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Introduction to Internet

Internet means:

The Internet or simply the Net is a worldwide network of computer networks. It is an

interconnection of large and small networks around the globe.

Application of Internet :

1) Exchange messages using e-mail (Electronic mail).

2) Transfer files as well as software.

3) Browse through information on any topic on web.

4) Communicate in real time (chat) with others connected to the Internet.

5) Search databases of government, individuals and organizations.

6) Read news available from leading news groups.

7) Send or receive animation and picture files from distant places.

8) Set up a site with information about your companys products and services.

Getting Internet Connection on your computer:

Any terminal to activate internet services on it require a internet connection from a

Internet Service Provider. To have a connection one needs to contact the Internet
Service Providers. There are several Internet Service Providers (ISP) in each locality.
There are some nominal charges that you need to pay to the ISP for the installation of
the connection and for the rent (either monthly or annually). Depending on the
requirement you can choose any one of the available options. If you need a high speed
dedicated network then you can opt for a high bandwidth broadband or leased line
If you need to have connection on a single PC then you choose a low bandwidth or
dialup connection . For small services at your hand you can even have mobile phones
connected to your Internet. There are many ways to get connected to the Internet. You
can get internet connection in any of the following ways:

1. through dial-up connection : user is supposed to get connected to the internet after
dialing up the number used for connection. This is useful if your network is either
confined to small group of computers or for a single PC.

2. through leased lines: in this a dedicated line is laid specifically for connection.

3. though broadband: in this you can get a broadband connection which provides a
high bandwidth for the internet connection. This also provides a good speed. These
days even wireless connections are available. For this you need to have a Wi Fi card
attached to your computer which can be useful if you do not have proper place to lay
down the wires.

To connect to the Internet you need a PC (personal computer) with requisite software
including a browser, a telephone connection or a leased line, and a modem, which
allows the PC to communicate with other computers.

Types of Internet Connections:

(i) Gateway Access

(ii) Dial-up Connection

(iii) Leased Connection

(iv) DSL (Digital Subscriber Line or Dedicated Service Line)

(v) Cable Modem Connection

(vi) VSAT

(VII) ISDN ((Integrated Services Digital Network)

(a) Dial-up

This is the most common basic type of connection available from ISPs (Internet
Server Providers). In Dial-up connection, you use your computer, dial a phone
number (provider by ISP) to get connected to server at Providers end through which
you access Internet. It means you are not directly connected to Internet; you access the
Internet through an Internet Service Provider.
(b) ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

The process of connecting to server to access Internet is almost same as Dial-up, but it
offers connectivity through the use of Introduction to Internet :: 245 digital phone
lines instead of Analog. It offers Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 128 Kbps,
allows the user to receive or make calls simultaneously on the same line. ISDN comes
through a regular telephone wire from the telephone pole on the street. The line
combines two 64 Kbps channels to offer 128 Kbps bandwidth broken into three
bands: One band for the ringing signal of your phone, one band for your
telephone conversation, and one band for data transfer.

(c) Leased Line Connection (Direct Internet Access)

A permanent connection between a computer system (single CPU or LAN, and the
Internet). It is generally used by larger institutions, corporate and government
agencies. It involves establishing your own Internet gateway (connection) and
payment to have a direct full time line with the network. Your computers, in effect,
become part of the Net. The main advantage of this connection is that: it is on line
24 hrs a day, seven days a week, (247) and provides faster access. Dedicated links
are established through an internet service provider who places a computer-controlled
router (message
director) at your site. A router is used to connect your local network to the Internet,
allow all the members of network to have complete access to Internet.
(d) DSL (Digital Subscriber Line or Dedicated Service Line)

Broadband Connection DSL, an always-on data connection is becoming widely

these days. It can provide an excellent Internet connection. It connects your home or
office to the Internet through the same telephone wire that comes from telephone pole
on the street. Like ISDN, with DSL, user can make and receive telephone calls while
connected to the Internet. The difference between DSL and dialup / ISDN is that a
DSL Internet connection uses a high-speed dedicated circuit filtering out standard
phone calls and Internet signals.
Notes for You..

Sample Paper One Answer..


Roll No:.
Day and Date of Examination



Fill in the blanks given below.

a) A browser is also known as -Client Software- -

(b) The intersection of column and row in Excel is called as -Cell- .
(c) - PPTX is the extension of PowerPoint file.
(d) The program written by the programmer in the high-level language is called -
(e) compiler- and assembler- are the two high-level
(f) Round (86.949,2)will return 87.
(g) HTML consists of certain key words called -tag.
(h) Passwordprotects the user from accidentally deleting files.
(i) To insert a page break, press-Ctrl+Enter.
(j) OCR stands for-Optical Character Recognition.
2. True or False

a) In GUI, only keyboard is used as an input device .(False)

(b) Windows Explorer is a file management utility.(True)
(e) It is impossible to copy a formula in MS-Excel.(False)
(d) Assembly language is also known as machine language.(True)
(e) Internet is a network of networks.(True)
(f) The first step in the mail merge is to create the main document.(True)
(g) Presentation programs let you create notes for each slide, which are visible only to
(h) Microsoft Office word is application software. (True)
(i) When you download files, you send files from your computer to the
Internet. (True)
j) Windows provides a quick and easy way to install new software.(True)

3. Define the following terms (any two): lx2=2

(a) Software
Answer: Software refer to a set of program that makes the hardware perform a
particular set of tasks in particular order.
(b) Rulers
Answer: The rulers display horizontal and vertical scales that reflect the width and
height of your typing area.
(e) Auto Format
Answer: means predefined collection of number formats, font, cell alignments,
patterns, shading, column widths and row heights to have a published look of ranges
of call you pacify.

