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CIBSE Engineering

Practice Report


I am a Practical Building Services Engineer with over 20 years management experience of

multi-disciplined teams within the Facilities Management Industry. My career has enabled me
to work with differing public sector clients with a wide variety of property portfolios, with
reference to the financial and technical aspects of planning and execution of their operation,
maintenance and new works requirements.

This document highlights a number of career episodes to illustrate my experience to meet

the IPD objectives.

To assist the reader I have answered each IPD objective sequentially with the experience
gained from the appropriate career episode.

Projects & Career Episodes

Dates Project/Episode Description

March 2005 to July Contract Manager Management of a number of
2006 multidiscipline teams consisting
technical & admin staff
undertaking the Hard Facilities
Management of MoD estates with
annual works spend up to 10m.
Jul 2006 to date HV/LV Authorising Engineer Management of HV/LV Safe
(AE) Systems of Work providing
professional, technical support to
staff & clients.
Mar 2001 to date Lead Auditor of Business The auditing of the business
Processes quality system (1st party) and 2nd
party auditing of major suppliers.
The facilitation and development
of business process maps for
ISO 9000:2000
Mar 2001 to Mar 2005 Works Service Manager Management of a number of
(WSM) Site B multidiscipline teams consisting
technical & admin staff
undertaking the Hard Facilities
Management of MoD estates with
annual works spend up to 6 m.
Apr 1991 to Mar 2001 Works Service Manager Management of a number of
(WSM) Site A Group multidiscipline teams consisting
technical & admin staff
undertaking the Hard Facilities
Management of MoD estates with
annual works spend up to 4 m.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

A: Use a combination of general & specialist engineering knowledge &

understanding to apply existing & emerging technology

Career Episode CIBSE Objective

In my role as Authorising Engineer I have been reviewing Maintain & extend a
the methods of maintaining High Voltage switchgear with sound theoretical
a view to developing a maintenance routine which approach to the
addresses the requirements of the various British application of
technology in
Standards and HSG 230 Keeping Electrical Switchgear
engineering practice
Safe. This has lead to my research in to maintenance
techniques which gives an early indication of partial A1
discharge and monitoring of insulating oil by both testing
the oil and monitoring the head space gases within the
switchgear and transformers to predict possibility of
failure and life expectancy.

In my role as Contract Manager, Work Services Manager

and previously as an assistant, I have established,
developed and produced written briefs, specifications and
designs for a number of projects such as; lighting
schemes, fire alarms, emergency lighting schemes, water
treatment etc.

I have managed the design processes through individual

research and development of the design solutions and
with the support of consultants, providing the design and
advice during the construction stages. See A2

Through a thorough knowledge of lighting design and Use a sound

technology I have personally undertaken a number of the evidence based
lighting designs for wide range of applications, which approach to problem
have included office lighting to meet the requirement of solving and
contribution to
CIBSE LG3 (Lighting for Display Screens), lighting within
aircraft maintenance hangars and airfield runway improvement
approach lighting.
All of these schemes have presented their own unique
problems with regards to the design to fully meet the
clients brief.

Office Lighting: Site B, due to the size with regards to

the number of buildings and rooms involved this project
was outsourced to our design consultant. This involved
the development of the initial design brief for consultant.
I was responsible for chairing the design review meetings
were a number of issues required addressing with regards
to the design solution presented, in particular where the
luminance levels where higher then required thought the

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Career Episode CIBSE Objective

inappropriate selection of luminaries.
I also undertook the technical review of all of the tenders
submitted, which included alternative design solutions.
These required evaluating against the original design brief
and the design solution provided by our consultant within
the tender package. The alternative presented three
clear consideration, the first being did the alternative
meet the design requirements and it was found that the
alternative provide a better design solution, second was
the cost, again the alternative would offer the client a
saving of 150,000 against the designed solution and
thirdly the availability of the luminaries to enable the
works to be completed in accordance with the clients
time scale.

Hangars Lighting: During my time at Site A I carried out

the design of the hangar lighting to improve lighting
levels and improve the colour rendering of the lighting,
this was a critical requirement of the design due nature
of the works being undertaken within the hangars,
aircraft servicing and maintenance.
The lamp source chosen during the design ensured that
the resultant colouring from the discharge lighting source
provided a white light. It was necessary during the tender
evaluation of the project to obtain technical data from
the tenderers regarding their alternative offers of a
different manufactures lamp. It was necessary to
compare the colour co-ordinates of the alternative
against the specified lamps to ensure that they were
equal to those specified. As result the alternative was
rejected due to the fact that colour rendering was

Airfield Approach Lighting: I have also undertaken the

design and supervised the installation of the runway
approach lighting at Site A. The lighting was designed to
meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Authority
document CAP168.

