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Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS.4 92 MH 0784245 0500503 TOL mm ANSI/AWS A5.4-92 ‘An‘American National Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding American Welding Society AUS AS.4 92 M™ 078425 OSCOSO4 948 mm Keywords — shielded metal arc welding, stainless ANSI/AWS A5.4-92 e@ electrodes, classification, classification An American National Standard tess clctrodeidentifiation, electrode packaging, stainless weld metal compositions, welding Approved by American National Standards Institute April 29, 1992 Specification for Stainless Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding Superseding ANSI/AWS AS4-81 Propared by AWS Committee on Filler Metal Under the Direetion of AWS Technical Activities Committee Abstract ‘Composition and other requirements are specified for more than forty classifications of covered stainless steel welding electrodes, These classifications include the “duplex” stainless stels which previously were not classified. A new designation of electrode coverings, EXXX-1T, has been added. The “EXXX-25" and "EXXX-26" designations have been restored for electrodes intended specifically for welding only in the flat and horizontal positions. ‘Requirements include general requirements, testing, and packaging. The Appendix provides application guidelines and other useful information about the electrodes. American Welding Society 550 N.W. Leleune Road, P.O. Box 351040, Miami, Flonda 33135, Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS-4 92 MM O7842L5 OSO0SOS 884 Mm Statement on Use of AWS Standards e All standards (codes, specifications, recommended practices, methods, classifications, and guides) of the American Welding Society are voluntary consensus standards that have been developed in accordance with the rules of the American National Standards Institute, When AWS standards are ether incorporated in, or made part of, documents that are included in federal or state laws and regulations, or the regulations of other governmental bodies, theit provisions carry the full legal authority of the statute. In such cases, any changes in those AWS standards must be approved by the governmental body having statutory jurisdiction before they can become a part of those laws and regulations, Inallcases, these standards cary the full legal authority ofthe contract or other document that invokes the AWS standards. Where this contractual relationship exists, changes in or deviations from requirements of an AWS. standard must be by agreement between the contracting parties. International Standard Book Number: 0-87171-385-3 ‘American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O, Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33135 © 1992 by American Welding Society. ll rights reserved @ Printed in the United States of America exchange, consideration, and discussion of ideas and proposals that are relevant to the welding industry and the consensus of which forms the basis for these standards. By providing such a forum, AWS does not assume any duties to ‘which a user of these standards may be required to adhere. By publishing this standard, the American Welding Society does not insure anyone using the information it contains against any liability arising from that use. Publication of a standard by the American Welding Society does not carry with it any right to make, use, or sell any patented items. Users ofthe information in this standard should make an independent investigation ofthe validity of that information for their particular use and the patent status of any item referred to herein. | ‘Note: The primary purpose of AWS isto serve and benefit its members. To this end, AWS provides a forum for the With regard to technical inquiries made concerning AWS standards, oral opinions on AWS standards may be rendered. However, uch opinions represent only the personal opinions ofthe particular individuals giving them. These viduals do not speak on behalf of AWS, nor do these oral opinions constitute offical or unofficial opinions or interpretations of AWS. In addition, oral opinions are informal and should not be used as a substitute for an official interpretation. “This standard is subject to revision at anytime by the AWS Filler Metal Committee. It must be reviewed