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An ocial medium of publication for the Institute of Acoustics

The Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV) is an independent journal devoted to the prompt publication of original
Founder: E.J. Richards Editor Emeritus: P.E. Doak
papers reporting the results of experimental or theoretical work providing new information on any aspect of either
sound or vibration. It was founded and operates on the premise that the subject of sound and vibration requires a
Editors Editorial Board journal available equally to all the many kinds of specialists and practitioners concerned, so that it can maintain
constant contact among them and thus make possible timely awareness both of areas of mutual interest and of
Editor-in-Chief and European Editor: C.W. Bert G.H. Koopmann techniques and discoveries in one area which may be applicable to others. To this end, the Journals scope is generally
M. Petyt University of Oklahoma, 865 Asp Avenue. Pennsylvania State University,
Institute of Sound and Rm 212, Norman, OK 73019, USA University Park, PA 16801-1400, USA inclusive. Specically, papers on problems in vibration and sound from the engineering, physical, physiological, and
Vibration Research S.R. Bishop R.S. Langley psychological disciplines are included; papers on specialized topics such as stress propagation, vibration and/or sound
University of Southampton University College London, Gower Street, University of Cambridge, radiation of structures, instrumentation and data analysis in sound and vibration, underwater acoustics, electro-
Southampton SO17 1BJ London WC1E 6BT, UK Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK acoustics, noise and noise control, environmental aspects of sound and vibration, building acoustics and vibration, and
UK A. Cummings P.A.A. Laura
E-mail: jsv@isvr.soton.ac.uk vibroacoustic properties of materials are included: articles of current interest which transcend the usual specialization
University of Hull, Institute of Applied Mechanics,
Hull HU6 7RX, UK 8000 Baha Blanca, Argentina
boundaries, and also articles introducing new elds of research or reviewing progress are included. The Editors are
Americas Editor: E. Dokumaci A.W. Leissa responsible for journal policy, in consultation with the members of the Editorial Board. Every eort is made by the
W. Soedel Dokuz Eylul University, Colorado State University, Editors and Publishers to ensure prompt publication. The Journal is published in English.
Ray W. Herrick Laboratories Bornova 35100, Izmir, Turkey Fort Collins, CO 80523-1374, USA
Purdue University Publication information: Journal of Sound and Vibration (0022-460X). For 2004, volumes 269278 are scheduled for
E.H. Dowell S. Lindblad
140 S. Intramural Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2031 Duke University, Durham Lund Institute of Technology, publication. Subscription prices are available upon request from the Publisher or from the Regional Sales Oce nearest
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University of Cambridge, D.J. Mead
Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK University of Southampton, prepaid basis only and are entered on a calendar year basis. Issues are sent by standard mail (surface within Europe, air
Australasian Editor and Associate Editor: Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK delivery outside Europe). Priority rates are available upon request. Claims for missing issues should be made within six
Y.K. Cheung and L.G. Tham J.F. Dunne
University of Hong Kong University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, C.D. Mote, Jr. months of the date of dispatch.
Submissions c/o: Sussex BN1 9QT, UK University of Maryland,
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UK M/S 461, Technical University of Berlin,
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