This was a departure from the normal MOD standards

because Site A is a grass airfield and therefore CAA
standards were adopted not only for the lighting but also
the runway edge and end markings. This is to ensure that
the temporary cone marking used by the MOD client
would be correctly aligned along runways which are in
excess of one mile in length.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

B: Apply appropriate theoretical & practical methods to design, develop, manufacture,

construct, operate and maintain engineering products, processes, systems and

Career Episode CIBSE Objective

Work Services Manager and Contract Manager Site B Identify, review and
Following my relocation to Site B my first objective was select techniques,
to address the adverse client audit with regards to procedures and
response maintenance where significant failings had been methods to under
take engineering
identified, ranging from poor workmanship and over
charging by the sub-contractor.
The initial approach was to review the existing contract B1
and method employed within my own team with regards
to management, inspection and valuation of the works
costs. This highlight some weakness within the team
which was strength by giving the existing team members
the backing of myself as senior management to support
their findings if challenge by the contractor. I also
identified that the existing team need strengthening by
addition of Building Surveyor and Quantity Surveyor.
However despite efforts made by the sub-contractor and
my own team the existing contract and method of
operating was not sustainable. With the client wishing to
extend my company contract with the MOD it was
necessary to introduce the use of directly employed
tradesman for the response maintenance of the buildings.
I was responsible for the technical submission for the
contract extension that would demonstrate that adequate
control measures would be in place and that there where
a series of key performance indicators to enable us report
on the performance with regards to completion of works
to the required standards and time restraints imposed by
the client and the client was achieving financial value for
money. This had to be demonstrating to the immediate
client and the MOD senior management that we are
meeting our contractual obligations.
We were able to demonstrate that 84% of the response
maintenance task where completed on time using direct
employed labour, this compared to 26% under the original
sub-contracted procurement route.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Contract Manager Contribute to the

During the installation of the grey water recovery system design &
for the vehicle wash downs I was involved with the development of
resolve of a number of design errors and omission engineering
between the designers, manufactures and installation
contractors. B2

Works Services Manager Site A

I was responsible for the development of a number of
projects for RAF engineering from their drawings and
specifications in to a working specifications and designs
which meet their requirements, these projects included
the following:-
Refurbishment of air traffic control (radio room,
approach control and visual control)
Construction of 10 metre concrete tower for
Watchman Radar system (including provision of
stand-by generator and cable ducts across active
Construction of replacement 27 metre composite
communication tower and stand-by communication

All of the above projects were undertaken whilst the

airfield remained active and operational.

Career Episode CIBSE Objective

Works Services Manager Site A & Site B Implement design
This role involved the management of individual projects solutions &
up to 300k and multi trade measured term contracts. contribute to their
I managed the contract procurement and installation of evaluation
the following project types:
Electrical Distribution HV/LV inc replacement of
substation switchgear
Stand-by power generation
BEMs installation
Air conditioning systems
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
Emergency Lighting
LTHW & HTHW boiler and distribution system
Calorifiers and Plate heat exchangers
Water treatment plant for heating systems, grey
water recovery & potable water supplies.
This involved producing programmes, supervising the
physical installation, reporting progress and attending
meetings with the client and sub contractors.
During the installation I made site visits to verify progress

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

and quality of workmanship noting any discrepancies for

discussion with the site agents.
I arranged for training of maintenance staff and end users
(where appropriate) in the effective operation and
maintenance of the systems installed.

My involvement in refurbishment and new work projects

involved the witnessing and/or checking of the
commissioning and testing data to ensure compliance
with the design and client requirements.
I have ordered, witnessed and checked documentation for
initial and periodic testing of fire alarms, emergency
lighting systems, electrical installations and pressure
testing of HV cables/equipment. Also boiler inspections
and tests by insurance inspectors to comply with British
standards and statutory requirements.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

C: Provide technical and commercial management

Career Episode CIBSE Objective

As both Works Services Manager and Contract Manager I Plan for effective
was responsible for the planning the annual programme of project
works which were issued by the client. implementation
I was responsible for planning the works with regards to
the design, specification, tendering and construction
phase of each project within the programme.
The programme of works had to take in to account the
lead times for design, specification and tendering of the
various works projects. In addition the client
requirements for works completion with regards to
operational requirements had to be addressed within the