every five years and if not revised, it must be either reapproved or withdrawn. Comments (recommendations, additions, or deletions) and any pertinent data that may be of use in improving this standard are requested and should be addressed to AWS Headquarters, Such comments wil receive careful consideration by the AWS Filler Metal Committee and the author of the comments will be informed of the Committee's response to the comments. Guests are invited to attend all, meetings of the AWS Filler Metal Committee to express their comments verbally. Procedures for appeal of an adverse decision concerning all such comments are provided in the Rules of Operation of the Technical Activities Committee, ‘A copy ofthese Rules can be obtained from the American Welding Society, $50 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O, Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33135 Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS.4 92 MM 0784265 OSOOSOS 710 mm Personnel AWS Committee on Filler Metal D. J. Kotecki, Chairman RA. LaFave, 1st Vice Chairman J.P. Hunt, 2nd Vice Chairman HF. Reid, Secretary D.R. Amos B. Anderson KE Banks RS. Brown J. Caprarola, Jr LJ. Christensen* RJ. Christoffel D. A, DelSignore H.W. Ebert SLE. Ferree D. A. Fink G. Hallstrom, Jr RL Harris ROW. Heid D.C. Helton WS. Howes RW. Jud RB. Kadiyala PA. Kammer* JE. Kelly G. A. Kurisky E Larson Laurenson MacShane D.E Manning M.T. Merlo Sid. Merrick G. E. Metzger JW. Mortimer CL Null ¥. Ogara* J. Payne RL Peaslee EW. Pickering M.A. Quintana S.D. Reynolds, Jr* LF. Roberts D. Rozet P.K. Salvesen HLS. Sayre* N. AS. #. G. “Advisor Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 ‘The Lincoln Electric Company Elliott Company Inco Alloys International ‘American Welding Society Westinghouse Turbine Plant Alcotee ‘Teledyne McKay Carpenter Technology Corporation Alloy Reds Corporation Consultant Consultant ‘Westinghouse Electric Company Exxon Research and Engineering Alloy Reds Corporation ‘The Lincoln Electric Company USNRC-RIT R. L. Harris Associates Newport News Shipbuilding Consultant National Electrical Manufacturers Association Chrysler Motors Techalloy Maryland, Incorporated Eutectic Corporation Eutectic Corporation Maryland Specialty Wire Union Carbide, Industrial Gas Division Consultant MAC Associates Hobart Brothers Company ‘Stoody Company Teledyne McKay Consultant Consultant Department of the Navy Kobe Steel Limited ‘Schneider Services International Wall Colmonoy Corporation Consultant General Dynamics Corporation Westinghouse Electrie PGBU Canadian Welding Bureau Consultant American Bureau of Shipping Consultant AWS AS.4 92 Ml 0784265 050007 657 mm AWS Committee on Filler Metal (Cont) 0. W. Seth Chicago Bridge and Iron Company RW. Srraiton* Bechtel Group, Incorporated RD. Sutton L-Tee Welding and Cutting Systems R.A. Swain Welders Supply JW. Tackett aynes International Incorporated RD. Thomas, Jr. Consultant R.Timerman* —Conarco, S. A. RT. Webster Teledyne Wah Chang A. E Wiehe* — Consultant WA. Wiehe** Arcos Alloys W.L Wilcox Consultant FJ. Winsor Consultant KG. Wold Aqua Chem, Incorporated T.J. Wonder VSE Corporation AWS Subcommittee on Stainless Stee! Filler Metal D. A. DelSignore, Chairman ES. Babish KE Banks R.S. Brown R.A. Bushey RI. Christoffel D. D. Crockett EA. Flynn A.L Gombach* B. Herbert® M. J, Huck J.P. Hunt RB Kadiyala PA. Kammert . A. Kurisky WE Layo* RE Lone G. H. MacShane AH. Miller® ¥. Ogata M. P. Parekh EW. Pickering LJ. Privoznik CE Ridenour D. Rozet HS. Sayre RW. Straiton ‘R.A. Swain J. G. Tack R Timerman* W. A. Wieher* WL. Wileox D. W. Yonker, Jr ‘Westinghouse Electric Corporation Sandvik, Incorporated ‘Teledyne MeKay Carpenter Technology Corporation Alloy Rods Corporation Consultant The Lincoln Electric Company Sun R and M Champion Welding Products United Technologies — Eliott ‘Westinghouse Electric Company Inco Alloys International Techalloy Maryland, Incorporated Eutectic Corporation Maryland Specialty Wire Sandvik, Incorporated Northern State Power Company Consultant DISC Kobe Steel, Limited Hobart Brothers Company Consultant Consultant Tri-Mark, Incorporated Consultant Consultant Bechtel Group, Incorporated Thyssen Welding Products ‘Armco, Incorporated Conarco, S.A. Arcos Alloys Consultant ‘National Standards Company Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS.4 