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STAHL An International Technology Company

R. STAHL the explosion protection experts. We, as a Group operating internationally, lead the way in this
technology. With our range of products covering explosion protected switches, pushbuttons and light fittings
through controls to complex systems, we are the only manufacturer able to offer the entire range of different
explosion protection methods (types of protection). Our Subsidiaries and Daughter companies in over 20
countries can ensure you get Global coverage of Sales, Service and International Project handling.

The R. STAHL brand is synonymous with the very highest quality and demanding solutions.

Our key accounts are the oil and gas Industry, in addition to the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries.
However, we also serve customers in the food industry, the shipbuilding sector and the biofuel industry who also
need to use explosion protected products. Likewise, our products can be found in sewage treatment plants,
water conditioning plants and distilleries.

R. STAHL over the years has acquired many major brands in our industry and they continue to be a major part of
the overall success in the group. Please see below our other brand companies:


We at Electromach based in the Netherlands are a true system design house that understands its customer's
requirements. At our premises in Hengelo, we have a workforce of more than 200 employees.

Being an international leading design company with experienced engineering & manufacturing expertise in
explosive safe components and control systems, which are applied in areas where gas and dust explosions may
occur, Electromach is the obvious partner of the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industry like refineries and
oil rigs. Electromach serves customers directly all over the world.

All projects are customer based and include the development of application software, manufacture, assembly,
testing and on site commissioning. Also taking care of any complicated paperwork.


Tranberg AS based in Norway has since 1901 designed, manufactured and supplied high quality
electromechanical products for use on ships and offshore installations. Experienced engineering skills and
flexible production capabilities are vital in order to adapt to rapidly changing demands. The company is also
continuously updated to changes in national and international safety and environment regulations and the Quality
Management System has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995.

Tranberg offers a wide range of high quality products:

Navigation and Signal Lights and Control Panels
Luminaires, Searchlights and Floodlights
Heavy Duty Switches, Sockets and Connectors
Windsocks and Deck Lights for Helicopter Landing Areas
Junction Boxes and Control Stations in Stainless Steel 316L and Brass
Thermostats and Special Components for Heat Tracing and Instrument heating
Cable Glands and Adaptors
Trace Heating, Instrument Heating and Process Heating
Electrical De-Ice / Winterization
Our main markets are the International Marine, Shipbuilding and Oil & Gas related Industry.


R. STAHL is one of the worlds leading suppliers of signalling devices. We develop and produce optical,
acoustical and combined signalling devices. The products in explosion-protected design are applied in
R. STAHLs traditional markets.

Production locations
The R. STAHL Group's main production locations are in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and India. The
international sales companies, such as those in the USA, Great Britain or China, also avail of their own assembly
capacities, allowing them to respond quickly and flexibly to country-specific and customer-specific requirements.

Waldenburg Plant (South Germany)

A large part of the product range is manufactured at the company headquarters. This includes controls, control
and instrumentation systems, control units, terminal boxes and series production equipment. Moreover, most
plastic parts are produced here.

R. STAHL Schaltgerte GmbH

Am Bahnhof 30
74638 Waldenburg (Wrtt.)

Tel. +49 7942 943-0

info@stahl.de www.r-stahl.com
Weimar Plant

Light fittings for use in hazardous areas are mainly produced at the Weimar plant.

R. STAHL Schaltgerte GmbH

Nordstrae 10
99427 Weimar

Tel. +49 3643 432-4

info.leuchten@stahl.de www.r-stahl.com

R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH, Cologne, Germany

Operator-control and visualisation devices and systems suitable both for industrial applications and for use in
hazardous areas are produced at the Cologne subsidiary.

R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH

Im Gewerbegebiet Pesch 14
50767 Kln

Tel. +49 221 59808-200

office@stahl-hmi.de www.stahl-hmi.de/en
Electromach b.v., Hengelo, The Netherlands

Large-scale control systems for use in hazardous areas are manufactured at the Dutch subsidiary.