The larger and complex works I managed using Microsoft

Project with the key elements, personnel or organisations
responsible for these key stages being identified. These
programmes where reviewed on monthly bases with the
client, however additional meeting where held with the
design teams, contractors, client and end users to review
progress and resolve any problems which arose during the

As part of my monthly reviews with the clients the

funding for each project was reviewed and advice given
with regards to actual costs and projected costs for each
project and whether financial completion would be
achieved within the clients financial year or whether
provision would have to be made within the next financial

In my current role as Authorising Engineer I have the Manage the

responsibly of interviewing prospective candidates for the planning, budgeting
role of Authorised Persons, which involves assessing their and organisation of
technical suitability and the development of individual tasks, people and
training programmes to allow progression towards
appointment as Authorised Person in accordance with the C2
various MoD Safe Systems of Work.

In my role as Contract Manager I was responsible for a

team of 33 professional, technical and trade employees.

I had overall responsibility for the contract profit and loss

account for the contract in compliance company budget.
This involved the monitoring of the various reports
produced by other departments within the business with

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

the objective of ensuring that these are correct and that

the contract is not being charged for services that are not
attributable to the contract.

The annual Profit and Loss account for the contract is

worth 1.2 million.

In addition I have overall responsibility for a client works

budget of 11.3 million.

I was also responsible for securing additional fee income

from providing specialised technical support to a number
of MoD projects which where outside the remit of the
Works Service Management contract, this entitled the
review of the existing resources available with regards to
the existing staff and were necessary identifying and
recruiting additional staff on short fixed term appoints via

Works Services Manager

I was responsible on behalf the client carrying out the
witness of the factory acceptance testing and
functionality testing of the Airfield Ground Lighting
control system for Site A. This was under taken at ATG
(Airports) Ltd.

I have also witness NDT testing of fuel distribution pipe

work following the manufacture of replacement section
following site damage to the existing. This included the
verification of material against specification and full
traceably to the source of manufacture.

Contract Manager Manage teams and

I was responsible for the overall management of multi develop staff to meet
discipline team of 33 which included work services changing technical
manger, commercial manager and office manager. My and managerial
duties included:
Line management C3
Developing team spirit
Staff development and appraisals.

I addition to the carrying out the staff development and

appraisal of the management team. I was responsible for
the senior management review of the entire staff
appraisal for the contract and ensuring that training and
development identified was action.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

In addition I have carried out a number of disciplinary

investigations and grievance investigation within the
business. This has including interviewing all parties
involved and writing a full report with recommendation
for senior management.

Works Service Manager

In this role I have managed a number of multi discipline
works teams of site managers, admin support and
industrial staff. My duties included:
Line management
Developing team spirit
Staff development and appraisals.

From the staff appraisals, training and development

requirement were identified and where necessary these
were arranged.

As both Works Services Manager and Contract Manager I Manage continuous

have been responsible for the introduction of ISO 9001: quality improvement
1994 and the subsequent change to ISO 9000:2000. I was
responsible for producing contract Quality Plans to the C4
clients and local works instructions which were produced
to supplement the companys procedures and
accommodate particular contractual and unique site
Following the introduction of the Direct Employed Labour
at Site B I was responsible for producing the procedures
for managing the process from clients order to completion
of the works, which included allocation of works,
material requirements, stock control and notification to
the client that the works are completed. These
procedures where both written as local instruction and
developed in to a process map for inclusion in to the
company process mapping system.

I am part of the company audit team for carrying out 6

monthly 1st party audits within our own business and 2nd
party audits of our major suppliers. The reports and
action plans produced from these audits are used to
monitor the procedures and the continual improvement

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

D: Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills

Career Episode CIBSE Learning

Authorising Engineer Communicate with
I am responsible for producing the audit reports and others at all levels
action plans following each audit which I undertake.
These are distributed to APs responsible for the sites, D1
Area Managers, Client and Senior Authorising Authority.

I am responsible for investigating any accidents or

equipment failures within the sites I have responsibility.
The results of any such investigations are reported to
senior management within the company and the Senior
Authorising Authority. In the case of equipment failures
these are also reported to Energy Network Association
who notifies the members by NEDER and DIN reporting

Work Services Manager & Contract Manager

Each month I had to produce a report illustrating the
contract performance with regards to service delivery
and future opportunities. This report was produced for
the main board director responsible for Defence

I was responsible for producing the monthly report to

the client, reporting on the key contract deliverables. In
particular financial management of the clients funds
and completion of works on time.

I regular chaired Design review and progress review

meetings with my own team and representatives of the
various designers and sub-contractor engaged to deliver
the works packages.

