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The silo aeration pads are loose and/or not grouted to the silo floor.
The silo roof leaks. If it is not raining during the check out period, have the
silo closed up without any light inside and check for sunlight coming into silo.
It may also be necessary to form water pools around all silo roof equipment
such as nivo pilots, dust collectors, over / under vent ports, and inspection ports
to check for leaks.
Verify that the aeration pad canvases are installed properly without holes or
weld splatter.
All trash and construction debris must be removed from silo, air slides, feed
bins and dust collectors. Verify that the extraction points are clear. (For CF
silos, ensure the discharge orifice plates are installed in the proper locations.)
Check that the air slides are properly constructed. Check that the canvas is
tight, joints are sealed, and the bottom plenums extend to within 9 inches of
discharge points and turn boxes. Ensure that there are no holes or weld splatters
in canvas. Perforated plates should be installed at high impact areas, such as the
discharge of bucket elevators and at any point after a significant drop.
Check that the air slides are dry and that moisture cannot enter.
Check that the diverter gates are installed properly, particularly that the
mounting flanges bolt together flush so as not to tear rubber seals. Gates open
and close without rubbing and show the proper indication in the control room.
Verify that high level devices and nivo pilots are mounted in the proper place
and extend down to the proper level.
Make sure bins, mounted on load cells are mechanically free, so that all weight
is on the load cells, evenly distributed and load cells have been calibrated.
Check that all pneumatic and mechanical valves open and close fully and
indications in the control room are correct.
Check that plant air and plant cooling water are piped correctly; try to have air
pressure gauges and water flow meters located strategically for trouble
Check that the mass flow meters are installed correctly with the proper
clearances and alignment.
Verify the rotary feeders have sufficient clearance.
Check that vent take off points have pressure-measuring ports below blast
gates, for balancing vent systems after start up.
Check that dust collector bags are mounted correctly with the jet pulse holes
positioned directly over the center of bags. Ensure jet pulse systems are
working and the timing sequence has been initially set.