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Constitution Project

Name: ___________________________

Due date: _____________________

Infographic (Part 1)
Create an infographic on a poster paper (no smaller than 11x17 and no bigger than 17x22)
that represents what you understand about the constitution.
- Include information on Articles 1,2,3 and at least 2 others (your choice)
- Include at least 5 images
- Include 3 statistics (numbers [not dates], percentages, etc) found in the Constitution.
- Explain the use, creation, and/or importance of the Constitution.
- Answer and submit the questions in the debrief to explain your infographic

We the People (Part 2)

Interview people from 5 different parts of your life (home, neighbors, sports, school [no
one in our class), religion, etc). Ask the following questions and record their answers.
What did We the people mean in 1787, when the constitution was written?
What does We the people mean today?
What do you want We the people to mean in the next 100 years?
Write an informative essay telling how the responses were similar and how they were
different. Be sure to include at least one response from each person, with their name in the
detail paragraphs. In the conclusion, compare what you think We the people means
compared to the responses from your interviews.
Video Extra Credit (have fun and be creative)
Create a video interviewing the Constitution. Ask at least 5 questions that can be answered
with facts that you have found.
Create a monument to the Constitution in Minecraft. Place at least 5 signs to tell why you
included certain parts and/or what they mean.
Infographic Debrief

What do you want the reader to learn from your infographic?

From the information what big idea should the reader understand?

Research and Data

Where did you get your information?

What data is the most important and how is that shown?

How did you balance between information and graphics? Is there a reason there is more or less of one?

Who is going to be using your infographic?


How is relevant data grouped together?

What is the visual the flow of information?

Color Scheme

Why did you choose certain colors?

Why did/didnt you choose a background?


What theme graphics did you use that are necessary for this infographic? Why? Example: Brightly colored formal
dresses, limousines, and tuxedos show, at a glance, that the infographic is about prom.

What reference graphics did you use? Why? Examples: Color bars, lines, and arrows