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GEAS 1 October 2008

Q: An instrument that measures deflection which is Q: Primetime block of FM stations located in Metro Manila A: Silicon A: Weidmann-Franz ratio
proportional to an electric quantity. is ___
A: ballistic galvanometer A: 6 PM to 8 PM Q: Engineer manager must identify rewards as ___ and ___. Q: oils, wells, mines
A: extrinsic, intrinsic A: depletion cost
Q: A device used to measure the illumination intensity of Q: An acid capable of donating more than one proton is
different light sources. ___ acid. Q: The ratio of absolute vapor pressure to the saturated Q: 3 intrinsic properties of thermodynamics
A: photometer A: polyprotic vapor pressure. A: temperature, pressure, density
A: relative humidity
Q: SI unit of energy. Q: In converging lenses, a ___ image is formed when the Q: based on expectations..
A: joule real object is placed farther from the principal focus of the Q: When the mass of he nucleon is less than the sum of its A: Expectancy theory
lens. constituent particles.
Q: What class of FM transmitters that is limited to an ERP A: real A: mass defect Q: Dose association and separating them to produce same
of 30 kW. effect above..
A: class B Q: The attraction of like molecules. Q: free liquid assumes spherical shape. A: electrification
A: cohesion A: surface tension
Q: What law pertains to the local exchange carrier policy in Q: separating electrolytes into its ions
the Philippines? Q: What material is used as shielding for radioactive Q: Elevation and depression of water in small diameter A: electrolysis
A: E.O. 109 materials and X-rays? tubes.
A: lead A: capillarity Q: At 0oC, sound travels fastest at what medium?
Q: Condensation is a change from the ___ state to ___ A: Glass
state. Q: When a heavy nuclei is split into two medium-weighted Q: In colloids, when seen under a special microscope, its
A: gaseous, liquid nuclei, this process is called? particles will be seen in random, zigzag motion. Q: At what temperature reading do the Celsius scale and
A: fission A: Brownian movement the Fahrenheit scale have the same temperature?
Q: The first law of Newton is also known as the law of ___. A: -40
A: inertia Q: In the horizontal flow of liquids in a tube, the sum of the Q: In engineering materials, what material strength is used
total pressure and Kinetic energy per unit volume is for ductile materials? Q: It is a system of naming chemical compounds.
Q: 1 Joule is how many ergs? constant. This principle is known as ___ A: Yield Strength A: chemical nomenclature
A: 107 A: Bernoullis Principle
Q: When one factor is constant or difficult to increase, Q: The frequency range of shortwave frequency for
Q: What is the most common crystal defect in engineering Q: The minimum carrier output power of transmitters that changing one of its factors will result to a less proportional International Broadcast Stations.
materials? require supervision of an Electronics Engineer is ___. increase in its output. A: 5.59 26.10 kHz
A: line defect A: 1 kW A: Law of Diminishing Returns Q: What refers to a statement of fact made by one party to
the other before the contract is made?
Q: The minimum monthly retainers fee of a consultant Q: At a constant temperature, the volume of a gas is Q: How many in kgs are there in one slug? A: A representation
electronics engineer. inversely proportional to the pressure. This is known as A: 14.6
A: PHP 1,500.00 ___ Q: What states that for any two bodies in thermal
A: Boyles Law Q: Faradays constant is equal to ___ coul/kg. equilibrium or for perfect black bodies, the ratios of
Q: The specific gravity of Silicon. A: 9.11083 x 10-31 emissive power to absorptive power are equal?
A: 2.34 Q: In a simple harmonic motion, there is a constant ratio A: Kirchhoffs Law
Q: What breach in contract wherein the victims receive a between the displacement of mass and its ___. Q: How is the activity of radioactivity measured?
material of inferior quality not specified in the contract? A: acceleration A: in Becquerel Q: What is the type of bonds in metallic elements that
A: material breach exhibits electric conductivity?
Q: The ratio of tensile stress over strain. Q: What are the constants in Keplers Third Law? A: Ionic bond
Q: In class B FM transmitter, the antenna height must be at A: Youngs Modulus A: T2/R3
least ___ above the average terrain. Q: What property of an element is determined by the
A: 500 feet Q: In an undamped simple harmonic motion, the sum of Q: Who initiated that elements can be broken into smaller number of protons in its nucleus?
the kinetic and potential energy is ___ to the internal particles? A: Atomic number
Q: The mass of neutron is ___ that of the proton. energy of the system. A: Democritus
A: 1839 A: equal to Q: The SI unit of impulse is:
Q: The ratio of thermal conductivity to the product of the A: N-s
Q: The second most abundant element in the earths crust. conductivity and temperature

GEAS 1 October 2008
Q: At 0oC, the speed of sound at water is: Q: The maximum displacement of an object undergoing A: Water Q: The space created by the spinning electrons around the
A: 1450 m/s harmonic motion on either side of equilibrium position is nucleus that gives the atom is volume.
called the ___ of the motion. Q: An instrument that measures the actual stress A: Electron Cloud
Q: The frequency of cordless telephone within 300 feet of A: Amplitude experienced in the surface of the member.
radius as ordered by the NTC. A: Strain Gage Q: Under percent cost method in computing professional
A: TX: 326.250 326.475 MHz; Q: The ___ strength of a material is the force required to fee, what is the minimum design fee under book 2
RX: 210.000 MHz bend a rod per cross-sectional area. Q: Kelvin temperature is invented by? complexity of requirements?