92 MM 0784265 0500508 593 mm Foreword (This Foreword isnot part of ANSI/ AWS AS.4-92, Specification for Stainless Stee! Blectrodes for Shielded Metal Are Welding, but is included for information only.) This AWS specification has evolved into its present form over the past 40 years. The specification for covered stainless stel electrodes, issued in 1946, was prepared by a joint committee of the American Society for Testing and Materials and the American Welding Society. This cooperative effort continued for about 20 years and produced 3 revisions. The first revision produced exclusively by the AWS Filler Metal Committee was published in 1968. The current revision represents the eighth revision of the original 1946 document as shown below: ASTM A298-46T ‘Tentative Specification for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Steel AWS AS.446T ‘Welding Electrodes ASTM A208-48T ‘Tentative Specifications for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel AWS AS448T Steel Welding Electrodes ASTM A208.55T ‘Tentative Specifications for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel AWS AS45ST Steel Covered Welding Electrodes AWS AS4.62T ‘Tentative Specification for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stee! ASTM A298-62T Covered Welding Electrodes AWS AS.4-69 Specification for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Steel Covered Welding Electrodes AWS AS4-Add. 1-75 1975 Addenda to Specification for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium- Nickel Steel Covered Welding Electrodes AWS ASA78 Specification for Corrosion Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stee! Covered Welding Blectrodes ANSI/AWS AS.481 Specification for Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Niekel Steel Welding Electrodes. ‘Comments and suggestions forthe improvement ofthis standard are welcome, They should be sent to the Secretary, Filler Metal Committee, American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351080, Miami, Florida 33135, Official interpretations of any ofthe technical requirements of this standard may be obtained by sending a request in writing to the Managing Director, Technical Services, American Welding Society, A formal reply willbe issued after it hhas been reviewed by appropriate personnel following established procedures. Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS-4 92 MM 0780265 0500509 42T mm Table of Contents Personnel Foreword... List of Tables. . List of Figures 1. Scope. Part A — General Requirements 2. Classification . 3. Acceptance 4. Certification 5. Units of Measure and Rounding-Off Procedure. Part B— Tests, Procedures, and Requirements 6. Summary of Tests - ‘i 7. Retest ..s.++ ae 8. Weld Test Assemblies... 9. Chemical Analysis 10. Tension Test « 1, Fillet Weld Test, Part C— Manufacture, lenfiation and Packaging 12, Method of Manufacture 1B, Standard Sizes and Lengths 14. Core Wire and Covering 15. Exposed Core 16, Electrode Identification - 17, Packaging «.....++++++ 18, Marking of Packages Appendix — Guide 1 AWS Speciation for Staines Stel Eecros for Shielded Metal Are Welding ‘AL. Introduction . ; ‘2, Classification Sysiem 3. Acceptance. Ad, Certification. .... ‘AS. Ventilation During Welding ‘AG. Ferrite in Weld Deposits ‘A7. Description and Intended Use of Filer Metals ‘AB. Classification as to Useability ‘A9. Special Tests « = AIO, Safety Considerations .. AWS Filler Metal Related Documents... Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thue 05 121859 1985 (Inside Back Cover) AUS AS-4 92 MM 0784265 OSO0SL0 14) mm List of Tables Table Page No. 1 Chemical Composition Requirements for Undiluted Weld Metal... sesetseresatsenee 2 2 Type of Welding Current and Position of Welding. f4 3 Required Tess « : is 4 Welding Conditions for Preparation of the Groove Weld 3 §. Aleve Mean Property Reema. 10 6 Standard Sire and Lengths ..---- 13 List of Figures Figure | Pad for Chemical Analysis of Undated Weld Metal. 