Electromach b.v.
Jan Tinbergenstraat 193
7559 SP Hengelo
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 74 2 472 472

info@electromach.nl www.electromach.nl

Tranberg A.S., Stavanger, Norway

The most recent subsidiary of the Group specialises on products for shipbuilding, the oil industry and the gas
industry. The company headquarters at Stavanger in Norway manufactures specific products such as explosion
protected light fittings for helipads and heating products.

Tranberg A.S.
Strandsvingen 6
P.O. Box 8033
4068 Stavanger

Tel. +47 5157-8900

info@tranberg.com www.tranberg.com
R. STAHL Inc., Houston, USA

Our mounting facility in Houston (USA) enables us to adopt our products to the needs of the local market very
quickly. With this advantage we are a competent and well accepted partner in the North American market.

13259 N. Promenade Blvd.
Stafford, TX 77477

Tel. +1 800 782-4357

sales@rstahl.com www.rstahl.com

R. STAHL (P) LTD, Chennai, India

In 2008 we expanded our production location in Chennai (India) to create the basis for more economic work.
R. STAHL (P) Limited
Plot No. 5 Malrosapuram Main Rd | Sengundram Ind. Area
Malrosapuram Post | Singaperumal Koil
Kanchipuram Dist. | PIN 603 204
Phone +91 (0) 44 30600600
Fax +91 (0) 44 30600700
sales@rstahl.net www.rstahl.net
Explosion Protection Products by R. STAHL
Your Safety Our Reality
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Datasheets, Specification, Operating Instructions & Certificates are available

Lighting Installation Equipment

Linear Luminaire | Tubular Light Installation Switches | Junction Boxes | Terminal
Fitting | Emergency Light Boxes | Plugs and Sockets | Plug Connectors |
Technology | Floodlights | Pendant Light Connection Technology for Data Networks
Fittings | Bulkhead Light Fittings | Hand Lamps
| Tank Inspection light | Helideck Systems

Control Stations and Control Devices Installation Equipment and Accessories

Position Switches | Control Equipment for Cable Glands | Cable Glands with Strain
Panel Mounting | Control Equipment for Relief | Brass
Surface Mounting | Built-in Devices Cable Glands | Breathers | Stopping Plugs |
for Control Unit System and Control Station | Accessories
Measuring and Monitoring Equipment for
Panel Mounting | Grounding Systems and
Grounding Monitoring Devices

Signalling Devices Load Disconnect Switches and Motor

Visual Signalling Devices | Audible and Visual Starters
Signalling Devices | Audible Signalling Devices Safety Switch | Load and Motor Switchgear
| Motor Protection Circuit-Breakers | Standard
Motor Starters
Components for System Solutions Applications Low Voltage Systems
Ex d Technology | Ex e Technology | Power Distribution | Lighting and
Components for use in Ex d and Ex e Enclosures Heating Panels | Machine Controls | Battery
Boxes | UPS | Pressurized Apparatus

Isolators Remote I/O - IS 1

Ex i Isolators | Non-Ex i Isolators | System General Information | Engineering Examples |
Integration (Backplane Solution) IS1+ | CPU & Power Modules | Analog Input
Modules | Analog Output Modules | Digital Input
Modules | Digital Output Modules | Temperature
Input Modules | BusRail | Software & Drivers |

Safety Barriers Fieldbus Technology

General | Engineering | Single-Channel-Safety General | Fieldbus Modules | Fieldbus System
Barriers | Dual-Channel-Safety Barriers Solutions | Software & Drivers

Operating and Monitoring Systems Components for Heating Systems

Junction Boxes for Heat Tracing | Temperature
Controller and Limiter | Thermostat
Camera- and Surveillance Systems Wireless
General | WLAN Access Point Zone 1 | WLAN
Access Point Zone 2 | Asset Tracking

Marine Solutions
Marine Lighting | De Ice for Ships | Foghorns for
Ships | Heating | Lighting | Enclosure Systems |
Cable Glands | Topside Umbilical Termination
R. STAHL Global Presence

With our global manufacturing network and sales structures subsidiaries in 24 countries,
60 agencies world-wide, sales in 92 countries we can quickly solve customer problems.
Please use this link to contact our Subsidiaries & Partners Worldwide