A: tensile A: Sir William Thomson A: 8% of cost but not less than 6,000
Q: The SI unit for mass moment of inertia:
A: kg-m2 Q: The magnetic moment of electrons in an atom is zero. Q: Specific gravity of mercury. Q: Molar is expressed in ___.
A: Diamagnetic A: 13.6 A: grams / mole
Q: What will happen to the intermolecular forces of solids
when it melts? Q: The moment of inertia to an axis is ____ the sum of its Q: When incident angle of the denser body is greater than Q: An echo occurs when the reflected sound arrives ___ or
A: It will decrease. moment its center mass and product of the cross-sectional the critical angle. more after the original sound wave reaches the receiver.
area and the square of its distance. A: Total Reflection A: 0.1 s
Q: The solute for stainless steel. A: equal to
A: chromium Q: The unit of potential difference in mks unit system. Q: Surface tension is expressed in ___.
Q: A condition in pressure and in temperature where liquid A: Volt A. dyne / cm
Q: It is an application of the first law of thermodynamics and its vapor is indistinguishable.
using Hesss Law. A: Critical Point Q: Attraction between unlike molecules. Q: The IRR of RA 9292 is the Board of Electronics Engineers
A: Born-Haber Cycle A: Adhesion Resolution No. ___, Series of 2007.
Q: The chief ore of zinc. A: 2
Q: The common device used to measure electrostatic A: Sphalerite Q: In spherical mirror, it is the convergence point halfway
phenomenon. between the mirror and its radius of curvature. Q: Moment of Inertia depends on ___ .
A: Leaf electroscope Q: The first letter in ITU Emission Designation where the A: Principal Focus A: Mass, axis of rotation, size and shape
main carrier is amplitude modulated using SSB, full carrier. Q: The tendency of a liquids surface to contract.
Q: The most abundant element on earth. A: H A: Surface Tension Q: ___ days after receiving the receipt of the alleged text
A: Oxygen spam.
Q: What is otherwise known as the Electronic Commerce Q: The basic law providing for the regulations of radio A: 3
Q: An image defect formed by horizontal lines and vertical Act of the Philippines? station communications in the Philippines and other
lines that converge to a common focus at different A: RA 8792 purposes. Q: Every point in a wavefront is regarded as a source of
distances. A: RA 3846 distortion. This is known as
A: Astigmatism Q: The common unit of heat. A: Huygenss principle
A: Calorie, Joule, BTU Q: For crystalline structure, the atomic arrangement of the
Q: In HCl, the attraction between molecules is called ___. repeating structure. Q: If an ECE is to be an expert witness in a court arbitration
A: polar covalent bond Q: The SI unit of energy, temperature, and pressure. A: Unit Cell hearing, the minimum chargeable fee is ___ per hour.
A: Joule, Kelvin, Pascal A: P 500.00
Q: Nuclear bombardment of an unstable nucleus which Q: For Rankine Absolute temperature scale, the value of
emits proton and neutrons to become stable is called ___. Q: How many years after revocation of license can the absolute temperature. Q: What is the coefficient of restitution for an elastic
A: nuclear disintegration board reinstate its validity? A: -460oF collision?
A: 2 Years A: Always equal to 1
Q: The act of certifying buildings, installations and Q: Element that is used to build DNA molecules. Q: For simple harmonic motion, the maximum speed is
equipments to ensure that it passed an accepted standard. A: Zinc when the displacement from its equilibrium position is Q: It is a form of lateral spherical aberration where the rays
A: Acceptance _____? do not pass on the principal axis but forms a comet shaped
Q: A civil wrong committed by a person that causes A: Zero object.
Q: The ___ of an environment serves as a measure of injury/damage to a person or property for which law allows A: Coma
strengths of acids and bases. a claim by the injured party to recover damages. Q: Measurement of the relative proportions of elements
A: pH measurement A: Tort based on the quantitative law of chemical combination. Q: Acid that is present in automobile batteries.
A: Stoichiometry A: Sulfuric acid
Q: A substance that cannot be use as a solvent for Q: What is the reciprocal of the coefficient of volume
chromatography of green extracts. elasticity?

GEAS 1 October 2008
A: Compressibility A: Payback Period Q: A good radio transmitter and receiver has a broadcast
Q: What law states that it is impossible for an engine Q: Nitrogen family belongs to which group in the periodic band with a range of _____ vib/s.
Q: When was the IRR of RA 9292 approved by the PRC? unaided by an internal heat to transfer from one body to table? A: 40-8000
A: August 31, 2007 another in a higher temperature? A: VA
A: Second Law of Thermodynamics Q: When the temperature is unchanged, PV = constant.
