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University OF Sargodha

Business Plan
Course Instructor:
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Asad Hameed
Umair Ismail

Table of Contents
Names Page#

1. Table of contents 2
2. Introductory Page 4
3. Executive Summary 6
4. Description of Venture 8
Product 9
Services 11
Size of the business 12
Equipment and personal 13
Entrepreneurs background 13
5. Operations Plan . 14
Description Of company operation . 14
Hours of operation 14
Employ training and education 15
System and Controls . 15
Food production ... 15
Flow of Goods & services . 15
Technology utilization . 16
6. Production Plan 17
Production process . 17
Process flow .... 17
Raw material suppliers name . 17
7. Marketing Plan . 18
Marketing Mix .. 18
Product .. 18

Eager Foods .19
Promotions . 20
System and Controls . 22
Marketing Segmentation ..... 22
Sales strategy 23
SWOT Analysis . 23
I. Strength . 23
II. Weakness . 23
III. Opportunity . 23
IV. Threats . 23
8. Industrial Analysis 24
Political .24
Economics .... 25
Social 26
Technological 26
Industry & market Forecast 13
9. Assessment of risks . 27
Competitors . 27
Price and Raw material . 27
Risk of Marketing Techniques . 27
Timely delivery of Raw material .. 27

10. Financial plan 28
Income statement 28
Balance sheet 30
Breakeven analysis 31
Cash flow projection 32
13Appendix ..33
Price list of Raw material ..33
11. Organizational plan . 29
Form of ownership . 29
Role of members


The Business we are going to start will be known as EAGER FOOD. The
EAGER FOOD is located at main Is lamia College Road Near Crown Cinema
Chowk Gujranwala. This business is owned by Asad Hameed resident of SADIQ
Mob: 0305-4472445 & khan.e.rustam@gmail.com .and umairIsmail

Nature of the Business:

People are becoming modern and trends are changing now. People want to eat
fresh and healty food. We are going to conduct our business accroding to new
trends of society. Our business is about looking Family Restaurant with different
food items. Eager Foods offers varity of healthy and tasty food along with the
unique style of service. Main focus of this restaurant is to entertain families with
their unique ideas.


Form of business is Partnership that is owned and run by business partners. There
must be an agreement among the partners to form a partnership (Partnership Act,
1932). The partners receive equally all profits and has unlimited responsibility for
all losses and debts. Every assets of the business are owned by the partners of
business and all debts of the business are the partners.

It means the relationship between persons who have agreed to share the profits &
losses of business carried on by all. Every partner is an agent of business.


Management work is divided among partners according to their experience, ability,

and knowledge. So, that all partners acting for all.

Statement of Confidentiality Report

Our business will start with name EAGER FOOD. We will locate
National Market. Our business will provide best quality of eating
Statement of Finance need

Initial expected cost is ------------- PRs. Which will arrange by Capital

paid off after 3 years. With this debt the arrangement of office
equipment, raw material, loaders, advertising will become possible.

This report is confidential and the property of owner. It is intended for

use only by the persons to whom it is transmitted, and any reproduction
of any of its contents without the prior written consent is prohibited.

Execuctive summry

Executive Summary Eager Food will be a moderately and will be offer

different types and style of food and service. Homemade nuggets,
Beverage, hot drinks, Malaysian paratha wraps and generous
salads are all on the menu. We will offer specialty selections
including a

Lighter options and smaller portions for an adults menu.

The place will be family owned and operated by partners. Partners they
have over 20+ collective years experience in the restaurant and catering

Although the location was previously utilized as a restaurant, the former

tenant removed the majority of the furniture, fixtures and equipment
which will need to be replaced. The location will also require some
additional renovation to update the lavatories and increase table space in
the dining area.

The dcor will feature wood accented chairs with blue and white
checked table cloths. Dinner style tables will be surrounded by wooden
chairs with comfortable seating cushions.

Sales projections assume 1700 customers per week resulting in weekly

sales of just over Rs19, 777, or Rs1, 028,000 annually. This equates to
around Rs.302 per square foot in sales annually which positions as a

highly desirable concept for ownership in a table service market where
200 to 325 per square foot is considered moderately profitable and
therefore a good investment. Total startup costs will be partners of
which will be contributed by the owners and the remainder will be
secured by a proposed bank loan.


We envision a world where youth are active leaders, diverse communities feel
connected to the land and each other, and every has access to fresh, local, healthy
and affordable food.Moreover dedicated ourselves in providing the best food.
Promoting a nutritious and healthier lifestyle that exceeds our clients expectations;
building a friendly environment where people would love to eat.

