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Vitamin D immunomodulatory
actions and new potentialities

Abelha-Aleixo J1, Fonseca R1, Bernardo A1, Mariz E1, Costa L1

ACTA REUMATOL PORT. 2014;39:355-356

The authors intend to make a brief scientific review (www.clinicaltrials.gov)3.

about the immunoregulatory potentialities underlying Concerning the cognitive function, VD has been
vitamin D providing an insight in areas such as multi- suggested as an important player in the brain informa-
ple sclerosis, disorders of cognitive function, response tion processing speed, attention and executive func-
to infection and neoplasia. tions5-6. In Alzheimers dementia, lower scores on the
Active vitamin D (VD) plays homeostatic and im- mini-mental state questionnaire were found in patients
munoregulatory functions. The discovery of alpha-hy- with VD deficit, although the relationship is not fully
droxylase and vitamin D receptors (VDR) in other established2.
tissues beyond the kidney1-4, raised attention to poten- Regarding infectious processes it was verified that
tial new effects that have been under investigation. patients with deficit of VD are more likely to develop
The VDR expression in activated lymphocytes, den- active Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, and that
dritic cells and macrophages has a crucial role in the inhi- they have increased rate of upper respiratory tract in-
bition of dendritic cell maturation, immunoglobulin se- fections irrespective of the season7. In the presence of
cretion, suppression of activation and differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis monocytes and macropha-
T helper (Th) 1, Th17 and possibly Natural Killer (NK) ges increase the expression of VDR stimulating the syn-
lymphocytes and Th2 phenotype polarization. They are thesis and activity of VD which in turn induces the pro-
also important in the maturation of macrophages, regu- duction of antibacterial proteins and autophagosomes4.
lation of chemotaxis and phagocytosis and in further Finally, the production of cathelicidin in keratinocytes
enhancing an anti-inflammatory state by inhibiting pro- induced by VD confers protection against S. aureus8.
inflammatory cytokines (IL-2, INF-, IL-6, TNF-)1-5. VD also has potential anti-carcinogenic mechanisms:
The immunoregulatory mechanisms described abo- limits cell growth, regulates apoptosis, reduces angio-
ve have been studied in the treatment of various disea- genesis and metastasis and decreases expression of cy-
ses such as multiple sclerosis (MS), disorders of cogni- clooxygenase 2, NFkB (nuclear factor kappa-light-
tive function, response to infection and malignancies. -chain-enhancer of activated B cells) and MAPK (Mito-
There are several premises that favor the relationship gen-activated protein kinases)9. In vitro and in animal
between the prevalence of MS and low levels of VD, models studies found an association between poly-
such as: the prevalence of MS in the Nordic countries morphisms of the VDR and cancer, and that the ex-
and the reduction of the risk in the population that mi- pression of these receptors is reduced in later stages9.
grates to lower latitudes; greater severity of the disease Is then VD chemoprevention justifiable in several can-
if the ab initio is in autumn/winter and an increased risk cers such as colon, breast and prostate? The studies are
of MS in people born in the spring3. VD has been also conflicting. While past meta-analysis of observational
described as a regulator of expression of HLA- studies showed an inverse association between vitamin
-DRB1*1501, involved in the development of MS3. D levels and colon cancer, one most recent showed no
Human and animal studies have shown that differences in the incidence of colorectal carcinoma in
supplementation with VD reduces the incidence, seve- patients with or without supplementation of VD10.
rity and number of brain lesions in MS3. There are se- Vitamin D appears to have many desirable actions
veral ongoing clinical trials, which could definitely cla- beyond those already set forth in the prevention and
rify the role of VD in the evolution of this disease treatment of osteoporosis. Ongoing studies will valida-
te the supplementation of VD in numerous untapped
1. Servio de Reumatologia, Centro Hospitalar S. Joo, Porto potential that seem to exist.


Vitamin D - immunomoDulatory actions anD new potentialities

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