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20TH NOV 2017

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Pink bollworm destroys 50% of Maharashtra's Cotton crop

Nearly 50 percent of Cotton crop in Maharashtra affected by the pink bollworm pest, due to this state is staring at an
unprecedented loss of Cotton crop this year. Government bodies, committees and even Opposition parties have asked the
government to take measures to curb the pest. Failing to do so is likely to harm more crop next year. The total losses of Cotton
economy could go up to Rs 10,000 crore, only because of infection of pink bollworm which has been plaguing the crops for
two-three years, and this year it has affected very badly. In 2016-17, a total 38 lakh hectare was under Cotton in the State, and
as per the estimates for 2017-18, the figure is now over 40 lakh hectare. As per the governments own admission, farmers
have used the Bt Cotton seed Bollgard II(BG II) on around 95% of this land, the pest has overcome the resistance of BG II.The
State Agriculture Department has already written to the Centre to denotify BG II as it has lost its efficacy to fight the pest.

Indonesia Oct CPO output seen up as harvest hits peak

Crude Palm Oil production in Indonesia is estimated to have risen to 3.95 million tonnes in October, the fifth straight month of
gain, as palm harvest peaked, boosting stockpiles, a Reuters survey showed .Indonesia's Crude Palm Oil production was at
3.63 million tonnes in September. Indonesia's CPO exports were estimated to have reached 2.75 million tonnes in October
compared with 2.69 million tonnes in September, the survey showed. Domestic stockpiles likely rose to 3.14 million tonnes
from 2.4 million tonnes, according to the survey .The Southeast Asian country exported 2.76 million tonnes of palm oil and
palm kernel oil in September, data from the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) showed last week. GAPKI, had estimated
Indonesia's palm oil output at 36.5 million tonnes for 2017 and expected it to increase to 38.5 million tonnes next year.

Karnataka urges central to procure Groundnut as price go below MSP

Karnataka Agriculture Minister Byre Gowda requested the central government to start procurement of Groundnut and protect
farmers interest since the price of groundnut has crash down below the minimum support price(MSP).Groundnut output was
very good in the state, as a result, prices have fallen below the MSP. Some of the major mandis in the state are ruling at Rs
3,264 per quintal, which is below the MSP of Rs 4,450 per quintal.The rate of Groundnut is expected to fall further below the
present rate during the coming season leading to the farmers resorting to distress sale. Groundnut crop is one of the major
oilseed crops of Karnataka. It is grown in 4 lakh hectares and the production in the kharif season of 2017-18 is expected to be
2.40 lakh tonnes

India removes restrictions on Pulses export

Restrictions on export of all kinds of Pulses were taken away by the government to help farmers to get better prices for their
produce and also greater choice in marketing their produce.Opening of exports of all types of Pulses will help the farmers
dispose of their products at remunerative prices and encourage them to expand the area of sowing, IT and law minister Ravi
Shankar Prasad said.

Export of Pulses would provide an alternative market for the surplus production of Pulses that it will also help the country
and its exporters regain markets.The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) also empowered the committee headed
by food and public distribution secretary to review the export and import policy on Pulses and consider measures such as
quantitative restrictions, prior registration and changes in import duties depending on domestic production and demand,
local and international prices and global trade volumes.

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Daily Market Wrap up

GUARSEED 3600 3645 3585 3616

RMSEED 3962 3968 3903 3907

SYBEANIDR 2850 2869 2842 2851

JEERAUNJHA 19170 17435 18815 18940

DHANIYA 4895 4912 4784 4785

MEETHAOIL 1635 1643 1616 1628

TURMERIC 7000 7100 6970 7054

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JEERA DEC Technical Update

CALL BUY JEERA DEC ABOVE 19955 TGT 20005/20055 SL 19855

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