Eat Fresh Stay Fresh


Our mission is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and

adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food
system. Our community produces healthy food for residents of the city and
suburbs, provides youth learship opportunities . Our Primary mission is to give our
society an energetic and healthier young generation by providing nutritional, well-
prepared meals - using only quality ingredients at a fair price. Also our mission is
to maintain close relationship between all individuals by providing with the food of
their choice and taste under one roof.

Description of Venture


Whole production is done by the partners themselves. Management will be

responsible for complete production process. No part of production will be


All Grocery Items

Dairy Products


Hot Drinks

Cold Drinks

10 | P a g e
Pepsi has been bringing fun and refreshment to consumers for over 100 years.
From its humble beginnings over a century ago, Pepsi-Cola
has grown to become one of the best-known, most-loved
products throughout the world. Today, the company
continues to innovate, creating new products, new flavors and
new packages in varying shapes and sizes to meet the
growing demand for convenience and healthier choices. Pepsi
is constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure their
consumers get the products they want, when they want them and where they want

Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. (CCBPL) manufactures and distributes

beverages. The company was incorporated in 1853 and is based in Karachi,

Knorr believes that good food matters! Everyday meals can be just as magical as
special occasions. Food is not just fuel; it really is the glue of life. This conviction
lies at the heart of Knorrs success on a global scale Knorr is Unilevers #1 brand.

11 | P a g e

Services at Eager Foods will be given special emphasis throughout the operation.
Customer surveys estimate that only 1 in 20 customers that have a problem in
Eager House will tell management about it. It will be our goal to provide a product
in a manner that exemplifies highly responsive and proactive customer service.

Training programs will include specific material to teach our employees about
service attitudes, customer perception and how to deal with guest complaints.
Management will conduct periodic staff meetings intended to review policy,
increase guest satisfaction and to keep a general line of communication between
staff and management.

All guest complaints will be empathetically acknowledged by the staff and

immediately referred to management.

Size of business

It is a small size business the nature of business is partnership according to

partnership act 1932.

It should be started in local market into a small area. But the location we are use
its a well-known with the name of food market as well as the food street.

12 | P a g e
Office equipment
All grocery items new machines for boiling the chicken and refrigerators Owen are
also use new technology for making competitive advantage


Designation/Type No. Individual Salary Salary

P.M P.M Annual

Supervisor 1 40,000/- 40,000/- 480,000/-

Computer Staff 2 20,000/- 40,000/- 480,000/-

Kitchen Supervisor 1 30,000/- 30,000/- 360,000/-

Cook or Chef 5 18,000/- 90,000/- 1080,000/-

Dishwashers 2 12,000/- 24,000/- 288,000/-

Take away (Delivery boy) 2 12,000/- 24,000/- 288,000/-

Cleaner 3 12,000/- 36,000/- 432,000/-

Guard(12 Hour) 1 15,000/- 15,000/- 180,000/-

Total 17 390,000/- 3,588,000/-

Salaries estimated 15% increased Per Annum.

Background of Entrepreneur
We are two entrepreneurs jointly run the business of eager food. We did MBA and
have experience to run the business effectively. We introduce a new food for young
generation. or have an idea to provide quality food in low price

13 | P a g e
Description of the Company Operation:

Hours of Operation

Eager Foods will be opened 7 days a week for lunch and dinner necessitating
multiple shifts. Service will begin at 11:00 AM and end at 12:00 AM. The place
will not be closed on Occasions

14 | P a g e
Employee Training & Education

Employees will be trained not only in their specific operational duties but in the
philosophy and applications of our concept. They will receive extensive
information from the chef and be kept informed of the latest information on
healthy eating.

Systems & Controls

A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity
of our products. They will constantly be tested for our own high standards of
freshness and purity.

Food Production
most food will be prepared on the premises. The kitchen will be designed for high
standards of sanitary efficiency and cleaned daily. Food will be made mostly to

Flow of order of Goods & Services

Food for delivery may be similar to take-out (prepared to order) or it may be

prepared earlier and stocked. Catering will be treated as deliveries. We hire
maximum 8 employees for given free home delivery. We provide free home
delivery service with in the 2 km area near the current situation

Customer service at Eager Foods will be given special emphasis throughout the
operation. Customer surveys estimate that only 1 in 20 customers that have a
problem in Eager House will tell management about it. It will be our goal to

15 | P a g e
provide a product in a manner that exemplifies highly responsive and proactive
customer service.

