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Kearstin Hickey



Prayer is not overcoming Gods reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness. This

quote by Martin Luther highlights exactly what I believe to be one of the most important

ministries Christians can be engaged in- the ministry of prayer. When we pray for others, for

establishments, for cities, and even for ourselves, we lay hold of a deeper picture of Gods

heart. Its akin to an infant synchronizing its breathing with the breathing of its mother. God

longs for us to be one, and prayer is one of the most effective ways to build that intimacy.


In the beginning, Adam and Eve had no choice but to pray. The conversation flowed

naturally between them and God, and God heard and responded to every word. In fact, the very

first interaction God and man have together is God breathing life into man (Genesis 2:7) literally

giving man the breath needed to open this direct communication with God. He continues to

communicate, breathing life into another being when the woman is created (Genesis 2:22-23)

and then equipping them with helpful instruction on how to navigate this new life (Genesis 2:16-

17). This open, direct communication is what God always intended for right relationship with

Man. This is the way life was supposed to be. Yet, we sinned and therefore chose separation

from God.
The Fall

When the serpent came onto the scene, humanity chose to break off this communication

with God. Adam and Eve became self-reliant, and stored up bitterness in their heart toward their

Creator, thinking that He was holding out on them. This bitterness built a wall between us and

the Father, and we humans were the main bricklayers. But heres the amazing part the part that

confirms my belief that God is more loving and more faithful than I will ever understand- God

doesnt let our bitterness stand in the way. He continues to knock on the door of relationship. He

calls out to Adam and Eve, initiating the conversation once again (Genesis 3:9). Sin caused

Adam and Eve to respond to this invitation in fear (Genesis 3:10)a response so different from

the communication God and man once had. Eventually the fear turns into blame, as Adam and

Eve scramble to distance themselves from their sin. God sorrowfully leads them into the path

they have chosen one of distance from His perfect garden. This distance is further expanded

throughout the entire Old Testament, as we see Gods people close the door, rejecting His

invitation to relationship again and again (Zechariah 7:11, Jeremiah 32:33, Isaiah 30:9).

Ultimately, God decides to show up in the flesh His final attempt to reconcile this broken



Jesus shows us the heights of what God desires most- perfect relationship to us. He so

desires this open communication that He shows up as one of us. Jesus walked on this Earth,

talked to many in the flesh, and centered His ministry around reconciling Gods people back to

God. The New Testament records Jesus praying over 25 times for a multitude of things. He prays

at His baptism (Luke 3:21), when selecting the 12 disciples (Luke 6:12-16), at times when He
desperately needs to hear Gods voice for the healing of others (John 11:41, Mark 7:31-37), and

even when He is suffering on the cross (Matthew 27:46). In fact, when Jesus died the veil

between man and God was torn in two a perfect symbol of Jesus accomplishing the

reconciliation He set out to do. Jesus models for us a way to relate to the Father again. He only

did what He heard the Father saying, and He based His every move on the Fathers leading. This

is the life God laid out for us. We were created for this type of communication. Communication

rooted in relationship.


When God comes again to restore our broken world, I believe the lines of communication

will be wide open. This new Heaven and new Earth will very closely resemble what God laid out

for Adam and Eve in the garden. God and man will once again live in relationship, in intimacy

with each other. In this new heaven and new earth, the walls that we once built will all break

down, leaving God and man to communicate how Isaiah 65:24 describes. Worship will be

abundant (Isaiah 66:23) and the praise of Gods name will ever be on our lips.


As Christians in this post-redemption/pre-consummation world, its important to model

our actions after Jesus. He only did what the Father said to do, so how much more important is it

for us to have listening ears for the Fathers voice? Prayer provides guidance, builds intimacy,

and ultimately will move mountains. In every functional relationship, both parties are in constant

communication. Lets follow the words of Luther and lay hold of Gods willingness as we tune

our ears to His voice, fall more in love with the Father and wait in expectation for the mountains

to move.