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All Saints Church in Wales Primary School

Term: Autumn Term 2017 Year/ Blwyddyn: Reception/Dosbarth Derbyn

The learning theme for this term is: Ourselves and Celebrations.

Personal and Social Development, Well Language, Literacy and Communication

Being and Cultural Diversity: Skills
Thinking about our own rules for the classroom and Autumn stories and poetry. Stories linked to
playground. Ourselves.
SEAL-New Beginnings. All Aboard and Jolly Phonics reading and spelling
Belonging. Self awareness. Understanding and activities. Home library book bags.
managing my feelings. Understanding the feelings of Tracing and emergent writing skills. Writing for a
others. Social skills. Understanding rights and purpose eg Birthday cards, invitations, postcards,
responsibilities. memos, recipes, letters. Father Christmas letters.
Being part of the wider world. Talking about ourselves and listening to others and
Care of the environment and school resources. asking questions.
Learning to be independent. Listening games and activities.
SEAL- Getting on and falling out
Friendship. Working together. Managing feelings- Mathematical Development
anger. Resolving conflict-ways to sort things out. Count reliably and recognise numbers. Say and
Understanding my feelings.
use numbers in order, in familiar contexts.
Say no to Bullying learning about right and wrong
Use of mathematical language eg more,less.
and the consequences.
Talk about, recognise and recreate simple
Values curriculum- Creation and Creativity,
Developing mathematical ideas and methods to
solve practical problems.

Welsh Language Development Knowledge and Understanding of the

Simple greetings: World
Dyma, Bore da, Prynhawn da, Nos da, Diolch, New school environment.
Os gwelwch yn dda. Ga i? Sut wyt ti? Pwy wyt Autumn and seasonal change.
An awareness of the differences/similarities between me
ti? Christmas vocabulary.
as a baby and now.
Beth sydd yn y bocs-stories The benefits of medicine.
Simple songs supporting other areas of the How things move.
curriculum. Where we live.
Toys and Christmas activities.

Religious Education Physical Development

Thanking God for the things I can do. Correct pencil grip & gaining control with mark
Thanking God for family and friends. making implements. Using and holding scissors
Sharing and co-operating with others. correctly. Drawing and writing linked to festivals eg
bonfire night, Christmas and religious festivals plus
Praising God.
supporting other areas of the curriculum. Puzzles.
Church is a special place.
Developing an awareness of space-group games and
People who care for us. how we feel after exercise. Following instructions.
Creative Development ICT
Cooking activities linked to the theme of ourselves Developing mouse control through a range of
and harvest time. activities. Using paint package, manipulating
Creating music with objects and instruments. different shapes, graphic work.
Movement to music. Becoming familiar with the placement of letters
Participating in and accompanying songs. on the keyboard.
Autumn and seasonal change. ICT is also used to support, develop and extend
Role play areas choosing and helping to set them up. learning across and within a range of activities.
Painting and colour mixing, collage, weaving and
drawing activities linked to topics.

This is a guide of the teaching and learning for the term. The children add their own input which determines
how the learning theme develops.
Ways you can help: Play number games, write numbers and letters in different medium eg
shaving foam, sand, glitter. Read stories and talk about them. Talk to them about when
they were younger. Discuss the type of house they live in. Discuss the changes that happen
during Autumn. Encourage your child to practise writing their name using the correct
formation and pencil grip. Support your child with their home tasks. Enjoy the lead up to
Christmas and what it means to you and your child. Try to provide your child with
opportunities to speak to you in Welsh, for example, counting to 10 and saying simple
phrases such as diolch/thank you. Try learning the new Welsh phrase of the week with your