Training programs will include specific material to teach our employees about
service attitudes, customer perception and how to deal with guest complaints.
Management will conduct periodic staff meetings intended to review policy,
increase guest satisfaction and to keep a general line of communication between
staff and management.

All guest complaints will be empathetically acknowledged by the staff and

immediately referred to management.

Technology utilization

We use new technology for boiling chicken and new type of machine for fry
chicken we could not use the old house burner r other equipment we use new
technology for compete in market with providing high quality for making
competitive advantage and use latest electronic devices like oven refrigerator.

16 | P a g e
Production Plan

Production Process

Whole production is done by the partners themselves.

Management will be responsible for complete production process. No part of
production will be subcontract.

Process Flow

First of all, Place order the give order. After giving order deliver Desserts to the
customers. Deliver check to the customer. After receiving the cash return credit
slip to the customer.

Supplier Names

Pepsi, Coke, Knorr and Lipton

17 | P a g e


Product refers to what you are selling, including all of the features, advantages and
benefits that your customers can enjoy from buying your goods or services. When
marketing your product, you need to think about the key features and benefits your
customers want or need, including (but not limited to) styling, quality, repairs, and

You can use research and development to inform the development of new products
in your business. Product marketing deals with marketing the product to prospects,
customers, and others.

18 | P a g e
Product Price (PRs.)

Malaysian paratha 200

Nuggets 100

Vegetable tango 50

This refers to your pricing strategy for your products and services and how it will
affect your customers. You should identify how much your customers are prepared
to pay, how much mark-up you need to cater for overheads, your profit margins
and payment methods, and other costs. To attract customers and retain your
competitive advantage, you may also wish to consider the possibility of discounts
and seasonal pricing.
Learn more about pricing your products. Pricing is one of the most important
elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for
the organization.

It costs to produce and design a product; it costs to distribute a product and costs to
promote it.

Eager Foods pricing strategy is to price its product at the comparable with the

This strategy takes into account: -

Customer price sensitivity

Competitors Price
19 | P a g e
These are the promotional activities you use to make your customers aware of your
products and services, including advertising, sales tactics, promotions and direct
marketing. Generally, these are referred to as marketing tactics.

Learn more about promotional activities.

Television: Television will be the main driving force of the campaigns, building
awareness in our core market. Each season, television ads will be developing with
stunning visuals of Eager Foods. Additional membership with regional cable wills
our reach throughout the region.

Visits in Educational Sector: we will visit different Educational sector (School,

College, and University) and sell our product at low cost to attract students.

Radio: Radio will extend our message throughout the region through FM

Print Media: Magazines and Newspaper ads and Banners will be timed seasonally
in our core market.

Online Marketing: Online marketing will further extend Eager Foods brand
message and drive people to Eager Foods. A combination of editorial, adds and
links promoting Delight Desserts new idea will run on several websites.

Face book page Eagers increase the revenue.

This refers to how an organization will distribute the service they are offering to
the end user. The organization must distribute the service to the user at the right
place and at the right time.

20 | P a g e
Place is where your products and services are seen, made, sold or distributed.
Access for customers to your products is key and it is important to ensure that
customers can find you.

You can set yourself apart from your competition through the design of your retail
space and by using effective visual merchandising techniques. If you are not a
retail business, place is still an important part of your marketing. Your customers
may need a quick delivery turnaround, or want to buy locally manufactured
If you are starting a new business, finding the right business location will be a key
marketing tactic.

People refer to the staff and salespeople who work for your business, including

When you provide excellent customer service, you create a positive experience for
your customers, and in doing so market your brand to them. In turn, existing
customers may spread the word about your excellent service and you can win
Give your business a competitive advantage by recruiting the right
people, training your staff to develop their skills, and retaining good staff.
An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate
staff and people.
The staff at Eager Foods is efficiently and well trained to serve the guests in
the best possible way.
Our staff is well trained to give to our customers high quality of personal

21 | P a g e
The service delivered by our employees is a very important element of
value. It is also an area where we can distinguish ourselves.

Systems & Controls

A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity
of our products. They will constantly be tested for our own high standards of
freshness and purity.

Process refers to the processes involved in delivering your products and services to
the customer. It is also about being 'easy to do business with'.

Having good process in place ensures that you:

repeatedly deliver the same standard of service to your customers

Save time and money by increasing efficiency.

The middle income segment of Family is mainly targeted. Specifically, we are
targeting desi food lovers who love to have get-togethers.

Young generation accompanying their children would be our Primary market as
they are the one who make the purchase decision and have buying authority of our

Children from the age bracket 5 to 20

22 | P a g e

We will use Words of Mouth, Discount Coupons, Free
Home Delivery, concentrating on the customer's experience
Offer various specials throughout the week that people can
come to enjoy.

