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[20 marks]

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

1. _____________________ of the trees in my area were uprooted during the storm.

A. Much B. Any C. A little D. Many

2. Jenny : Whose flash drive is that?

Yenni : It is ________________. My brother gave it to me.
A. yours B. ours C. mine D. hers

3. I could not find _____________ mushrooms in this bottle of sauce and it is

A. some B. any C. many D. a lot of

4. Jacks mother threw the seeds _________________ the window.

A. out of B. into C. among D. along

5. The _______________ of geese flew over the mountains at sunset.

A. herd B. troop C. flight D. gaggle

Choose the correct proverb.

6. We managed to reach home _______________, just before the heavy rain started
to pour.
A. ahead of time B. in the nick of time
C. in the best of time D. in a matter of time
Choose the best answer for each blank.

We were walking to a bookshop one evening. Suddenly, we heard someone

_____7______ . We looked back and saw a young man and ______8_____ old woman in a

tussle. He was trying to snatch the womans bag but she was not going to give it up so

______9______ . She was pulling the bag from him with a determined effort.

7. A. whispering B. calling C. crying D. shouting

8. A. - B. a C. an D. the

9. A. easily B. quickly C. regularly D. carelessly

Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word.

10. There are many colourful flora in that forest.

A. useful B. shiny C. beautiful D. dull

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

11. A. I will draw the most beautiful portrait, your majesty, said John.
B. I will draw the most beautiful portrait, Your Majesty, said John.
C. i will draw the most beautiful portrait, Your Majesty. said john.
D. I will draw the most beautiful portrait Your Majesty? said John.
Look at the picture and choose the best answer.

Friday, as James was walking back _____12_____ school, he saw a kitten near a drain. It looked

very weak. James slowly picked up the kitten and _____13_____ it to the nearest vet. Dr Simon

put on a _____14_____ and a pair of gloves. He examined the kitten carefully. Then he gave it

an _____15_____.

12. A. to B. for C. from D. along

13. A. sent B. send C. sends D sending

14. A. veil B. mask C. cover D. scarf

15. A. infusion B. injection C. operation D. extraction

Questions 16 to 20
Read the news report below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

KUALA LUMPUR, (Tues.) A housewife was robbed while dropping her son off at his school this

morning. Madam Lim, 35, was driving along Jalan Raja Laut and stopped at the primary school there to

drop her son off.

Suddenly, a man got into the passenger seat of the car and robbed Madam Lim at knife point. She

gave him her handbag, which contained a smartphone and RM 500 in cash. The man, believed to be

wearing a mask, quickly exited the car and rode off on a motorbike. He had an accomplice waiting for him

on the motorbike.

However, it is unfortunate that Madam Lim did not see the plate number properly or remember any

details of the robber.

Members of the public are requested to report anything they might have seen at the crime scene to

the nearest police station.

16. Where did this incident happen?

A. Kuala Lumpur B. Selangor C. Penang D. Klang

17. How did the robber get into the car?

A. By forcing himself in when it was unlocked for the boy to get down.
B. By breaking a window.
C. By using a spare key.
D. By kicking in a door.
18. The word accomplice tells us that the robber ______________.
A. was alone. B. had a partner.
C. had a narrow escape. D. was looking for a friend.

19. Madam Lim did not notice the plate number of the motorbike maybe because
A. she was trying to drive away.
B. she did not know how to read.
C. she did not want to get involved.
D. she was frightened and in a state of shock.

20. The police are requesting help from __________________.

A. people who might have seen something important during the incident.
B. people who know Madam Lim.
C. people who know the robbers.
D. other police officers.
[ 30 marks ]

Question 21
Based on the given pictures, give the correct answers in full sentences. Write your answers in the
spaces provided.


[2 marks]

(b) Answer:

[2 marks]

(c) Answer:

[2 marks]
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

To see a tiger in the wild these days is becoming nearly impossible. They are becoming
extinct. Once, tigers roamed freely in thousands different parts of Asia; today they number only
a few hundred.
One of the major reasons why the tiger is losing the battle to stay alive is because of the
belief that the tiger is a valuable medicinal source. People in Asia, especially, believe that every
single part of the tiger holds medicinal properties. For example, they believe that the eye of the
tiger can improve our vision and their blood can make us strong. Based on this reason, the tiger
is hunted. Illegal hunters can fetch great sums of money for a single tiger and they are not
afraid to risk their lives in search of tigers in the wild. Although tigers are strong and fierce, they
cannot challenge the might of weapons used by the hunters which are too powerful and fast. Park
rangers are unable to do much against the hunters. Moreover, there are too few rangers to patrol
the large areas of land.
It would indeed be sad if one day, the only tiger we will ever see is the stuffed one in the
museum. If we continue buying tiger products and keeping quiet about this issue, maybe it will
come to that one day.

Question 22
Tick ( ) the correct answer.

(a) What does the word extinct mean?

In danger of dying.
No longer in existence.
Found in large numbers.
(1 mark)
(b) Today, only a few hundred of tigers can be found in different parts of ___________.
(1 mark)
Write the answers in the space provided.

(c) Why are tigers hunted by people?



(2 marks)

(d) What does the phrase can fetch great sums of money mean?


(2 marks)

(e) What will happen if one day the tigers become extinct? Will you be sad or happy? Why?


(2 marks)
Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

There was a tale told long ago,

Of a pretty maiden called Mahsuri,
If to that island you should go,
Remember the name is Pulau Langkawi.

Under the blazing tropical sun,

Lies a stretch of fine black sand,
Its a place to relax and have fun,
Or wonder of the colour of the strand.

Tourists come from far and near,

Paying little attention to the heat,
Many are eager to know and hear,
About the black sand under their feet.

The strand was once a field of rice,

Turned into cinders by Mahsuris curse on Langkawi,
The people of Langkawi paid a heavy price,
For the injustice that was done to Mahsuri.
Question 23
Question 23
Tick ( ) the correct answer.

a) Many tourists visit Langkawi to see ______________

The black sand.

The rice fields.

A pretty maiden.
(1 mark)

b) Pulau Langkawi is a part of the state of ________________



(1 mark)

c) Match the phrases in List A to the suitable phrases in List B. An example is given below.

List A List B

A maiden named Mahsuri and it turned into ashes.

Mahsuri cursed the rice fields how the sand become black.

The people of Langkawi suffered once lived on the island of Langkawi.

Tourists on the island are eager to know because of the wrong done to Mahsuri.

(2 marks)
Write the answers in the space provided.

d) State some suitable activities for tourists in Pulau Langkawi.




(2 marks)

e) What do you understand by the phrase eager to know and hear?



(2 marks)
Read the flyer below and answer the questions that follow.

Question 24
Tick ( ) the correct answer.

a) The word complimentary in the flyer can be best replaced with...

(1 mark)

b) Which direction should you go in order to go to the town from Gayana Hotel?


(1 mark)
Question 25
Write the answers in the space provided.

a) Write two main occupations of the residents on the island.



(2 marks)

b) Visitors who stay at Gayana Hotel will be given discount tickets to local attractions. What are

the local attractions mentioned here?



(2 marks)

c) The island does not have many visitors. What do you think can be done to attract more

visitors to the island?



(2 marks)


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