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IR4056, IR4057, IR4058


CAT 600V
IEC/EN 61557
AC/ DC automatic
detection range

with Bar model

Model IR4057 - 20
Built in Bluetooth Smart

Model IR4058 - 20

ic mode
With L9787

Model IR4056 - 20
With L9788-11 (Not CE marked)

Model IR4056 - 21
Comparator Function Improves Work Efficiency
Identify the Insulation and Low Resistance Conditions
with the PASS/ FAIL Icon
FAIL Alert with Red LCD and Audio Buzzer

Stable Digital Readings are Easy to Read

Please see www.hioki.com for

list of supported regions.
Excluding IR4056-21 For IR4058-20

Make measurements safely and efficiently with a digital

insulation resistance meter

Comparator function provides PASS/ FAIL decisions at a glance

l Compare measured values to pre-set reference values to generate a pass or fail judgment with
the Comparator function. (also pair with insulation resistance measurement and low-resistance measurement)
l Stable display delivers quick and easy-to-read results, increasing work efficiency.

Instantaneous judgment Identify PASS/FAIL using light and sound

The insulation testers deliver results as soon as The insulation testers give you pass/ fail resultsusing a beeping
the test lead makes contact, letting you finish your sound, LCD light, and indication right on the testlead with remote
work rapidly similar to a continuity check. control switch*1, letting you check for insulation integrity
without needing to look at the instrument.


When the measured value

is greater than or equal to
the reference value*2
Short beep
No change Green


Useful when there When the measured

are numerous test value is less than the
locations reference value*2
Continuous tone
In some cases, the capacitance component may prevent a judgment from being *1 Standard with the IR4056-21 Red Red
made until charging completes. *2 Insulation resistance measurement

IR4058 only

Smooth measurement and data recording with

Bluetooth wireless technology
l Measured values held on the display are sent immediately to a smartphone or tablet via
Bluetooth Smart technology.
l Easily manage measured data and create simple PDF reports in the field.
Convenient when you
need to make a series of GENNECT Cross (freeware) is required to use instruments
measurements with a smartphone or tablet.

GENNECT Cross specifications

Interface Bluetooth 4.0LE (Bluetooth SMART)
iOS (iPhone5, 3rd generation iPad, iPad miniTM, iPad ProTM,
Supported 5th generation iPod Touch or later)
devices AndroidTM (Only for Bluetooth SMART READY or Bluetooth
SMART model)
Create simple re-
ports on the spot Supported OS iOS 8 or later, AndroidTM 4.3 or later

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CORPORATION is under license.
*Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
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*Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Designed for safety and peace of mind Featuring improved convenience and ease of use

Integrated hard case

DROP PROOF with sliding cover
Built tough to withstand a 1-meter
drop onto a concrete floor.

With cover closed
Press to measure insulation resis-
Release to hold the measured Easy-to-see LCD
value. An FSTN LCD ensures the instruments
display is easy to read from any angle.

Backlight (White LED)

AC/ DC voltage measurement A backlight lets you work in dark or poorly
(With AC/ DC automatic lit locations.
detection function)
Use as a tester replacement thanks
to DC voltage measurement func-
tionality, which is useful in applica-
tions involving solar power and
electric vehicles (EVs).

Effective maximum display value

A > mark is displayed when the mea-
sured value is greater than the effective
maximum display value for the function in

Featuring Bluetooth Smart

IR4056-20 (IR4058)
Bluetooth Smart functionality can be
200 mA grounding line Safety-oriented double-action switched on or off.
continuity check function 500 V/1000 V range only Send data to a mobile device to be saved.

The Insulation testers can perform EV and

HEV continuity checks as well as resistance
1 Set the function
key to either 500 V 2 Press the flash-
measurement of safety conductors in building or 1000 V. key.
electrical equipment as defined by IEC 60364.

Economic model
IR4056-20 IR4056-20: With L9787 IR4057-20 Bar graph for visual judgments
High-speed model
IR4056-21 IR4056-21: With L9788-11
(Not CE marked) IR4058-20
5 ranges Rated output 5 ranges
50/125/250/500/1000 V voltage (DC) 50/125/250/500/1000 V
Voltage mea-

Low resistance

Approx. 0.8 s judgment result Approx. 0.3 s
response time
200 mA continuity
- Bar graph
REMOTE SWITCH - Bluetooth Smart (IR4058)

IR4057-20 Bar graph

Useful in determining compliance
Displaying 1-min.Values
The instruments automatically hold the measured value
IR4058-20 of circuits with a large capacitance
component, for example solar
being displayed 1 min. after the start of measurement
(the 1 min. value).
Functionality panels, due to the ability to illus-
trate charging status behavior.
This functionality is convenient when you need to mea-
sure targets that include a capacitance component.
Specifications Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Product warranty period for 3 years