2 Groove Wel Test Assembly for Tension Test Specimen 3. Fillet Weld Test Assembly» @ i rie We te Specimen Al. Weld Pad for Fernie Test. : AZ Optional Welding Fixture for Welding Frtte Test Pads. AB WRC-1988 (FN) Diagram for Stainless Stel Weld Metal ‘AG Expy Peroent Ferrite Diagram for Stainless Weld Metal AS. DeLong (FN) Diagram for Staines Steel Weld Metal. ‘AG. Orientation and Location of Impact Specimen »-» Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS.4 92 Ml O7842b5 0500511 088 mm Specii ation for Stainless Steel Electrodes tor Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1. Scope This specification prescribes requirements for the classification of covered stainless steel electrodes for shielded metal are welding! Chromium content of weld metal deposited by these electrodes is not less than 10.5 percent and the iron content exceeds that of any other element, For purposes of classification, the iron content shall be derived as the balance clement when all other elements are considered. to be at their minimum specified values? Note: Noattempt has been made to clasify all grades offiller metals within the limits of the above scope: only the more commonly used have been included. Part A General Requirements 2. Classification 2.1 The welding electrodes covered by this specification are classified according to the following: 1. Dueto possible differences in composition, core wire from a covered electrode should not be used as bare filler meta. 2. This revision includes casiications for F502-XX, F505- XX and EVCE-XX welding electrodes, These classifications also willbe included in the next revision of ANSI/ AWS AS.5,, ‘Specification for Low Alloy Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Are Welding. They wil be deleted in the is revision of ‘this document following publication ofthe pending evsion of the AS.S specification, Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 (1) Chemical composition of undiluted weld metal adie 1) (Q) Current and position of welding (Table 2) 2.2 Materials classified under one classification may be classified under any other classification of this speci= fication provided they meet all the requirements for those classifications, except that a material may not be classified under more than one of the following EXXX-15, EXXX-16, EXXX-17, EXXX-25, of EXXX- 26 designations. Note: The test requirements of his specification establish minimum quality levels which will assure suit- ability of the electrodes for the usual applications. The ‘guide appended to this specification describes the more common applications and suggests testing procedures ‘for those applications which warrant tests that are beyond those included in this specification 3. Acceptance Acceptance! of the material shall be in accordance with the provisions of ANSI) AWS A501, Filer Metal Procurement Guidelines 3, See A3. Acceptance (inthe Appendix) for further informa- tion on acceptance, testing of material shipped, and ANSI/ AWS ASOL, Filer Metal Procurement Guidelines. 4. AWS standards can be obtained from the American Weld- ing Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33138, AUS AS.4 92 MH 0784265 OSO0S12 Th4 mw eu g0'1 or-oe = — 00 HO w-STSO © MDxE —oF-0Z ~—soME-OZ.—Oe-OT scot xu 9g 01 sto — 0 wo OO se-so — uM'Dx9 —OF-oF 1 o0e-out xxsita sto — G0 wo oo se-so OF-OF —OFI-OZ!—OTe-98I Xx sco — 0 wo oo sz-so - OF-0F —OMI-OZL_—OTe-O8T xxuta sto 00 wo O60 st so or-0t OW oe-our XX-79164 sto wo WO O60 se-so = O€-0% —OFI-OT!—oae-oxT OCHSIEA sto (0 wo oO St-s0 = O€-0% —OFI-OL—Oae-OLT XX91E sto 0 WO oO Sz-s0 = svo 08 Oze-O¥ xxziea sto = 70 0 so sz-oT = OF-0% — OT-OUE —ORe-OSe XXOWOIES sto — 7 0 SLO Sz-01 owt SLO R-OE XX@0103 sco — eo eo sco st-o1 sto $te-o0r O_O XXHOIES sco 00 00 sco St-O1 SLO Sto O-OST XXO1EE sto wo wo wo Se-so O€-0% —ow-oz!_— oso XEN sto s00 wo 60 st-so = Of-0% OHO! Ose OTe XXONGOES sto = G0 wo OO Sz-so — wI-WO = SLO. OPI-OZ—Ose-oe XXWO6IES sco 00 0 oO sz-so ~ sco OW-0Tt XX-T60E3 5x0 so 0 oo Sz-s0 e sco OWL-07 XXE so = 0 wo O60 sz-so a oe-0% — ozt-06 XX-TONROE sc 90 FO Oo Sz-s0 0€-0% —OzI-06 XX-ONBOES sc — G0 wo oo sz-so sco 1-06 Xx-0E sco — Wo wo oo sz-so sco OTL 08 XcHEOES, 50 wo wo 60 Sz-s0 - seo. O'1t-06 Xx-a0E sco £00 00 O60 sLP-oFe = si-so Lol-06 xxu08a SLO 00-010 £90 WO OL S*ET-SoF sco 09-07 xxorza sco oF0-0r'0 £00 0 OT OT-O8. = 50 oes 90 lee = XX-6ITA sC0OF0-01'0 fw 6D _OL-OF vest ozts6 90 OEM AXXO "9 N Sparen) ow ere on N 2 DPR NOREEYESETD (ana sua sw eomased HRA FRIOW PIOM PAIN|PUN 10} SjuBUIENINbeY UORTEodMOD jeORIOYD bergen, Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AWS AS.4 92 MM 0784265 0500533 950 mm evo asa 26 FS OH PRAIA TENT Sean 9 7291 