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1| Field S tudy III

2| Field S tudy III

Name of FS Students: Daryl S. Melo
Arnel C. Hermosa
Madelyn A. Guipo
Ivem J. Mislos
April Anne Villaflor

Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education- T.L.E Year & Section: BSED III-B

Resource Teacher: Mr. Jezer Manguilimotan Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School

At the end of this activity, you will be competent in identifying and classifying
resources that facilitate teaching and learning process.

3| Field S tudy III

As you visit and observe the learning resource center, use activity forms

provided for you to document your observation. Ask the assistance of the one staffing

the center courteously.

An Observation Guide for a


Read the following statements carefully before you observe.

1. Go around the Learning Resource Center.

2. See what learning resources are present.
3. Examine how the materials are arranged and how they are classified?
4. Look for the guidelines/procedures for borrowing of materials. Are these
guidelines/procedures posted or available for the users to refer to?
Sagay National High School has the library as their major learning resource
center. Stored in it are the different learning resources such as books, television,
cassette/stereo, typewriters, magazines and others. These resources are properly taken
care of. They are free from moisture and dust because the librarian assigned some
students to clean and polish the learning center. The books can be borrowed directly
provided that they must be handled well and returned properly after use. There are
rules and regulations posted near the door that everyone may directly notice.

4| Field S tudy III

After you have observed, classify the resources available in the learning resource
center. Please use the activity form provided for you.

Name of Center Observed: Sagay National High Schools Library

Date of Observation: August 22, 2016

Name of Observers: Daryl S. Melo

Arnel Hermosa
Ivem J. Mislos
Madelyn A. Guipo,
April Anne Villafor

Course/Year/School: BSED 3-B/NONESCOST

List of Available Learning Resources

Available Learning
Resources (enumerate Characteristics and Teaching Approaches where
in bullet form) Unique Capabilities the Resource is most Useful

1. Printed Resources Lecture approach source of

Books These are the major source of
information for the teachers
Encyclopaedia information for the teacher lessons.
Magazines lessons. These can also help
the learners reading skills and Linguistic approach help to
Text booklets develop ones vocabulary and
Dictionaries vocabulary development. reading skills.
2. Audio Resources These are commonly used to
Speaker Metacognitive approach let
Microphone develop the learners listening children to think deeply with
skills. It can also make
Radio these learning materials.
Televisions learning more effective.
3. Non-electronic Visuals
Charts These are used to represent Lecture approach use in
Chalkboard the lessons visually. representing the lessons.
Bulletin board
4. ICT Resources Integrated Learning approach
Computers They will keep you abreast in the different senses of the
printer any current trends and learners will be involved through
information. the use of these materials.
Impression: Their learning resource center has many learning resources that will greatly
contribute to the faster learning of the students.
Name and Signature of Observers: Daryl S. Melo, Arnel Hermosa, Madelyn A. Guipo,
Ivem J. Mislos & April Anne Villaflor
Name and Signature of the Learning Resource Center In-charge:

5| Field S tudy III

1. Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to
their function and characteristics?
Yes. The learning resources of Sagay National High School were arranged
properly according to their functions and characteristics. The books,
magazines, and other printed materials are arranged properly in the shelves
and the ICT and other electronic resources are placed in the safe area.
2. Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access on the materials
by the teachers? Why? Why not?

Yes. The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by
the teacher because the instruction was very clear and was posted on the
door before entering the center. The selection of words in the guidelines was
very clear.
3. What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center?

The learning resource center was clean, the resources/materials and

conducive for learning for the learners who are wanted to study inside the
library. Therefore, the learners can easily access information from the
learning resources.
4. What are its weaknesses?

There were some parts of the shelves that have been destroyed. There are
some specific areas in the library that was not cleaned well. The location of
the library was located at the second floor of the building so students may
hard to go with it.
5. What suggestions can you make?
We will suggest that the cleanliness of the center should be maintained. The
learning resources/materials should be always safe and good condition should
always be maintained so that it still useful to the succeeding generation of
the learners. In addition, the center must be placed in the safe area so that
children will not be going upstairs to avoid farther accident.

6| Field S tudy III

1. Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest
the most? Why?

The learning resources that caught my interest the most was the
computer. During my elementary years in this school, I could not
remember that we use computers in the discussion. In fact, the
computers were only located at the principals office and only the teachers
are allowed to use.

2. Which gadgets/materials are you confident to use/operate?

The materials that I am confident to use are the books, encyclopaedias

and magazines. I have been using these materials since the day I started
to go to school.