Cost Advantage Work Inefficiency
Strong Management High Debt Burden
Real Estate out Dated Technology
Price Power High Staff Turnover
Innovative Culture Online Presence
Financial Leverage Weak R&D
Asset Leverage Weak Supply Chain
Supply Chain Tarnished Reputation
Size Advantage Bad Acquisition
Economies of Scale Weak Management
Unique Product Customer Service
Technology Lack of Scale
Customer Loyalty Cost Structure
Brand Name Weak Brand
Fragmented Market Bad Economy
Financial Leverage Volatile Currencies
Acquisition Synergies International
Online Market Mature Market

23 | P a g e
Innovation Intense Competition
New Service Government
New Technology Change in taste
Loosening Regulation Political Risk
Emerging Market Volatile Cost
New Products Volatile Revenue
New Markets Substitute Products

24 | P a g e
Industry Analysis

PEST Analysis


Our product is according to the trading policies. Current rules and

regulations of our government support our product. We follow the Pakistan
Standards which are explained by the food authorities. In addition, all the
regulatory bodies are also satisfied by our business.

Eager Foods already has environmentally sound policies, but more of these
policies can improve the firms standing and brand image. We also have the
opportunity to capitalize on its Whole Trade Guarantee to build the companys

Health and Safety Guidelines

This food consumption has been shown to increase calories, weight gain and
elevate risk for diabetes and criticized for caloric contents, Trans fats and
portion sizes.

Environmental Issues

One of the largest consumers of paper product in the Pakistani leading to

millions of rupees of food packaging waste littering roadways, clogging
landfills and spoiling

Quality of life.
Home market and international pressure-groups

25 | P a g e
Pushing for increased regulations to make companies more responsible
Wars and Conflicts

War between countries where the company operates & Symbol of



In this dimension of the PEST analysis model, the impacts of economic conditions
are like Economic stability, Higher employment rate in the Pakistan, rising labor
costs in developing countries, Low set up costs leading to rapid expansion,
Keeping the prices low for the customers, Franchising facilitates set ups.

Eager Foods providing financing assistance and training for new franchise owners
to manage cash flow and keep businesses profitable.

Eager Foods has the opportunity to grow based on the economic stability and
gradually rising employment rate in the Pakistan.


His dimension of the PEST analysis model identifies the social conditions that
influence consumers, employees and investors.

Eager Foods has the opportunity to grow based on high quality organic products
that satisfy the healthy lifestyles trend. The company also has the opportunity to
offer a more diverse product mix to match the rising cultural diversity of its target

Health Fears

26 | P a g e
Customer now opting for healthier options like and different food item
delivered healthy food for health conscious customers.


In this dimension of the PEST analysis model, the effects of technology or

technological changes are presented. Whole Foods Market must account for the
following technological external factors in its remote/macro-environment:

Whole Foods Market has the opportunity to implement more automation

technologies to increase business efficiency. Also, the firm has the opportunity to
provide improved online services through consumers mobile devices.

27 | P a g e
1- Competitors

Risk of Competitors is highly affecting business because there are many substitutes
are available to the peoples

2- Prices of Raw Material

There is risk that Prices of Raw Material will increase, because increase in price
can cut off our profits and can also shift the customer preference to other
readymade foods available in the market.

3- Risk of Marketing Techniques

Because of Severe competition less attractive marketing techniques is great risk

and can generate heavy loss for business. Even a dessert business can close without
generating a single paisa and sometime confusing marketing bill boards and sign
boards can also convey negative messages to peoples.

4- Timely Delivery of Raw Material

Business which only runs on the loyalty of taste to customers and delivery on time
and management fails to provide delicious food on time then all in vain so timely
delivery of ready food only comes from timely delivery of raw material so a
harmful result can occur by late delivery or raw material.

28 | P a g e
Oftentimes, the only difference between floating and drowning is the direction you
are facing. Without financial analysis, a business may be face down without even
knowing it. Our Businesss financial analysis analyzes performance metrics such
as profits and losses, cash flow, cost of sales and cost of labor. By assessing this
data, operators can evaluate their finances and establish systems and structures to
keep their business afloat.