Pays Hf apoM PS Soy m7 ‘our pu oy Joy won gu PST HLS ‘vonrurdto ut sop peaddy ag 0S WONG 3959-202" 96-39 KE XX AIMS EIST adqsaiod unre aoe snes BIS resid 9 J0 sor wats 00 oon wap eau 0 as) J EON Pk) BELA O ape ews seve 2 ysjeue an0130 sno yn ur amps sau Jo=meoea IaH Agel HN UH LmOYsare somes yoads Enso SEH 20] PEW IATA RLY stst s0-00 0 wo OT si-so = 6E62 SESS 300 EST sco 00 SO 90 HO OO OF-F0 Sest sol-s8 100 sto — 0 0 oo OF = s90-srO vo oro sto. — 0 wo wo sz-s0 = 0t-01 Se SL oro ove-sve £00 0 SCO SLO-svoorv-sto SLO os-s $00 sto — wo F909 oso ol-s¥o v0 oro sco — 0 0 oo s90-s¥0 vo oro sco 00 00 060 seo 90 oro 50 £0 0 0 %0-or0 —os-oF 900 seo — wo wo O60 seo ro x0 orzr =~ oo gv SLO rszy om-ow $00 51-90 200 wo 060 tyre — o¢e-o08 #00 so 90 WO O60 s90-sE0 01-08 810 O16YEM—ayoXX-60ET s0 oo OO Se-SD XE «= LDL Oz“ 800 OEM KUNE seo 0 0 Str 50 ue-OeE —OLI-OFL —SFO-SE'O SEER HOES sto WO O60 SZ OT SCO OLE-OSE—OLI-OFL—SO-BIO LeESEM. Xx-0CE oror S100 200 0) _OFT-OFT_— MDX —OE-OT over —OIE-O'6T 00 om xXATOeE 2 N sa ss ww ey nid ow N > > pHa SWORD @n) emaning 1A (Panupuos) | aqeL sna SKY Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS-4 92 MH 0784265 OS00SL4 897 a ‘ Table 2 ‘Type of Welding Current and Position of Welding ANS CClasiication® Welding Current® Welding Posiion® dep Ale EXXX(X)25 deep WF EXXX(XHI6 dexp or ae ae EXXX(X).I7 deep or ae ale EXXX(X126 deep or ac cag Noes ‘a SeeSeston Af, Clasifistion a to Useability, for explanation of rst urent letra postive (ever pola) erating current ‘e Theahbrevitcns H and Firat welding positions (Figure) f 4. Pieces 3/16in (48 mm) an larger are not recommended for welding al positon 4. Certification By affixing the AWS specification and classification designations tothe packaging, or the classification to the product, the manufacturer certifies that the product meets the requirements of tis specification.S 5. Units of Measure and Rounding-Off Procedure 5.4 U.S. customary units are the standard units of mea- sure in this specification. The SI units are given as equivalent values to the U.S. customary units. The standard sizes and dimensions in the wo systems are not identical, and for this reason, conversion from a st dard size or dimension in one system will not always ‘coincide with a standard size or dimension inthe other. Suitable conversions, encompassing standard sizes of both, can be made, however, if appropriate tolerances are applied in each ease, 5.2 For purposes of determining conformance with this specification, an observed or calculated value shall be rounded to the nearest 1000 psi for tensile and yield strength, and to the "nearest unit” inthe lat right-hand place of figures used in expressing the limiting value 5, See Ad, Cerification (in the Appendix) for further infor mation concerning certification and the test called fr to meet ‘his requirement. Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 ‘other quantities in accordance with the rounding-off ‘method given in ASTM E29, Practice for Using Signift- ‘cant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications® Part B Tests, Procedures, and Requirements 6. Summary of Tests ‘The tests required for each classification are specified in Table 3. The purpose of these testis to determine the chemical composition and mechanical properties ofthe Weid metal and the usability of the electrodes. The base metal for the weld test assemblies, the welding and testing procedures to be employed, and the results required are given in Section 8, Weld Test Assemblies; Section 9, Chemical Analysis; Section 10, Tension Test; and Section I, Filet Weld Test. 7. Retest [any test fails to meet its requirements, that test must be repeated twice. The results of both retests shall meet the requirement. Specimens for retest may be taken from the original test assembly or sample or from anew test assembly or sample, For chemical analysis, retest need be only for those specific elements that failed to meet their requirement. 