3. Which one do you feel you need to learn about?

The gadget that I feel I need to learn more is how to use or operate the
computers. Even though I already have the knowledge on how to operate
the computer, I still think that I need to improve it more.
4. Read an article about your answer in number 3. Paste a copy of the
article here.

A computer is an electronic device, which executes software programs. It is

made up of two parts - hardware and software. The computer processes input through
input devices like mouse and keyboard. The computer displays output through output
devices like a monitor and printer. The size of a computer varies considerably from small
personal computers to gigantic supercomputers which require an entire building to host
them. The speed of computers also has a very large range. Computers have become
indispensable in today's world. Let us take a look at some of the uses of computers.

7| Field S tudy III

Name of FS Students: Daryl S. Melo
Arnel C. Hermosa
Madelyn A. Guipo
Ivem J. Mislos
April Anne Villaflor

Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education- T.L.E Year & Section: BSED III-B

Resource Teacher: Mr. Jezer Manguilimotan Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School

At the end of this activity, you will be competent in appraising the effectiveness
of display boards as learning resources.

8| Field S tudy III

As you look around and examine board displays, use the activity forms
provided for you to document your observation.

An Observation Guide for BOARD DISPLAYS

1. Go around the school and examine the board displays. How many board displays
do you see?
2. Where are the display boards found? Are they in places where target viewers can see
3. What are the displays about? What images and colors do you see? How are the
pieces of information arranged?
4. What materials were used in making the displays? Are borders used?
5. Do you notice some errors? (misspelled words, grammar inconsistencies and the like)
6. Are the messages clear and
7. You may choose to take a photo of the display board (If allowed)

Name of the School Observed: Sagay National High School

Location of the School: Poblacion II, Sagay City

Date of Visit: September 22, 2015

As I look around and examine the board displays, I have found out that
every classroom has its own board display. Some classrooms have a bulletin board
for birthdays of students, classroom cleaners, classroom officers, classroom activities
and announcement and the most common was the board display that contains the
topics to be discussed in a certain grading period. I have seen 3 board displays
outside the classroom but it was more than that if I will examine the whole campus.
Board displays were located in front of the canteen, near the faculty room and also
near the entrance gate. Most of it was announcements, activities or events in school
and etc The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly
and clearly understand , the information were arranged past to latest and the
materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time. Board display near
the entrance of the gate was covered by a class, so as to give protection to the
content and materials used.
Messages were clear enough as I read it and it can be easily understood because
there were no misspelled words or any inconsistencies in grammar.

9| Field S tudy III

From among the board displays that you saw, pick the one that you got most
interested in. Evaluate it using the evaluation form below


Topic of the board display: Peace and Justice

Location of the Board Display in School: Inside the classroom
Check the column that indicates your rating. Write comments to back up your
4-Outstanding 3-Very Satisfactory
2-Satisfactory 1-Needs Improvement
Criteria Comments
1 2 3 4

10 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
An Evaluation Report of a Bulletin Board

(Option 2)

Bulletin Board Evaluated by: Daryl S. Melo, Arnel C. Hermosa, Madelyn A. Guipo,
Ivem J. Mislos, April Anne Villafor
Location: Sagay National High School
Brief Description of the Bulletin Board:
The bulletin board was all about peace and justice. The bulletin board is
big and the illustrations are attractive to the target audience.

Strengths Weaknesses

Their bulletin board The bulletin board is not very

Observations: displays were durable, attractive. There are some missing
It was beautiful and the and effective. designs of the board. Some
information was clear but it pictures were not arranged well.
was not very attractive. The information was

Judgments / Evaluation of The information is useful I dont see any weakness in the
educational content and and relevant to the information in the bulletin board.
other aspects: learners need. The
information was clear.
The display conveys the
message of peace and justice.

Recommendations or
Suggestions for improvement:

In making a bulletin board, aside from being updated. You should make it very attractive.
We should add pictures related to the topic and arranged it properly.

Signature of Evaluator over Printed Name :

11 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. Did the board display design reflect the likes/interest of its target
audience? Why? Why not?

The bulletin board designs reflect to the interest of the learners because it
gives information clearly by putting several pictures related to the topic. The
whole bulletin board is attractive where all students my amaze while reading
its content.

2. Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to
understand? Why? Why not?