Following are the financial statements:

Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Balance Sheet

Pro forma income statement:

According to our forecast the income statement of upcoming 5 years will be as
mentioned in the table.

forecasted Income statement of best computers and laptops

2016 2017 2018

Total revenue 39,29,2500 12,00000 15,00000

Cost of goods sold 4,00000 4,50000 6,00000

Gross profit 6,00000 7,50000 9,00000

Salaries 50,000 50,000 60,000

29 | P a g e
Rent 40,000 45,000 55,000

Utilities 25,000 27,000 30,000

Depreciation 20,000 15,000 17,000

Total Operating 1,35,000 1,37,000 1,62,000


Operating profit 465000 613000 738000

Interest 10%= 46500 10%= 61300 11%= 81180

Profit after 418500 551700 656820


Tax on profit 29%= 121365 29%= 159993 30%= 197046

Net profit 297135 391707 459774

In the year of 2016 our total revenue will be 10,00,000 and the gross profit
(revenue sold goods) will be 6,00,000 after all expenses including operating,
interest and tax our net profit (gross-all expenses) will be 2,97,135. In the year of
2017 our total revenue will be 12,00,000 and the gross profit will be 7,50,000 after
all expenses including operating, interest and tax our net profit will be 3,91,707. In
the year of 2018 our total revenue will be 15,00,000 and the gross profit will be
9,00,000 after all expenses including operating, interest and tax our net profit will
be 4,59,774.

30 | P a g e
Projected Balance sheet:
Our projected balance sheet will be approximately like shown in table.

Projected balance sheet of best computer and laptops


2016 2017 2018

Cash in bank 50,000 55,000 57,000

Net cash 45,000 50,000 45,000

Plant 4,00,000 3,50,000 3,35,000

Machinery 49,000 47,000 46,000

Land 2,00,000 2,75,000 3,05,000

Total assets 7,44,000 7,77,000 7,88,000

Account payables 50,000 55,000 60,000

Loans 2,50,000 2,75,000 1,00,000

Total liabilities 3,00,000 3,30,000 1,60,000

Capital 1,57,000 1,65,000 2,70,000

Drawing -10,135 -1,09,707 -1,01,774

Net profit 2,97,135 3,91,707 4,59,774

Total liabilities 7,44,000 7,77,000 7,88,000

In the year of 2016 total assets will be 7,44,000 and liabilities and owners equity
after drawing will also be 7,44,000. In the year of 2017 total assets will be
7,77,000 and liabilities and owners equity after drawing will also be 7,77,000. In

31 | P a g e
the year of 2018 total assets will be 7,88,000 and liabilities and owners equity
after drawing will also be 7,88,000

Break-even analysis:
Our break-even analysis will be based upon 2017 planned expenses. We will
include in it all operating expenses and fixed expenses, as the business will grow
the number will be updated. We will consider it an important factor in our business
and expense planning.

Break-even analysis

2016 2017 2018

Yearly revenue 10,00,000 12,00,000 15,00,000

Average % variable 30.677% 34.5% 36.1%


Estimate yearly fixed 3,22,580 3,96,000 5,25,000


Our 2016 revenue will be 10,00,000 and average v.c will be 31% then fixed cost
will be 3,22,580. Our 2017 revenue will be 12,00,000 and average v.c will be 33%
then fixed cost will be 3,96,000. Our 2018 revenue will be 15,00,000 and average
v.c will be 35% then fixed cost will be 5,25,000.

Cash flow projection:

32 | P a g e
Our cash flow projection can be seen in the following table.

Projected Cash flow

Cash in flow

2016 2017 2018

Cash sales 10,00,000 12,00,000 15,00,000

Bills 50,000 55,000 65,000

Rent 40,000 45,000 55,000

salaries 50,000 50,000 60,000

Total out 1,40,000 1,50,000 1,80,000


It will be clear by the table that in the year of 2016 our inflow cash will be
10,00,000 and total outflow in form of cash will be 1,40,000. In the year of 2017
our inflow cash will be 12,00,000 and total outflow in form of cash will be
1,50,000. In the year of 2018 our inflow cash will be 15,00,00 and total outflow in
form of cash will be 1,80,000.

33 | P a g e
34 | P a g e
Data is collected google or by surveying and successful Entrepreneurs

Price Lists of raw materials:

The sources of the raw materials will derive from the designated engineer. To maintain

the quality of the raw material the suppliers will be chosen significantly. Our desire is to

get the materials directly from there. The raw materials are:

Materials Price

GPS Rs.1200

Wires Rs.15 per feet

Sensors Rs.2200

Led $1

Remotes Rs.650

Chips $110

Web links:




35 | P a g e
Text Reference

Crouse Instructor:

Sir Zohaib
Cost accounting
Marketing Management
Business and society
Human resources management
Company Law and Industrial law.

36 | P a g e