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I. Read the following text carefully. Complete it with the correct form using
simple present!

Story 1
Who is he? Where is he? What does he do?

Hank _______(to be)a cowboy. He _______(live) on a farm. He______(to have)a horse named
Ginger. Hank ______(love) Ginger. He ___________(ride) Ginger every day. Sometimes they
walk slowly, and sometimes they run fast. They always have a good time.

Ginger _________(to be)Hank's horse. She___________(to be)light brown. Her tail and mane
______(to be) dark brown. She ___________(to be)three years old. She __________( live) in the
stable by the house.

Ginger ____________(wait)for Hank every morning. She_____________( enjoy) their time

together. Often, Hank ___________(give) her apples. After long rides, Hank always
______(wash) and ____________(brush) Ginger. He usually brushes her tail. Then he gives her
food and fresh water. Ginger loves Hank.

II. Change direct speech into indirect speech!

1. Aria said, I will give you a book next week.

2. He said, I work in a bank
3. They said, We are going to beach tomorrow
4. I said, John has been waiting for you since two hours
5. I told Jerry, I can fix this computer soon
6. Marry told us, I have to go now
7. John tells Anne I will pick you up at seven oclock tonight
8. Andy says I have had lunch with John recently
9. My mother says, This flower needs to be watering frequently
10. My brother tells to me, I am reading a book now

III. Use the appropriate conjunctions to join the two sentences to become complex

1. He didnt come last night. He fell asleep.

2. The man helped in sincerity. Many people thought negatively about him.
3. What do you prefer to stay at home, go to the cinema on this weekend?
4. She has lived in London for more than five years. She can speak English well.
5. Vina and Amel wake up at 5:00 am. They go to school at 6:30 am.
6. Jessi loves swimming. She loves running.
7. The man is not handsome. He doesnt faithful.
8. Nisa is a scientist. Her mother is a scientist.
9. My parents would have lunch in a traditional restaurant. They have lunch in a fast
food restaurant.
10. They waited and waited at the bus stop. The bus came.
11. My wife wants to buy the washing machine. The current washing machine is
12. Dio failed the first semester test. He prepared for it all out.
13. My husband doesnt speak Mandarin. He doesnt speak Japanese.
14. Mega likes Cerry Bell. They have nice music which is suitable for the youths.
15. Ricky can solve the mathematics item test easily. He can solve it correctly.

Story 2
Who is she? What will she do? What is going to happen?
This weekend, Erica is going to compete in a tennis tournament. She will practice
hard all week because she wants to win the tournament. The winner will receive
$1,000. Erica hopes she will get first place!
Erica's husband is going to travel to the tournament with Erica. He will watch her
compete. He will sit in the stands and cheer for Erica. He is going to be proud of
Erica even if she does not win first place. Erica's parents are not going to travel to
the tournament. They will watch the tournament on television. They will cheer for
Erica at home. They are going to be proud of Erica whether she wins or loses.

A. Answer the following questions. Use the Simple Future tense.

1. What is Erica going to do this weekend? What will the winner receive?
2. Who is going to travel to the tournament with Erica? What will he do?
3. Where will Erica's parents watch the tournament?
B. Rewrite the following sentences as negative sentences, yes/no questions,
WH-questions (using the underlined word or phrase) and tag questions.

1. The winner will receive $1,000.

Negative: _____________________________________________________

Yes/No Question: ______________________________________________

WH-Question: _________________________________________________

Tag Question: _________________________________________________

2. He will watch her compete.

Negative: ____________________________________________________
Yes/No Question: ____________________________________________
WH-Question: ________________________________________________
Tag Question: _________________________________________________
3. They are going to be proud of Erica.

Negative: _____________________________________________________

Yes/No Question: ____________________________________________

WH-Question: _________________________________________________

Tag Question: _________________________________________________