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‘wer017 PlaniPostngs: How to make an above-ground pond How to make an above-ground pond It scems common practice among garden bloggers to nickname their significant others and family members, Since I have one son and one daughter, I've chosen to refer to them that way. But "hubby" doesn't quite do it for my better-half, From now on, I'll refer to him as the “fishman." There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the man is fascinated with fish the way I'm fascinated with plants. Enough said. Thad to give him an official name because he gets the kudos for our new above-ground pond, The approximate dimensions: 66 X 45 X 20 inches. We've talked for years about adding a water feature, While we didn't want to go elaborate, we wanted a modest pond, with a few fish and some water plants I'm mechanically challenged, so he did all the work. Plus, he had a vision. So here's how the fishman got it done: hntpsplanipostingsblagspot.com/2012108!how-to-nake-above-geound-pond. html an ‘wer017 PlantPostngs: How to make an above-ground pond he Next, he measured and added two-by-fours for the sidewalls hntpsplanipostingsblagspot.com/2012108!how-to-nake-above-geound-pond. html aur ‘wer017 PlantPostngs: How to make an above-ground pond POE Ta Geena) Screwed them together to create the sides of the pond. hntpsplanipostingsblagspot.com/2012108!how-to-nake-above-geound-pond. html snr