4. Write short notes on the following 23=6

(a) System Software

Answer: means sets of program, responsible for running the computer, controlling
various operations of computer system and management of computer resources.
(b) Taskbar
Answer: When computer any programs start and that appear in the form of Icon at the
bottom of the screen is called taskbar.
(e) Pivot table
Answer: It flips and sums data in seconds and allows you to perform data analysis and
generation reports like periodic financial statement and statistical reports.

5. Differentiate between the following 23=6

(a) Min function () & Max function

Answer: Min function means to find the lowest number from the given Data and Max
means to find the highest number from the given Data.
(b) Slide Sorter View & Slide Show View
Answer: Slide Sorter View use to interchange the slide and re-arrange the slides as per
desired and slide show View is used to show your created presentation to audience.
(c) HTML & URL
Answer: HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) it is kind of language which use to
create webpage where can contain text, graphics, video, animation and sound.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is name given to the web page.

6. Answer the following : 24=8

(a) Write down the steps to select an entire document by using the keyboard and Mouse.
Answer: Put the mouse pointer at the end of document and press Shift with arrow key
from keyboard. And Drag the mouse over the text or Press Ctrl+A
(b) What is the use of toolbar in MS-Word?
Answer: It is use to make common task.
(c) How to save a workbook in MS-Excel?
Answer: Click on Office Button Select Save Select the location where to save
and click on Save or Press Enter key.
(d) Describe any four slide layouts available in PowerPoint.
Answer: 1) Title Slide: This option is useful for beginning a presentation; use this slide
if you want to include subtitle or smallest text underneath a title.
2) Title and content: Anytime you need to make to list of things that fall underneath a
general subject, choose this layout.
3) Section Header: This option is useful for making a major section within the
4) Two content: This is a useful option for putting different elements or text boxes.
7. Write down the steps to perform the tasks given below: 22=4

(a) How will you add page numbers to a document in MS-Word?

Answer: Click on Insert TabClick on Page Number Select alignment

(b) How will you add header or footer in a document?

Answer: Click on Insert Tab click on Header or Footer Select alignment and
Type Header.

8. On the Basics of given Worksheets, answer the questions given at the End.


1 Items Price ($) Quality Value

2 X 1000 180

3 Y 2000 300

4 X 3000 500

5 Total

6 Maximum Price

7 Average Quantity
a) Write a formula to display value for each item in column D. (Value=Price x
Answer: =sum(C2*D2)
b) Write a formula to calculate the Total Value and Display in Cell D5.
Answer: =sum(E2:E4)
c) Write a formula to display the maximum Price in Cell B6.
Answer: =max(C2:C4)
d) Write a formula to calculate the average quantity and display in Cell C7.
Answer: =AVERAGE(C3:C7)

ample paper Two answer


1. Fill in the blanks:

a. URL stands for ..(Uniform Resource Locator)

b. Slide Sorter View..Displays a small image of each slide.
c. Software..is the set of instructions that your hardware executes to carry
out a specific task.
d. The binary system has only two values 0 and 1.
e. ABS(14567) It will return14567..
f. The .. furnishes the request of the client (server)
g. Assembler translate assembly language into machine language.
h. Ctrl+K is used to create .Hyperlink.
i. If the active cell contains a formula, it will be shown onrectangle box
j. CRT stands for . Cathode Ray Tube.

2. Write True/False for the following statements:

a. We cannot retrieve files, even if they are deleted from Recycle Bin.(True)
b. Scanner is an output device.(False)
c. We cannot send pictures through e-mail.(False)
d. The first step in the mail merge is to create the main document. (True)
e. Paragraph format formats the entire page.(False)
f. Ruler Bar is used to set the tab Stop.(True)
g. Address Bar is used to specify the URL. (True)
h. To insert a new slide in the presentation, press Ctlr+M.(False)
i. Windows 98 is not a GUI-based operating System. (False)
j. The Intersection of a column and a row is called cell. (True)

3. Define the following terms (any two)

a. Control Unit
Answer: The process of input, output, processing and storage is performed under the
supervision of a unit called Control Unit.
b. Header and Footer
Answer:It is to add Name of Institution at Top and full address the bottom.
c. Autosum
Answer: It helps you to add the contents of a cluster of adjacent cells.