Yes. The language used in the bulletin board was clear and simple that the
target audience could understand immediately. It uses information which was
clear to the learners and the font size was also clear that can be seen few
meters away.

3. What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective?
Why? Why not?

The purpose of the board display is motivational and decorative. This is

motivational because the messages can motivate the learners to perform
better and have greater confidence to promote peace and order in their early
age. It is decorative because it will add beauty in the atmosphere of the
school if it was creatively made.

4. What suggestions can you make?

I suggest that in making bulletin board we should consider the neatness and
the proper arrangement of the pictures. The purpose of the bulletin board
should deal three purposes the decorative, motivational and instructional
purposes, so that it makes learners to get better learning from it.

12 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
My Proposed Board Display

Technology in Education

13 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
(Optional activity) based on your suggestions, make you own display lay out. You may
present your output through any of these:

A Hand-made drawing or layout

An Electronic (computer) drawing or illustration or layout
A collage

My Board Display Lay-out

14 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. Name at least 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up
with effective board displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.

Teachers should have these skills in making a board display:

a. Creativity
Instructional content can be dry and boring in a classroom setting. Creative
teachers try to present concepts and content in an interesting way.
b. Visual skills
Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must be able to
visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, and then apply
those to the display.
c. Organizational skills
It includes comparing and contrasting, grouping and arranging content in a
meaningful way.
d. Communication
Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often
communicate more than words alone. As well, the teacher must be a good
e. Minimalistic views
Good teachers know they must minimize content to the basic building blocks
they want to teach. Rather than a display aimed at students who understand
the most, the best, or the easiest, the display would be geared to include
students who understand the least, the poorest, and the hardest.

2. Which of the skills do you already have? Recall your past experience in
making board displays. How do you practice these skills?

The skills that I have are the visual skills, organizational skill and the skill
of minimalistic views. I do practice these skills everyday by improving it and
helping others to gain such skills.
3. Which skill do you still to develop? Reflect on how can you improve on or
acquire these skills.
The skills that I still to developed are the creativity and communication skills. I
think still need to improve my creativity skills because base on my output I
observed that my work was not very colourful and attractive.

15 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Name of FS Students: Daryl S. Melo
Arnel C. Hermosa
Madelyn A. Guipo
Ivem J. Mislos
April Anne Villaflor

Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education- T.L.E Year & Section: BSED III-B

Resource Teacher: Mr. Jezer Manguilimotan Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School

At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining the

appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks.

16 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
As you observe the class, use the activity forms provided for you to document
your observations.

Class observation Guide

Read the following statements carefully before you observe.

1. What is the lesson about?
2. What visual aids/materials/learning resources is the teacher using?
3. Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/uses the learning
4. Closely observe the learners response to the teachers use of the learning
resources. Listen to their verbal responses. What do their responses
indicate? Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and
5. Focus on their non-verbal responses. Are they learning forward showing
their interest on the lesson and the materials? Are they looking towards
the direction of the teacher and the materials? Do their actions show
attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?

Date of Observation: August 04, 2016

School: Sagay National high School

Subject: T.L.E Topic: Accounting & Management

Grade or Year Level: Grade 11-F

During our observation in Senior High Class (Grade 11-F), the teacher reviews
first the class about their topic last meeting. After that, he introduces the new lesson
which is all about Management. He uses tablet for delivering the instruction and
white board for taking notes the important details. He also gives some jokes which
make the class become livelier. While the students use their smartphones in which the
documents was sent by the teacher through ShareIt . They actively participate in the
class discussion. The raise their hands when the teacher asks questions. And, some
students are taking down notes of what the teacher has said.

17 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I

Grade or year level of class observed: Grade 11

Date of Observation: August 04, 2016

Subject Matter: Accounting & Management

Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:

The teacher used deductive method of teaching. From general to specific. He

first asks the students regarding about business on how to manage it.

Teaching Aids Strengths Weaknesses Comments on

used Appropriateness of
(Enumerate in the Teaching Aids
bullet form) used

Tablet It contains It is costly. Using tablet in the class

information about especially in the
the topic. discussion/presentation
It is easy to of the lesson was very
manipulate and effective, because
transfer data to the student can participate
students actively with lessons.

Smartphones This is very helpful Not all Using smartphones in a

for the students to students have the class will help the
have their own their own students to actively
documents saved in smartphone participate in the class.
their own because they
smartphone. cannot afford
to buy it.

