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October 23, 2017


Payumis Kitchen
Poblacion East Agno, Pangasinan
Mobile: (0939) 290-1651
Email: payumiskitchen@gmail.com

Subject: Quotation for Burger Wrapper

Dear Sir:


We are pleased to give you our price estimate of the specific printing requirement you requested.

Type of job: Burger Wrapper

Material: Grease Proof 40
Print color: One (1) color: (Pantone ____U)
Layout & design: Approved final artworks supplied by client via e-mail. Artworks must be at least 300 dpi
resolution and in CMYK color mode. If RGB file is submitted, the client agrees and
understands that it will be converted to CMYK as this is the standard color mode for
printing. For offset printing process, kindly provide us with the original layered / editable file,
fonts and images used.
Proofing: Via-email only - Soft copy (.PDF) proof; no composite or actual color proofs or actual
sample to be submitted to client
Printing Process: Offset Printing
Lead time: Production
For STANDARD orders, Cut-Off time is strictly10 a.m. with a minimum of Seven (7)
working days, depending on quantity, after approval of soft copy proof via email by client
excluding weekends & holidays
For RUSH orders (subject to schedule approval), clients may avail of the following:
+10% of the total cost per day less on the production lead time + Php 850.00 delivery
Note: Delivery rate for rush orders excludes Paraaque, Las Pias,
Muntinlupa, FTI-Bicutan
Delivery method: Client pick-up (Dagupan Bus Terminal in Pangansinan)
Quantity: 5,000 pieces

Actual size Cost per piece TOTAL COST

9H x 12W Php 1.85 PHP 9,250.00*
12H x 12W Php 1.95 PHP 9,750.00*
NOTE: *All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and one-time delivery via Dagupan Bus.

Terms of payment: Full payment upon confirmation of order.

Acceptable payments: Cash via bank deposit / online transfer.
Sweven Publishings Tax Identification No.: 229-049-686-000 - VAT Registered
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Account Name Sweven Publishing Sweven Publishing
Account Number 00-272-800-5429 1907-1908-1294-0
Branch Lagro-Novaliches, Q.C Sta Monica-Novaliches, Q.C

Terms & Conditions:

1. Sweven Publishing (SP) shall accept the project upon complete confirmation of order--receipt of signed quotation
and/or Purchase Order (P.O.) and payment as specified in the above terms of payment. The P.O. shall be bound by the
terms and conditions stated herein.
2. The quotation is valid for one (1) week; otherwise, subject to confirmation.
3. Change in specifications means change in the price. Kindly request for a revised quotation.
File requirements:
i. Acceptable programs:
a) Text intensive layouts with images and publications InDesign, Publisher or Illustrator;
b) Graphic intensive Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator;
c) Plain text - InDesign, Publisher, or MSWord
ii. Images for offset and digital printing must be 300 dpi; for tarpaulin printing, minimum of 72 dpi is enough
iii. For tarpaulin printing, kindly send the actual size (height and width) of the design and saved at 72 dpi resolution.
iv. Full color must be in CMYK mode, Black should be in Grayscale
v. Black text less than 12pts. (font size) should be 100% black with no values for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
vi. Keep the text and important images at least 0.125 (1/8) away from the trimming (cutting) area to keep these
within the safe zone and avoid being cut.
vii. An image/layout that has no white boarders must have a bleeding of 0.125 (1/8) on the sides with trimming
viii. Include layered file, image links and fonts used.
ix. For ID cards, kindly submit a layout using professionally shot photos saved at 300 dpi. Avoid using photos from
social media accounts.
Layouts/designs that do not comply with the requirements or still has changes shall be returned to the client or will be
subject to layout charges.
Upon receipt of the final artwork/layout by SP, we shall e-mail or fax the client the proof of the received layout to make
sure that the file we received is the exact file the client wants for printing. This proof must be checked by the client
carefully for errors--changes in text, images, color and layout.
Only if there are no further corrections must the client email Sweven that they have received the proof and has found
no corrections and is ok to proceed with the printing or production. If approved by fax, the client must sign the proof
and then faxed back to Sweven.
Sweven Publishing will not be held liable for any errors/mistakes in the text, images, and layout of the final output after
client has approved the proof sent to them.


i. The client has a layout file (soft copy) but requires revision or has an actual sample (hard copy) but no
soft copy:
Upon receipt of the complete materials for layout: a) if with soft copy - text, images, or even the initial idea; or
b) actual sample or hard copy but no soft copy - client shall courier the actual sample or hard copy to SP;
Sweven shall proceed with the layout. SP shall then send the client the first (and if necessary, a second) proof of
the layout by email, fax, hand carry, or couriered (depending on the agreement specified in the quotation above),
which the client shall check for corrections in text, images and layout. The client must indicate properly and
itemize all corrections of the proof via email, fax, hand carry, or couriered (depending on the agreement specified
in the quotation above) to SP.
ii. The client has NO layout Sweven Publishing shall present to the client the design/s, revisions and proofs as
stated on the specifications of this quotation. The client shall choose among the designs, if applicable. From the
(chosen) design, SPs artist will make the necessary revisions based on the clients correction on the proof sent via
email, fax, hand carry or courier (depending on the agreement specified in the quotation above).

