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personal Narrative Writing Mechanics

Student Checklist
Editing Checklist
Fix it up! Help the reader focus on your ideas.
I wrote a
Not Yes
o om small moment
yet I started
z in story about
each sentence Yes
something I did. Oops!
and the word
Ill go
I with a
fix it.
I introduced my topic Not Yes capital letter.
to give a focus for yet
my writing.
I ended each
Oops! Yes
sentence with
Ill go
I wrote 2+ events Not Yes fix it.
to give my story a yet
B M E beginning, a middle, I used word
and an end. patterns to
help me write Oops! Yes
all the sounds Ill go
I wrote details to Not Yes I hear in fix it.
describe what yet my words.
I used the
word wall to Yes
Not spell sight
I used sequencing Yes Ill go
yet words
words throughout fix it.
my writing.

I wrote
neatly and Oops! Yes
I wrote an ending Yes
yet put spaces Ill go
related to my story. between my fix it.