I am a lead auditor for ISO9000 Quality Assurance, and

part of the companys audit team. As a result I
undertake the business review audits on a number of the
companys offices and produce the audit reports to the
site managers and senior management within the

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Works Services Manager & Contract Manager Present and discuss

I have undertaken local training within my own contract proposals
group with regards to QA procedures and the
requirements of The Construction Design & Management D2
Regulations. This has resulted in production of a number
of Power Point Presentations in order to carry out the

Throughout my management career I have Demonstrate personal

communicated at various levels with colleagues, clients, and social skills
consultants and sub contractors.
As a work service manager and contract manager I have
chaired and taken minutes of progress and financial
meetings with the client, staff, consultants and sub
contractors usually on a monthly basis depending on the
specific projects. On a day to day basis I have written
internal memos to staff and formal letters to the client
and contractors.
The management of staff involved agreeing objectives,
goals and dealing with conflict including disciplinary
The role involved negotiating and agreeing interim
payments and final accounts for a wide range of

Works Services Manager (WSM Site A)

I was appointed as WSM at the start of the re-
organisation of the PSA in preparation for the
privatisation of the department and the introduction of
Property Management system within the MoD.
This resulted in a total change in the facilities
management of the MoD estate resulting in tri-party
organisation of which WSM is part off. It was necessary
to manage the changes with regards to working
practices; originally PSA controlled the funding and
managed the facilities, to the MoD managing the funding
and managing the facilities. This fundamental change
meant that staffing numbers were reduced through
voluntary early retirement and the re-organisation of
the remaining staff in to the new organisations of WSM
(responsible for specifying & carrying out works) EWC
(responsible for professional advice & auditing role) for
the MoD Property Manager.
This result in the need to develop a team from the
existing staff who moral was at low ebb.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Works Services Manager (WSM Site B)

I took over the management of the Site B WSM office
following an adverse audit from our MOD client, as a
result staff moral was low and I had to instil confidence
with the staff and action the points raised during the
audit resulting in reassessing the way in which works
were managed and the introduction of direct employed
tradesman to under take the response breakdown
maintenance works which had been sub-contracted. As a
result of the changes the client saw an improvement
from 26% of works completed on time to 84% completed
on time.

E: Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising

ones obligations to society, the profession and the environment

Career Episode CIBSE Learning

I have read and understood the codes of conduct. I have Comply with relevant
not so far in my career been placed in a position where I codes of conduct.
felt I was being asked in contradiction to the codes.
As Work Services Manager & Contract Manager I have
managed a number multi disciplinary design teams of
construction professionals which have included Building
& Civil engineers (MCIOB, MICE) and Commercial
Managers (RICS). As a result I have an understanding of
there professional codes
I also had the overall responsibility to ensure that all
works which are undertaken comply with the
requirements of the Building Regulations and therefore
meet the requirements of the Building Act and all other
statutory requirements.

Authorising Engineer (July 2006 to date): I have Manage and apply

responsibility for the management of the MoD safe safe systems of work
systems of work for Electrical, Boilers & Pressure
Systems and Petroleum for the London area of South E2
East Regional Prime Contract. This involves
Assessment of the site distribution systems and
The mentoring and appointment of authorised
persons (APs)
The monitoring & auditing of the systems,
providing formal reports & recommendations for
Providing technical advice and support to APs on

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Career Episode CIBSE Learning

maintenance, replacement of equipment and
grading of electrical protection
Issue and provide advice on implications of Health
& Safety warning notices and/or operational
Investigation of dangerous occurrence and failures
of equipment
I have attended AP & AE refresher courses within the
last year which covered the statutory responsibilities
including the Health & Safety at Work act and the
associated regulation regarding the management of
Health & Safety and regulations associated with the
various systems.

Contract Manager & Work Services Manager (April

1991 to July 2006)

I had overall responsibility for the Health & Safety for

the companies own employees and sub-contractors
working on site. I was responsible for the appointment
of local Health & Safety representative who was
responsible for the day to day management.
I carried out the pre-qualification competency
assessments of sub-contractors and ad-hoc site
inspections to ensure adherence to method statements.