4. Write short notes on the following:

a. Operating System
Answer: System Software that provides and interface for a user to communicate with
the computer.
b. Assembler
Answer: The Software that reads a program written in assembly language and
translates it into an equivalent program in machine language is called as Assember.
c. Pivot Table
Answer: It flips and sums data in seconds and allows you to perform data analysis and
generation reports like periodic financial statement and statistical reports.

5. Differentiate between the following:

a. Autofill() and AutoFormat

Answer: Automatically extends cell formatting when a new items is added to the end
of a list is called Autofill and Autoformat feature uses table styles, which are
predefined collection of number formats, font, cell alignments and patterns, shading,
column widths, and row height to have polished look of ranges of cells you specify.
b. Hide slides and Delete slides
Answer: A slide to be use later and not to be appear during the slide show is called
hide slides and Deletes slide forever is called Delete slides.
c. Web page and Web site
Answer: A web page is an electronic document written in a computer language which
has contain text, graphics, video, animation and sound. Websites: is one or more web
pages, belongings to a particular company, institute, government or an individual.

6. Answer the following:

a. Explain the purpose of column charts and bar charts.

Answer: Column Chart is used to compare values across categories and it give very
effective results to analyze the data of the same category on a defined scale. Bar Chart
are used to show comparisons between individual items and it should be arranged in
the form of rows and columns on a worksheet.
b. How will you delete a page break.
Answer: Highlight the horizontal line and press Delete key.
c. Give the uses of Words mail merge.
Answer: It is used to periodic mailing to different people or agencies connected to you
and your profession business. And it can help to organize your address data, get it into
a document and print it out in the desire format. You can merge list of name and
address to a single letter to be send to many people and create categories, a single
letter which variable information fields in it or labels. And also produce merged
documents such as directory, list, invoices, print address lists or print addresses on the
envelopes and mailing labels.

d. Describe the four features of PowerPoint.

Answer: It gives you several ways to create a presentation,
Creating slides is the root of all your work with PowerPoint,
Adding text will help you put your ideas into words
The multimedia features makes your slides sparkle and add clip art, sound
effects, music, video clips etc.
You can put them in order, time your slide show and present them to your audience.
7. How can text in Microsoft Word be presented in points using bulleted and
numbered lists.
Answer: We can highlight the text and use bulleted and numbered to be arrange in
order wise.

8. On the basis of the given worksheet, answer the questions given at

the end.

1 Name Science Maths Total Average
2 Ankur 70 80
3 Sunil 90 98
4 Ashok 60 90
5 Rohit 50 50
6 Maximum Marks
7 Minimum Marks

a. Write a function to calculate the total marks for each student in column D.
Answer: =SUM(B3:C2)
b. Write a formula to calculate the average for each student and display in column E.
Answer: =AVERAGE(D2/2)
c. Write a formula to display the maximum marks in Science in Cell B6.
Answer: =MAX(B2:B5)
d. Write a formula to display the minimum marks in Maths in Cell C7.
Answer: =MIN(C2:C5)

Shortcut Key of Word 2007

Action Key Stroke

Open a File Ctrl +O

New File Ctrl+N

Close a file Ctrl+W

Save As F12

Save Ctrl+S or Shift+12

Print Preview Ctrl+F2

Print Ctrl+P

Show/Hide Paragraph symbols Ctrl+Shift*

Spelling and grammar F7

Help F1

Find Ctrl+F

Replace Ctrl+H

Go to Ctrl+G

Select all- entire document Ctrl+A

Select from cursor to beginning of line Shift+Home

Select from cursor to end of line Shift+End

Go to beginning of line Home

Go to end of line End

Go to beginning of Document Ctrl+Home

Go to end of Document Ctrl+End

Cut Ctrl+X

Copy Ctrl+C

Paste Ctrl+V

Undo Ctrl+z

Redo Ctrl+Y

Format painter Ctrl+Shift+C

Left alignment Ctrl+L

Center Alignment Ctrl+E

Right Alignment Ctrl+R

Justified Ctrl+J
Delete previous word Ctrl+ Backspace

Apply Bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L

Indent Ctrl+M

Page break Ctrl+Enter

Font Face Ctrl+Shift+F

Font size Crl+Shift+P

Bold Ctrl+B

Italics Ctrl+I

Underline Ctrl+U

Double underline Ctrl+Shift+D

Word Underline Ctrl+Shift+W

All Caps Ctrl+Shift+A

Change case Shift+F3

Subscript Ctrl+=
Superscript Ctrl+Shift+=

Make Web hyperlink Ctrl+K

Go to next Cell Tab

Go to previous cell Shift+Tab

Go to beginning of column Alt+Pageup

Highlight of beginning of column Alt+Shift+Pageup

Go to end of column Alt+Pagedown

Go to beginning of row Alt+Home

Highlight of beginning of row Alt+Shift+Home

Go to end of row Alt+End

Highlight of end of row Alt+Shift+End

Column break Alt+Ctrl+Enter

Copyright Alt+Ctrl+C

Date field Alt+Shift+D

Go to footnotes Alt+Ctrl+F

Show/Hide Ctrl+shift+8

Thesaurus Shift+F7