18 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/
learning resources that he/she used?
I think the teacher prompted to use the material because he already
know the subject matter that he will be going to discuss and he
already knows if what the learning materials/resources he will used.
Another reason is the teacher has already the stock of instructional
materials in her bank so she can easily get these in its bank by the
times that she needs to use these.

2. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be
I think the only problem was encountered by the teacher was the
behaviour of the students. The teacher manages the behaviour of the
students through disciplining the students. He gives some punishment
to them such as decrease of scores in daily quiz.

3. Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why

or why not?
The learning material is used effectively in the class. Even though he
has no visual aids, the teacher still got the positive response from the
class by letting his student do some activities through their
smartphones as the source of information. The students pay their
attention to the learning material because using of this instructional
material is the only way of getting more learning.

19 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly
and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to
the same group of students? Why?

If I were in the place of the teacher, Ill find ways to get the learners
attention in using learning materials. Similarly to his strategy, I will use the
instructional materials in relevance to the lesson that I will be going to
discuss in the class so that the learners can acquire better learning.
Differently, I will make instructional materials which are more attractive to
the learners. I will improve his style in teaching with the used of instructional
materials, instructional materials should be very attractive that could catch
the learners attention.

20 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Name of FS Students: Daryl S. Melo
Arnel C. Hermosa
Madelyn A. Guipo
Ivem J. Mislos
April Anne Villaflor

Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education- T.L.E Year & Section: BSED III-B

Resource Teacher: Mr. Jezer Manguilimotan Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School

At the end of this activity, you will be competent in preparing instructional

materials that are appropriate to the learning content.

21 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
As you observe the class, use the activity forms provided for you to document

your observations.

An observation/Survey Guide
1. Are the learning resources useful for your topic in the resource center you
2. Are the available materials appropriate for your target grade/year level?
3. List down that can be useful for your topic.
4. What other materials can you make? (Like flash cards, posters, cut-outs,
transparencies, etc)?


Name of the School: Sagay National High School

Location of the School: Poblacion II, Sagy City

Date of Visit: August 24, 2016

When we visited Sagay National High Schools learning center, we saw

different kinds of printed materials like books, modules and magazines.
Aside from the printed materials, the learning center also has computer,
television and radio. These learning materials are very useful in delivering
instruction. The available materials that we saw in the learning resource
center are appropriate in our target grade level. The materials that are
useful in our topic are the books and modules. The computer and television
are also useful in our topic. The materials that we can make are the flip
charts, flash cards, picture cards, word cards and pocket cards.

22 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Learning Resources on a Specific Content Area

Use this graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to the topic
chosen. On the line of the box, indicate if the resource is already AVAILABLE, MAY BE
PURCHASED, OR WILL BE MADE (by yourself course!).

TOPIC: Tools and Equipment in Drafting (T.L. E.) Grade: Grade 9

Will be made: Picture

Cards -this will help me
in presenting my topic
because this is one way
of showing the students Will be made: Pocket chart
the concrete illustration -This can be very helpful in
Will be made: Flash card of the real object. presenting my topic because I
-use to develop the fast can use this a pocket of putting
mental abilities of the all my picture cards and word
cards after presenting my topic.
children in answering the
At the same time it can also be
questions in math. used as a decorative in the

Available: Book this is the

most valuable source of my Will be made: Flip
topic because inside it are ChartThis can be used by
Math, English, presenting different
not only the encoded
Sibika, Filipino subject matters for an
information but also pictures
that are very useful in easy access of
Specific Content
presenting my topic. I will area information and the topic
let my student open the can be built quickly that
page where my topic is will clarify the lesson
located. discussed by the teacher.

Available: Computers Will be made: word cards

One common technology that Used to identify the

will help me present my meaning of the words and
topic. I will let my student Available: Chalk Board the different action
show pictures of living things words.
It is very important
and non living things that
because the teacher can
start from vowel and
use this in writing the
consonant letters. The
important details about
computers contain video,
the topic.
audio video and printed
information these will help

23 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before
making your own materials? Explain each.

