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Exercise 1 page 4 workbook

Match the words to their definitions. Then use them to complete the sentences 1-8.

1- B pavement
2- D level crossing
3- F tunnel
4- H bridge
5- A zebra crossing
6- E bus lane
7- G road sign
8- C traffic light

A- Pedestrians should use it when they cross the road.

B- Place where pedestrians walk next to the road.
C- It stops and starts traffic.
D- A place where a train crosses a road.
E- Only public transport vehicles can travel along it.
F- An underground passage for cars or trains.
G- It gives information to drivers.
H- It allows people or vehicles to cross over a river, road, etc.

1- You must stop when the traffic light is red.

2- Its quicker if you take the tunnel through the mountain.
3- Always check the road before stepping off the pavement.
4- You can cross the street at the zebra crossing.
5- Pay attention to the road sign so that you dont get lost.
6- You have to cross the bridge to get over the river.
7- Cars are not allowed to drive in the bus lane.
8- Drivers should be careful of trains when going over a level crossing.

Worked by: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 2 page 4 workbook
Match the words to form collocations. Then, complete the sentences.

1 E channel A- traffic

2 C bad B- footage

3 D reality C- driving

4 B video D- shows

5 A oncoming E- hop

1- Why do you always channel hop? Just choose a programme and stick to it.
2- Police say that bad driving is the biggest cause of accidents on motorways.
3- v Most reality shows feature real people and not paid actors.
4- Some popular real-life TV series use video footage from a hand-held camera.
5- Drivers should always check for oncoming traffic before they make a U-turn.

Exercise 3 page 4 workbook

Jack wrote an email to his friend to give him directions to his house. Choose the correct word.

To: Berry

From: Jack

Subject: Directions

Hi Berry,

Here are the directions to my house. When you get off the bus, walk along Hope Street. Go
under the shopping centre and turn right on Albert Street. Walk towards Albert Street to the
entrance of the park. Go into the park and follow the path all the way through the park, then
go over the bridge. Walk across Green Street and youre there. You cant miss my house- its
the one with the red door. See you on Tuesday.

Worked by: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 1 page 5 workbook
Match the words. Then, use some of the words to complete the sentences.

1 C trendy A- atmosphere

2 F latest B- outlets

3 H fitness C- shops

4 E weights D- beginner

5 B food E- room

6 G must have F- fashions

7 A relaxed G- accessory

8 D absolute H- level

1- Paula likes to go to the shops to see the latest fashions.

2- James likes to exercise in the weights room at the gym.
3- The caf is quiet with a relaxed atmosphere.
4- Lets eat at one of the food outlets in the shopping centre.
5- That belt is a must have accessory!

Exercise 2 page 5 workbook

Fill in: treat, track down, offer, cater.

1- The bowling alley can cater to childrens parties at the weekend.

2- Steve is trying to track down Green Days latest CD at the shopping centre.
3- The sports centre doesnt offer discounts to students.
4- You should treat yourself to a new haircut.

Worked by: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 3 page 5 workbook
Choose the correct place.

1- B You can exercise there.

2- G You can skate there.
3- C You can play video games there.
4- E You can go on rides there.
5- F You can go bowling there.
6- D You can shop there.
7- A You can swim there.
8- H You can play sports there.

a- a water park e- an amusement park

b- a gym f- a bowling alley
c- a games arcade g- an ice rink
d- a shopping centre h- a sports centre

Exercise 4 page 5 workbook

Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous.

1 A: Is Steven playing tennis right now?

B: No, he is studying at the library

2 A: How often do you go to the gym?

B: I exercise twice a week.

3 A: Caarol needs new shoes.

B: Ok. Does she want to go shopping now?

4 A: I am looking for Masha. Do you know where she is?

B: I think she is at the games arcade.

5 A: Do you play basketball at the sports centre on Saturdays?

B: Yes, I am going there right now.

6 A: George never cleans his room.

B: Ok, now I understand why its so messy!

7 A: Tonya always cooks dinner for us in the evenings.

B: Yes, but today she is visiting a friend.

Exercise 5 page 5 workbook

Read the postcard and put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present

Dear Emma, I am writing from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My family and are
stayin in a nice hotel in the Disney resort. Every morning we have a big breakfast at the
hotels restaurant. Then, we spend the rest of the day at different attractions in the resort.
Right now I am sitting ia a caf at amusement park with my parent. My sister is standing ia a
queue to go on a ride. My brother, Joe is sliding down huge slides at the water park. We are
having a great time. I love it here and I dont want to leave.