Insulation resistance measurement

Rated output voltage (DC) 50V 125V 250V 500V 1000V Test leads with sleeves
Effective maximum indicated value 100 M 250 M 500 M 2000 M 4000 M When measuring in a CAT III
1st effective measuring range [M] 0.200 to 10.00 0.200 to 25.0 0.200 to 50.0 0.200 to 500 0.200 to 1000 environment, be sure to attach the
sleeve to the test leads.
Accuracy 2 % rdg. 2 dgt. When the CAT (measurement
2nd effective measuring range [M] 10.1 to 100.0 25.1 to 250 50.1 to 500 501 to 2000 1010 to 4000 category) rating of the main unit is
lower than that of test leads, the
Accuracy 5 % rdg. CAT of the main unit takes prece-
Other measuring range [M] 0 to 0.199 dence.

Accuracy 2 % rdg. 6 dgt.

Lower limit resistance value to
0.05 M 0.125 M 0.25 M 0.5 M 1 M Sleeves can be
maintain nominal output voltage removed.

Basic specifications Voltage measurement

Indicator Semi-transmissive FSTN LCD, Positive backlight Display range
DC 4.2 V 42 V 420 V 600 V
Live circuit indicator, Automatic electric discharge, Au- (Auto range)
Functions tomatic DC/AC detection, Comparator, Built-in battery Accuracy 1.3 % rdg. 4 dgt. *2
power indicator etc.
IR4057/ IR4058 functions Bar graph, Displaying 1-min. values Display range 420 V
(Auto range) (Minimum indicated value: 30.0 V)
600 V
Power supply LR6 alkaline battery 4 AC Accuracy 2.3 % rdg. 8 dgt. * 2

Continuous Approx. 20 hours (Comparator off, backlight off, 500 V V

operating time range, no load, Bluetooth off) Measurement principles Average responding type
The power will go off automatically 10 minutes after Frequency range 50/ 60 Hz
Auto power save
the last operation AC/ DC automatic AC detected at 30 V or greater (50/ 60 Hz)
(Pulsating currents with an overlapping AC component
-25 to 40C (-13 to 104F) detection range of 30 V or greater are detected as AC)
90% rh or lower (non-condensating)
temperature Effect of Measurement accuracy per 1C 0.1
40 to 65C (104 to 149F), at 65C and below relative (Applicable to the operating temperature range other than 18 to 28C)
and humidity temperature
with linear decrease up to 25% rh
*2 Ranges in excess of 600 V are outside the accuracy guarantee.
Storage temperature -25 to 65C (-13 to 149F)
and humidity 90% rh or lower (non-condensating)
Low resistance measurement
Maximum rated 600 V AC/DC, Measurement category ,
voltage to earth Anticipated transient overvoltage: 6000 V Display range
(Auto range)
10 100 1000
Dustproof and waterproof IP40 (EN60529)
Standards EN61326 (EMC), EN61557-1/ -2/ -4*1/ -10 10.00 100.0 1000
indicated value
Drop proof On concrete: 1 m Resolution 0.01 0.1 1
Approx. 159W 177H 53D mm Accuracy 0 to 0.19 : 3dgt.
(6.26"W 6.97"H 2.09"D) (excluding protrusions) (after zero adjustment) 0.20 to 10.00 : 3%rdg. 2dgt.
3%rdg. 2dgt.
IR4056-20/ IR4056-21: Approx. 600 g (21.2 oz) Measuring current 200 mA or more (at 6 or less )
(Display value before zero adjustment)
Mass IR4057-20/ IR4058-20: Approx. 640 g (22.6 oz)
(including battery, excluding test lead) Overload protection 600 VAC (10s, using fuse)
*1 Subclause 4.3 of Part 4 (interchanging of test leads) is not applicable when L9788-10 is used.

Model No. (Order Code) (Note) Options
IR4056-20 Economic model Shared options L9787 options


IR4056-21 Economic model, Not CE marked
9804-02 48mm/2.6mm
IR4057-20 High-speed model BREAKER PIN
IR4058-20 High-speed model, Built in Bluetooth Smart Attaches to the tip of cord, black 1, 11 mm (0.43 in) L9787-91

L9788-11 options
Accessories (IR4056-20, IR4057-20, IR4058-20)
TEST LEAD Neck strap 8.0mm/4.0mm
L9787 Instruction manual TEST LEAD SET 65mm/2.6mm
LR6 alkaline battery 4 BREAKER PIN
SWITCH L9788-11
Accessories (IR4056-21)
WITH REMOTE Instruction manual (RED) TIP PIN
SWITCH L9788-11 LR6 alkaline battery 4 L9788-10 35mm 3.2mm L9788-90

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