1. LESS EXPENCES; Surveying of available materials before making your own

materials is important because it will help us lessen our expenses. By doing a
survey it will help me determine the materials that are available and materials
that are not available. It will help me know what materials that are needed to be
made and bought. Through this I can exactly buy the materials that are enough
in making my own instructional materials. In this way I can be sure that the
materials I bought will all be used exactly. So, by doing a survey we will lessen
our expenses because we already know what materials are needed to bought.
2. LESS EFFORT AND TIME; conducting a survey can lessen our effort and time.
Again, by conducting a survey we will learn what materials are available and not
available. If we will make instructional materials directly without knowing that
there are also available materials on what you have just made, then, you are just
wasting your time and effort. It is very important to conduct a survey so that we
will know what materials are available that will be appropriate for topic so that
we will no longer make another one, but instead we will reuse or improve the
existing materials. In this way we can lessen our time and effort.
3. By conducting a survey we can GATHER INFORMATION on how to improve
and beautify our own instructional materials. If we conduct a survey, we will
know the things on how the instructional materials were made. We can also
know the weaknesses and strength of the materials. In connection to this, the
information that we have gathered will be used or applied for the future making
of better, durable and more beautiful instructional materials.

24 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. Which of the materials did you like to make the most? Why?
Among the materials that I had made, I like making the most was the flip chart.
I love making flip chart because I enjoyed cutting and pasting the pictures of my
flip chart. I also enjoyed watching and deciding on what color I will use in my flip
chart as a background. Aside from it, I also enjoy writing even though my
penmanship is not good.

2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the materials? How
did you overcome them?
The difficulties that I encounter in making my instructional materials were the
color combinations and the lack of exact budget. In the color combinations, it
gave me a hard time to decide what color to used, but with the help of the color-
wheel and the suggestions of my friends I still overcome those difficulties and I
came-up to a nice color combinations. In the budget, though we are all suffering
from financial difficulties, GOD still provide the budget to buy my materials in
making my instructional materials.

3. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching

The tips that I can give to teachers regarding in the preparation of teaching
materials is first they must plan and decide of what instructional materials they
will be making after conducting a survey. Plan and decide the materials and color
combinations needed to be bought so that the exact materials can be bought
exactly and may lessen expenses. Second, be sure that the materials you made
are durable so that after using you can keep the materials and may use it by the
time you have a relevant topic, in this way you can reduce effort and time.
Lastly, we must prepare the materials ahead of time so that we could come up to
a materials that is not done in a rush way.
25 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Name of FS Students: Daryl S. Melo
Arnel C. Hermosa
Madelyn A. Guipo
Ivem J. Mislos
April Anne Villaflor

Course: Bachelor of Secondary Education- T.L.E Year & Section: BSED III-B

Resource Teacher: Mr. Jezer Manguilimotan Signature:_______________

Cooperating School: Sagay National High School

At the end of the lesson of this activity, you will gain competence in preparing
instructional materials (hand-outs) that are appropriate to the learning content.

26 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
After working with your handout, answer the following questions:

1. What are the good features of a handout?

The good features of hand-out are:
a. Strong Title- this will convince the presenter to explore or encourage to read the
subject matter due to its interesting title.
b. Easy to follow a hand-out should be on a progressive order so that
pupils/student can easily follow the discussion.
c. Keyword in a bold type use to emphasize or identify the important ideas to be
presented in the class.
d. No more than two fonts in a document to have text uniformly and cleanliness
of the hand-out.
e. Clear-uncluttered handout the hand out should be neat, clear and uncrumpled.
f. Subtitles make easier to read to give value or importance to the word, so that
it will be easy to read.

2. Which of these features present in the hand I out?

The features that are present to my handout are:
a. Strong title the title of my handout is strong and interesting.
b. Easy to follow my hand out is easy to follow because it is on the format of a
progressive order of ideas
c. Keyword in a bold type I emphasize the important words of my handout by
bolding it.
d. Subtitles make easier to read I made my subtitle bold, in large font size and
use a bullet form so that it will be visible to read.

3. Which features are not presented in the handout I made?

The feature that are not presented in my hand-out are:
1. No more than two font in a document in my hand-out I used three different
font styles.
2. Clear-uncluttered handout this is not present in my hand-out because my hand
out is not very neat.

27 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
1. What difficulties that I have been encountered in making the hand-
outs? How did you overcome them?
The difficulties that I have been encountered in making my hand-out are
first, I really dont have the idea on how to make a good successful hand-out.
It takes me to two to three hours surfing the net looking for the criteria of a
good hand-out. I collect the ideas that I had searched in the internet and ask
my classmates if the information was correct. In this way I overcome this
Another difficulty that I had experienced is the dilemma in deciding for
the appropriate topic that I will be choosing. I overcome this difficulty when I
already decided to choose the different types of clouds as my topic in my

2. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation hand-outs?