Love, Angie

Exercise 1 page 6 workbook

Fill in : spectacular, skyscrapers, coastline, steep, season.

1- A cable car takes people up and down steep streets.

2- We enjoy driving along the beautiful coastline and seeing the sandy beaches.
3- April to June is the breeding season for American alligators. They can lay up to 40 eggs
at a time.
4- New York City has got some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.
5- The view from the top of the building is absolutely spectacular.

Worked by: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 2 page 6 workbook

Complete the sentences with the correct means of transport.

1- Tom rides his bike to school every day.

2- He always travels by plane when he goes overseas because its faster.
3- My father drives his car to work.
4- Sally takes the coach to go to her home town.
5- Julie crosses the river by ferry every day.
6- James takes the underground to work and gets off at Covent Garden station every

Exercise 3 page 6 workbook

Replace the phrases with phrases from the list.

Enjoy yourselves

When do you want to go?

Heres the money.

Just to go or to come back also?

What would you like?

1- Have a nice day. Enjoy yourselves.

2- Single or return. Just to go or to come back also?
3- Can I help you. What would you like?
4- What time would you like to leave? When do you want to go.
5- Here you are. Heres the money.

Exercise 4 page 6 workbook

Choose the correct response.

1 A: Can I help you?

B: Wed like two tickets to Oxford, please.

2 A: Single or return?
B: Return

3 A: What time would you like to leave?

B: Id like to take the 9 am train.

4 A: Thats 30 paund, please.

B: Here you are.

5 A: Have a nice day.

B: Thanks ,you too.

Exercise 5 page 6 workbook

Write a dialogue. Use the exchanges in ex.4 as a model and the information below.

Bus to York.

Single-15 paund/Return-25 paund


1- Hey! Can I help you?

2- Oo thans, I would like two tickets to New York, please.
1- Single or return?
2- Single.
1- What time would you like to leave?
2- Id like to take the 13:30 am plane.
1- Single tickets costs 15 paund,please.
2- Here you are.
1- Have a nice day.
2- Thanks, you too.

Worked by: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 1 page 7 workbook
Match to make phrases,then use them to complete the sentences.

1-C Get stuck in

1- Take a map with you, so you dont get lost.

2- Use insect repellent, so you dont get stung by bugs.
3- Crawl out slowly if you get stuck in mud flood.
4- If you get cught in a flash- climb a tree.
5- Be careful not to get a snakebite- it can be poisonous.

Exercise 2 page 7 workbook

Circle the correct word.

1- We often drive to the countryside to escape from the big city.

2- There are many poisonous spidersin the swamps.
3- Alligators are reptiles with short legs and sharp teeth.
4- The ground shakes during en earthquake.

Exercise 2 page 5 book

Use the adjectives above to describe the places.

1- Mykonos is in Greece. I think Mykonos is a beautiful city. It has got white buildings
and clean places.
2- Acapulco is in Mexico. I think Acapulco is a modern city. It has got clean beaches and a
exepensive hotels.
3- Montreal is in Canada. I think Montreal is a modern city. It has got a expensive hotels
and restaurants.
4- Scotland is in Edinburgh. I think Scotland is a historic city. It has got a very beautiful
green space.
5- Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil. I think Rio de Janerio is a modern city. It has got clean
beaches and exiting nightlife.
6- New York is in America. I think NY is one of the most exepensive city. It has got very
beautiful spaces and hotels.
7- Stamboll is in Turkey. Stamboll is a historic city. It has got historic buildings.
8- Tirana is in Albania. It has got very beautiful hotels and restaurants. I think hes the
most clean city.
9- Los Angelos is in Amerika. It has got very very beautiful spaces , clean beaches and
exciting life.
10- England is in the UK. It is a historic city. It has got beautiful park and expensive shops.

Exercise 5 page 7
Imagine you are in a police helicopter chasing someone who is driving over the speed limit.
Draw the driver and describe what is happening.


We started to chase someone from the police helicopter when we noticed that he was driving
over the speed limit. He is going over the brigde too fast and then he was seen to go towards
the bus lane. Fortunalety there werent any bus on the station or else an accident could
happened. Now hes putting himself and other people a zebra crossing. Many people were
shocked. He must be cut off now or the things would get worse. As he was going through the
tunnel we lost them. After a few seconds he appeared on the road driving too quickly and we
were so near to catch him. The police car which was going towards the suspect finally
reached to arrest him. What we could see from the police helicopter was the state of the
person,who had been driving over the speed limit along the road. He seemed to be drunk.