8. Weld Test Assemblies 8.1 Three weld test assemblies are required: (1) The weld pad in Figure | for chemical analysis of the undiluted weld metal (2) The groove weld in Figure 2 for mechanical properties G) The filet weld in Fi electrode Optionally, the sample for chemical analysis may be taken from the reduced section of the fractured tension specimen or from a corresponding location (or any loca- tion above it) in the weld metal of the groove weld in Figure 2or from the weld pad used for ferrite determina tion, In the case of dispute, the weld pad of Figure I shall, be the referee method, re 3 for usability of the 6. ASTM standards can be obtained from the American Society for Testing and Materials, 1916 Race Street, Philadel pia, Pennsylvania 1910. AWS A5.4 92 MM 0784265 0500535 723 Mm Table 3 Required Tests Postion of Weling® Bletrode Diameter Type of Chemical —AN Weld Merl ‘Fill Weld Clasifcation in mum Current? Analyst’ Tension Tet’ Test! EXXXOO1S i616 deep F NR NR EXXX(O}IS Sites 10 aay F NR NR | FXXK OS 3224 deep F NR NR | EXXX)3 VR 32 deep F F HLV,OH EXXX(X}IS Sitenat eee F : H.V.OH EXXX(XpIS 31648 dep F F it EXXX(X}S 1256 deep F F H | EXXX()5 ie eo F F H EXXXQVIGI7 1/16 «6s deep F XR NR EXXX(X)IG17 5/6420 ac deep F XR NR EXXX(X}IG17 3/3224 ac dep F KR NR EXXXX)IC17 832 a ep F F HV, 08 EXXXQ)IG 17 5/3240 ae ee F F HLV.OnL EXXXX)IG17 3/1648 ac deep E F Wl EXXX)I6-I7 7/3256 ae dep F F H EXXXQ)I617 14 64g ep F F H Boxe 25 Wie 16 deep F NR NR e EXXX(X)25 Sieh 10 ep F NR NR EXXX(X)-25 5224 wp F NR NR EXXX(X) 25 e432 deep F F H EXXX(X)25 sia ent ee eer F F q EXXX(X)-25 3648 wp F F H EXXX(X 25 yim 56 deep F F q EXXX (025 ee ee 5 F F H EXXX 0/26 H 16 ae & deep F NR XR EXXX(025 s 20 ac deep F NR XR EXXX(}-%6 3 24 we deep F KR NR EXXX(0}25 1 32 wedep F F 4 EXXX(X} 26 5 40 ae Rdoep F F 4H EXXX (25 3 48 eR dep F F 4H EXXX(X}25 i 56 aR deep FE F q EXXXO026 1 64 se Rdop F F H 2 The abbreviation F, VON, and H indicat welding pasions Figure 3) flows oF = Horo V = Vera ON= Oretead ‘The abbreviation NR indivates thatthe te i ot requiced ac=alerating current deep = iret current clecuode postive (eve polarity) Where bot aerating ae diet current as specie, only oe ype of curent nod be wd 44 Where both akenaing aed diet current ar peed, tet shal be made sig both types of crrent Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998 AUS AS.4 92 MM O7842b5 OSOOSDb bbT Ml cv Sie in LW ine See neo 2 iw Ye 2 2 me Lind 2 We a Wold Pad S29, Minimum. In a 58 Minimum Distance of Sample 4 from Surface of Base Pat 1a 30 se 1 e Figure 1 — Pad for Chemical Analysis of Undiluted Weld Metal 8.2 Preparation of each weld test assembly shall be as prescribed in 8.3,8.4and 8.5. Base metal foreach assem bly shall conform to the following, or an equivalent: 8.2.4 The base metal shall be steel (carbon, alloy, stainless steel, of ingot iron) of 0.25 percent carbon, maximum for chemical analysis ofall electrode classifi- cations except E308L, E308MoL, E3091, E309MoL, ESIGL, E317L, F320LR, F383, E630, E385, and E2208. For chemical analysis of these low carbon classifica- tions, the base metal shall be steel of 0.03 percent maxi« mum carbon, Other steels having a carbon content of, 0.25 percent maximum may be used with the further restrictions specified in 9.6. 8.2.2 For the all-weld-metal tension test, the steel to ‘beused shall be of amatching type. Optionally, the stec! may conform to one of the following specifications or theirequivalents, providing two buttering layers of filer metal as shown in Figure 2, are deposited in stringer beads using electrodes of the same classification as that being classified. (1) ASTM specification A285, Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel, Low- and Inuermediate-Tensile Strength, Grade C. @) ASTM specification A%6, Structural Steel @) ASTM specification A515, Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel for Intermediate- and Higher- Temperature Service, Grade 70, 8.2.3 For the fillet weld test, the stel to be used shall conform to the following specifications: (1) For E502, E505, E7Crelectrodes — ASTM speci- fication A285, Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel Low- and Intermediate-Tensile Strength, Grade C (Q) For E400 Series electrodes — ASTM specification A240, Heat-Resiting Chromium and Chromium. Nickel Stainless Stee! Plate, Sheet and Strip for Fusion-Welded Unfired Pressure Vessels, Type 410 or Type 430, A or B ) Forallother classifications of electrodes, — ASTM specification A240, Heat-Resisting Chromium and Chromium- Nickel Stainless Stee! Plate, Sheet and Strip for Fusion- Welded Unfired Pressure Vessels, Type 304 Copy by the Ameian ellng Society he Thu Hy 05 12:1839 1998