On the final copy, the client or his/her representative has to indicate that the proof sent to them is okay for printing or
production via email. The same shall be done if via fax or a hard copy but with client or his/her representatives name
the date and signature.

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If corrections/revisions made by the client exceed the limit, the client agrees to pay the following additional charges:
8.5 x 13 or smaller Bigger size
Text only / Easy Php 155.00/ page or side Php 235.00/ page or side
Logo & Text only / Medium Php 235.00/ page or side Php 350.00/ page or side
Pure graphics / Hard Php 520.00 /page or side Php 780.00/ page or side
Note: All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT.

Sweven Publishing will not be held liable for any errors/mistakes in the text, images, and layout of the final output after
client has approved the proof sent to them.
5. In the event that the client could not check his/her email or fax to reply for the approval of the proof sent to him/her,
the client may send his/her approval to proceed with the printing or production via text message. In this case, the client
accepts to be fully responsible for any errors/mistakes in the text, images, and layout of the final output.
Also, should the client specify in his/her email or text message that he/she will no longer require proofing and wants to
proceed with the printing or production immediately, the client agrees to be fully responsible for any errors/mistakes in
the text, images, and layout of the final output.
6. Any changes to be made by the client in the layout and design should be done immediately prior to the approval of the
proof. If changes shall be made after approval of the proof, the customer agrees to pay the incurred expenses of SP.
And any changes in the material specifications of the project by the client after submission of the signed copy, the same
agrees to pay for the previously selected material.
7. Additional request for offset or digital proof shall be charged accordingly.
8. All materials produced and used including but not limited to films/negatives, plates, binding supplies by Sweven
Publishing during the production process remain the property of Sweven Publishing. Whereas materials supplied by the
client remains the property of the client. Sweven reserves the right to dispose of production materials immediately after
the order is executed unless written arrangements are made to the contrary.
For layout or design services including but not limited to very minor revisions, image, text, & color improvements provided
by Sweven Publishing to clients without payment for layout/design charges shall remain the property of Sweven
Publishing. Requests for (soft) copies shall be charged the standard layout/design cost for the service rendered.
9. Sweven shall not be held liable for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by
conditions beyond its control including but not limited to Acts of God, natural disasters, Government restrictions, wars,
insurrections, delays on the part of the client, and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose
performance is affected.
10. Cut-off time is 10:00am. Turnaround time / lead time for approved proofs and/or confirmations made after 10am shall
begin on the next working day. Deadlines less than the turnaround time may be subject to rush charges depending on
the production schedule.
11. If the customer decides to pull-out or cancel the printing job after signing the conform and/or issuing a purchase
order, the customer agrees to pay:
i. 25% of the total cost* as cancellation;
ii. 50% of the total cost* upon submission of proof to the client;
iii. 100% of the total cost* after approval of the proof by the client to cover the expenses incurred by the company.
12. If the client puts the project on hold for any reasons, the client shall be given a maximum of fourteen (14) days to
continue the said project. Otherwise, the project shall be considered cancelled and the client shall agree to pay the
cancellation fee.
13. Should the delay in payment/s exceed three (3) days after the scheduled payment specified in the terms of payment, or
three (3) days after cancellation, an interest of 3% per month compounded shall be charged on the unpaid balance from
the stipulated date of payment or cancellation.

Should this quotation, terms and conditions merit your approval, please affix your name and signature below and/or
issue a purchase order form and fax a copy to us at 962-4221 or e-mail us at sales@swevenpublishing.com. And if
you have any inquiry, feel free to call us from 8am to 7pm Mondays thru Thursdays and from 8am to 5pm Fridays,
excluding weekends and holidays.

Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours:


Account Executive

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Marketing & Sales Manager

I am confirming the order of the above stated project/service and have read and understood all the terms and
conditions stated herein and agree to be bound by it.

_______________________________________________ ___________________
Signature over printed name of client Date

A) [ ] 9H x 12W
Actual size:
B) [ ] 12H x 12W

Cost per piece: Php TOTAL AMOUNT: PHP

Clients Tax Identification Number: (VAT or Non VAT)

Kindly issue the receipt/billing to:

Billing address:

Delivery address:

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