Exercise 5 page 11
You are in Liverpool and you want to go on a day trip to the Isle of Man by ferry. Your partner
is the ticket seller. Act out your dialogue. Use the sentences in ex2a. Follow the plan.

1- Hello,can I help you?

2- Id like three tickets to the Isle of Man.
1- Single or return?
2- Return please.
1- What time would you like to leave?
2- Wed like to take the 12 am bus.
1- Ok. Thats 30 paund,please.
2- Here you are.
1- Thank you. Here are your tickets. Have a nice day.
2- Thanks, you too.
Worked by: Rea Shkreta
Exercise 5 page 10
Draw and find a map of your country. Write a few sentences about a journey in your country
that is interesting for tourists. You can write about : the places you can visit, what is special
about each place.

There are a lot of places that would be worth visiting in my country. For example in summer
the Albanian coastline has a variety of cities like Saranda, Vlora or Dhrmi which have a
beautiful view of beach. They are well-known for different bars, clubs and restaurants that
serve traditional food. Also, in this cities you can visit historical places like Butrint, go on
islands like Sazani and have a wonderful scenery of hotels, beach and sun in Dhrmi.

In winter you can go in north of Albania, in places like Thethi, Shkodra or Valbona which has
an important value of our country. There you can play different kind of sports like climbing,
hiking, parachuting etc.

Worked: Rea Shkreta

Exercise 7 page 13
In groups,collect information about how to be safe in the jungle. Write a list of survival tips.
Use can/cant/have to/must/musnt. You can do Internet research using the key words :
jungle survival tips. Read your tips to the class.

First decisions

If you are stuck in the jungle due to a plane crash, stay at the site of the plane to see if rescue
arrives and only start moving once you are certain no one is coming to the rescue.

If you are on foot and you know you are not far from a village or trail try to figure out where
you came from and get back to a point you recognize. This could be a stream or a high point
or a jungle trail.

Go through in your mind the last hour or so of walking and picture it in your head. What did
you see? What landmarks did you pass? Which direction was the sun in? Any memory will

Look around you carefully and see if there is any evidence of where you came from, for
example broken branches. This may help you decide which direction to start moving in.

Orientation in the jungle

If nothing seems apparent then you need to pick a direction and keep going in a consistent
direction. If possible leave a note saying where you are going and what time it was. Travelling
in the jungle is very slow but with luck rescuers might follow you and find you.

Travel during the day and sleep at night. Heading downhill will likely lead to a stream which
you can follow until it becomes a river, which will lead you out of the jungle. The wider the
river the more likely there will be civilization.

Walk In one general direction

Focus on something ahead of you to aim for and something behind you to walk away in order
to stay in a straight line and stop yourself walking in circles. Jungle travel can be very
disorientating and the fear factor creeps up if you are not confident in your movements.
Always feel you are in control of where you are going and justify it loudly to yourself.

The jungle canopy can make things quite dark and difficult to get your bearings so also look
for some high ground where you might see a depression where there could be a river.
Follow animal trails

Look for animal trails left by animals in the jungle, and follow them if they are heading in the
same direction as you. They might lead to water sources or open areas where you might
more easily be seen by rescue parties. Carry a stick to push away any plants in your way and
as an aid for balance.

Clambering over fallen tree trunks is a very common way to have an accident. Try to avoid
using your hands, many plants will sting or prick you.

Sunstroke, sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration are all very easy to fall prey to, so always
keep your clothes on, especially covering your head and neck. Ants, snakes, venomous
spiders, plants with spines or thorns are all quite common in the jungle so use a stick to help
get through vegetation and dont grab things with your hands. A cut or bite or sting could
quickly lead to infection.

Mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow Fever. Use repellent if
possible or rub mud on exposed skin to avoid bites, and wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers
and tie a shirt over your head to it covers your shoulders. At night, use a mosquito net if you
have one or use sap from a camphor or eucalyptus tree.

Falling trees and branches are the most common reason for injuries in the jungle, so choosing
a night camp is important. Keep on clear ground.

Common perils in rivers or streams include slippery rocks, submerged branches, strong
currents, leeches and possibly larger animals like crocodiles. Keep footwear and clothes on
and use a stick for balance and choose your crossing point carefully. Dont cross rivers more
than knee deep unless absolutely necessary.

Worked by : Rea Shkreta

Exercise 8 page 15

Write an email to your English pen-friend about your home. Write about: what
type it is,what you can see from it,where it is,what makes it special.