous fixed-frequency 1.5-MHz
port or higher-power input supply (i.e. AC battery or no battery PWM converter
adapter or wireless charging input) for a 20-V input rating, with 10.5V overvolt-
age protection
Integrated power path and driver for an
bq24160 external PMOS
Adapter Integrated input current sensing and
IN SW limiting (5%)
Integrated FETs for up to 2.5-A charge
System rate
PMIDI Load Up to 2.5 A from IN input
Up to 1.5 A from USB input
BOOT Safe and accurate battery management
USB functions
D+ SYS BC1.2 compliant
GND 1% battery voltage regulation accuracy
PMIDU 5% charge current accuracy
User programmable maximum input
current limit
BGATE Thermal regulation protection
I2C interface (1.8 V, 400 kHz)
D BAT Control charge parameters, timers,
SDA VINDPM threshold
HOST SCL 2.8 x 2.8-mm WCSP and 4 x 4-mm
TEMP QFN packages
TS +
Handheld products
VSYS PACK Portable media players
Portable equipment
Netbook and portable internet devices

Single-Cell Charger Controllers Selection Guide

VIN Abs Charge Charge
Number Max VIN OVP Current Voltage Control Internal Primary Charge Charge Temp
Device of Cells VIN Type (V) (V) (A) (V) Interface Topology FET Termination Timer Monitor WCSP EVM Comments Price*
Single-Cell Adapter/USB-Powered Chargers
Adapter and JEITA, D+/D
bq24160 1 20 10.5/6.5 (USB) 2.5 3.5 to 4.4 I2C Switching Yes Host-controlled Yes Yes 24 3.00
USB detect
Adapter and
bq24161 1 20 10.5/6.5 (USB) 2.5 3.5 to 4.4 I2C Switching Yes Host-controlled Yes Yes 24 USB selection pin 3.00
Adapter and JEITA, USB
bq24162 1 20 6.5 2.5 3.5 to 4.4 I2C Switching Yes Host-controlled No No 24 3.00
USB selection pin
*Suggested resale price in U.S. dollars in quantities of 1,000. Preview devices are bold blue.

Battery Management Solutions Guide 9 Texas Instruments 2011