The tips that I can give to teachers in making a hand-out are; first, the
teacher should consider the different good features of a hand-out that
includes strong title, easy to follow, keywords should be in bold type, no
more than two fonts in a document, clear-uncluttered hand-out and subtitles
should easy to read. Second, the hand-out that the teacher must make is
simple but elegant; the topic should be easily recognized and clearly made.
The specific ideas and lessons must be related to the topic and clear
information and explanation should be given. Third, make sure that the
objectives of your topic must fit to the level of learners you are targeting.

28 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
29 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I

30 | F i e l d S t u d y I I I
Daily Time Record

31 | F i e l d S t u d y III
32 | F i e l d S t u d y III
33 | F i e l d S t u d y III
34 | F i e l d S t u d y III
35 | F i e l d S t u d y III
To educate is to become a better educated. It is circular process that improves
with time; I believe the responsibility of educators is to provide students with the
necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in academic, business and personal arenas.
My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that education is a solution to many social
problems. Education provides the tools to make informed decisions, synthesize ideas,
and critically evaluate relevant issues and to enjoy life. Therefore pursuing knowledge
and,working to improve my skills as an educator are among my highest priorities.

As an educator, I will strive to encourage excellence in my students and my self.

Course material should be challenging, interactive and relevant to current issues and
events. Students learn and retain more information if the material is presented in an
environment that is interesting and interactive. For this reason, I believe that using a
variety of multimedia including video, slides, and the internet, is an effective way to
complement traditional course lectures remains th e foundation of the educational
experience. I feel that I can encourage students to seek new knowledge and explore
their own ideas by an enthusiastic presentation of both what is. And what is not known
about subjects. When appropriate, the classroom setting should be expanded to include
experience in the field. What better way to make the necessary connections among
biological concepts than by observing how organisms interact with their environment?

In my interaction with students, I will strive always to be respectful, especially

when dealing with differing opinions that may arise as product of scientific thinking. I
want my student to learn to think critically, not merely to accept my ideas and opinions;
my drive to pursue higher education was due in part to several teachers who inspired
catalyst for other people to pursue their dreams.

36 | F i e l d S t u d y III
Based on our experiences that we had gone through the field study, all we can
say is that it was an unforgettable experience. We find it very interesting and
challenging. Even though we spent sleepless nights in answering the episodes of the
Field Study 3 and encounter many difficulties, we were still thankful because it helped
us to enhance our skills in using computers especially in doing all our episodes which
are all tiresome. We have also learned some tips in preparing creative and durable
instructional materials and how to make use of them. The difficulties that we had
encounter, the expenses and the sleepless night were not taken for granted because
we learned a lot.

The field study contributed a lot of challenging yet enjoyable experiences. It did
give a great contribution to our knowledge in relation to the learning environment and
the different learning tools. It molds us more into a better educator someday.

We are thankful to our FS instructor Mr. Jason Dela Fuente for sharing his
knowledge to ourselves and to our classmates in FIELD STUDY 3. Thank you so much
sir, may God bless you always.

37 | F i e l d S t u d y III
__________________________________________________ _____________________
_________________________________________________________________ ______


Cooperating Teacher

38 | F i e l d S t u d y III

Criteria 5 4 3 2 1
1.Contents of Has 100 Has 95 % of Has 90 % Has less than Has less than
the Portfolio % of the the needed of the 85 % of the 80 % of the
needed content needed needed needed
content content content content

2.Objectives Objectives Objectives Objectives Some Most

of the are are SMART are SMART objectives objectives are
Portfolio SMART but cover but cover are not not SMART
and cover only a only less SMART and cover only a
the whole minimum of than 80 % do not cover minimum of
course 80 % of the of the the whole the course
course course course

3.Quality of Entries Entries are of Entries are Some entries Few entries
Entries are of better of are of are of
best quality, many acceptable acceptable acceptable
quality, are well quality, quality, quality, not
well selected and some are limited well selected,
selected substantial sell selection and and very
and very selected substantial minimal
substantial and substance

4.Presentation Creative, Creative, Creative, Minimal No creativity,

of Entries neat and neat and has neat and an creativity, in disarray, no
has a very strong average neat with impact/ appeal
strong impact/ impact/ minimal
impact/ appeal appeal impact/
appeal appeal

5.Promptness Submitted Submitted on Submitted Submitted Submitted 31

in the ahead of schedule 10 days 11-30 days or more days
submission schedule after after after schedule
schedule schedule

39 | F i e l d S t u d y III