Construction Design & Maintenance Regulations: I was

the Planning Supervisor under these regulations for
number of projects at Site A & Site B and therefore
have overall responsibility for ensuring that all parties
involved comply with relevant sections of the
regulations. This includes notifying the Health & Safety
Executive as necessary in accordance with the
As part of the duties I have had to produce the Pre-
tender Health & Safety plans which involved taking
information from the clients with regards to the existing
buildings and process being undertaken within the
buildings. These along with information the designers
provided with regards to construction methods and risk
which have not been eliminated during the design
processes. This information is incorporated within these
plans along with another site restrictions or safety issues
that the tenders need to be aware of.
These documents form the bases of the Construction
phase Health & Safety plans, along with the Principle

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Career Episode CIBSE Learning

Contractors method statements and risk assessments.
As Planning Supervisor I am responsible, in junction with
the clients, for approving the Construction Phase H&S
plans. Works cannot proceed without these approvals.
Throughout the construction phase I am responsible for
reviewing the construction phase plans and changes are
subject to my approval before works subject to the
changes can proceed.
During this period I was responsible for collecting the
Health & Safety files for the projects. Ensuring that the
files contains all the information required to maintain
the buildings and the eventual demolition of the

Authorised Person: I was responsible for implementing

the MOD safe systems of work with regards to electrical
distribution networks both at HV and LV, Boiler &
Pressure Systems and Petroleum installations. This
involves the preparation of safety programmes and the
associated permits to work or sanction to test as
appropriate for the task being undertaken. While the
actual safe system of works is produced by the MOD it is
necessary to ensure that we comply with the
requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations,
Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations,
with regards to the safety of the actual electrical
distribution systems.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

Work Services Manager (Site A) Undertake

I was responsible for the specification and installation of engineering activities
the Trend BMS system. This was originally installed to in a way that
control and monitor the water supply from site contributes to
boreholes and water tower. However during the
installation the client was able to fund the inclusion of
the majority of the heating & domestic hot water
systems on site. This included the HTHW district boiler E3
As a result though careful commissioning and using the
system to manage the various systems, in particular the
early identification of water leakage and add normal
usage within the water distribution system and the
identification of defective heating control valves or
manual by-pass valves being open. I was able to reduce
the clients water consumption and energy use by 45% in
the first year of full operation. This was formally
recognised by the client in letter of commendation.

Contract Manager (Site B)

Site B Leisure Centre: In carrying out the
maintenance of the estates, I have been involved with
the replacement of the existing sand filters to a large
swimming pool complex; this was due to the failure of
internal surface of the fibre glass vessels.
It became apparent that there was a high use of water
required for backwashing with the existing filters and
the associated costs in relationship to heating the
additional cold water which was added to the pool to
maintain the water levels and the increase in chemical
usage with regards to maintaining the water quality.

As a result I investigated the possibilities of using an

alternative filtration method that would result in the
water quality being maintained with regards to
impurities and the removal of the suspended solids from
the water. I recommended to our client the use of an
alternative cyclone type filters which would reduce the
amount of water being used for back washing the filter
media and hence providing cost savings in relationship to
water, energy and chemical usage. Consequently I have
achieved a high standard of pool water quality and I
have also received positive feedback from client and
members of the public alike who use the pool.

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

PERSONAL Development Carry out continuing

I firmly believe that personal development and life professional
learning are essential throughout my career and actively development
seek to broaden my horizons within the industry necessary to maintain
and enhance
competence in ones
I have attended a number of CIBSE and manufactures 1 area of practice
day seminars including

Lighting Master Class

Phillips light Advance
Whole Life Costing E4

In June 2005 I successfully completed NEBOSH General

Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Through regular refresher training with regards to the

MOD Safe Systems of Work, these training courses are
mandatory in order to retain the Authorised Person and
Authorising Engineer appointments. These courses are at
four yearly intervals.
However as Authorising Engineer I attend the annual AE
Workshop conference which discusses development
within the industry regarding both the implementation
of the existing MOD safe systems of work and
development of the systems to take in to account
changes within statutory regulations, results of system
and equipment failures. Also changes in maintenance
and manufacturing techniques which may have
implication regarding the management and
implementation of safe systems of work.

By attending company training courses with regards to

soft skills and management training courses.

By organising regular training courses for myself and the

team with regards to Building Regulations and other
statutory regulations which affect our core skills and
therefore the ability to design and manage works which
meet the necessary standards.

I have also used the regular staff meeting as forum to up

date the team regarding changes within the company
and client organisations and changes with regards to
both Health & Safety regulations and Building

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CIBSE Engineering
Practice Report

I am chairman of a local community association and

through my professional skills I have been involved with
HR issues with staff employed by the association.

I also act as focal point for ensuring that the

management committee are aware of changes in Health
& Safety regulations and other regulations which have
been introduced during the recent years. This has
included the DDA regulations and the need to provide
provision for the disabled.

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