Q: The maximum fine for any violation of RA 3846, an act Q: What thermodynamic property best describes the This is known as ________.
of providing for the regulation of radio and Q: What refers to blackbody radiation emitted at the material activity of a substance? A: Boyles Law
communications. temperature of freezing platinum? A: Internal Energy
A: 2 years A: Candle Q: An uncombined element has an oxidation number of
Q: The ratio of the size of the image to the size of the ______.
Q: Color appearance of chlorine. Q: The failure of paraxial and marginal rays through the object is called _______. A: 0
A: Greenish yellow same point on reflection at a spherical mirror or refraction A: Linear Magnification
through a lens is known as ______. Q: The legal basis of NTC requiring the services of an ECE
Q: The electrostatic unit of potential difference. A: Spherical Aberration Q: ___ may occur when the light passes through a material for design and operation of radio stations.
A: Statvolt of less speed to one of greater speed A: Department Order No. 88
Q: What law describes thermal conduction? A: Total Internal Reflection
Q: Group 1A to Group VIIIA or Group A are called A: Fouriers Law Q: A kind of damage in which indirect losses are incurred
A: Representatives Q: In Metro Manila, commercial load shall not exceed ____ Q: Chemistry is primarily concerned with the composition by an injured party and not directly related to the contract.
minutes or one hour program. and changes of ______. A: Consequential Damage
Q: Rays passes to come from the image after refraction. A: 15 A: matter
A: Virtual Image Q: The value of Avogadros number is 6.022 times 10 to the
Q: NTC memorandum Circular requires Class B-1 to have a Q: A scientific law is a statement that _____. ______ power.
Q: The electron dot structure shows: transmitter power of 500W and an effective radiated power A: Summarizes observed fact A: 23rd
A: Electrons in the outermost energy level not lower than ___ watts. Q: The catenary is a graph of _____.
A: 1000 Q: Light-weight nuclei are combined to form heavier, more A: y = coshx
Q: What is a large cylindrical container, shaped like a pill stable nuclei. This process is called ______.
box, placed between huge electromagnets, and used to Q: In Metro Manila, Am broadcast has a maximum power A: Fusion Q: The keystone of professional conduct
accelerate electrons? allocation of _____. A: Integrity
A: Cyclotron A: 50 kW Q: What is a device in which the fission controlled
radioactive material produces new radioactive substances Q: What do you call the basic building block of
Q: An act of giving advice and information to a client in the Q: A solution is considered _____ if it has a PH of 8.5 and energy? engineering materials?
area of electronics engineering and its related fields in line A: Alkaline A: nuclear reactor A: Atoms
with current internationally accepted standards and
practices. Q: What is the generic name of the trade name nylon? Q: What refers to the amount of energy given off when an Q: An instrument used to measure the constant fraction of
A: Engineering consultation A: Polyamide electron moves from one orbit to a lower orbit? radiant flux and is calibrated in units of illuminance.
A: Quantum A: Foot-candle meter
Q: Bending of a strip of steel is a form of what elasticity? Q: What is the type of annuity where he payments are
A: Elasticity of Flexion made at the end of each period starting from the first Q: What do you call the distinct pattern in space which Q: In NTC 03-11-2005, it states that any person or entity
period? atoms of metal arranged themselves hen they combined to intending to register as VOIP service provider has to post a
Q: When an object exerts a force on another object, the A: Ordinary Annuity produce a substance of recognizable size? performance bond of how much?
second object exerts on the first a force of the same A: Space-Lattice A: 5 million
magnitude but in the opposite magnitude. Q: What is the latent heat of vaporization of water in cal/g?
A: Third law of motion A: 540 Q: At constant pressure, the volume of a gas is directly Q: The total volume of nonreacting gases is equal to the
proportional to the mass. sum of the partial volume of each gas.
Q: Is a form of determining the contribution of subunits on Q: In Am broadcasting stations operating in the Philippines, A: Charles Law A: Azamats law
allocated resources. the term daytime refers to which period of time?
A: Intermediate planning A: 2200 to 1000 UTC Q: The vector quantity is the sum of all vectors acting on a Q: The maximum term for certificate of authorization
system of particles. issued by the NTC to the cable operator.
Q: A body under stress has ___, which is equal to the work Q: In economic terms, the length of time of which the net A: Principle of motion of center mass A: 15 years
in deforming it. cumulative profit will reach the value of initial investment is
A: Elastic potential energy _____.

GEAS 1 October 2008
Q: The molecular mass of a gas which diffuses at the rate A: Newtons Second Law A: 4.45N Q: Mass of water vapor in a mass of air
has fast as H2. A: Specific Humidity
A: 8 Q: The easier the atom lose its electrons, the lower its Q: Type of psychological test to measure a persons
_____ capacity of potential ability to learn Q: Minimum stress to cause a permanent deformation
Q: What affects chemical equilibrium? A: Valence electrons A: Aptitude test A: Elastic Limit
A: Pressure, Concentration, Temperature
Q: Solid to gas Q: Measure of rigidity of a material Q: Cause of thin film liquid to be elastic
Q: Fluids are classified as _____ and ______ A: sublimation A: Shear modulus A: Surface Tension
A: Ideal and real
Q: The branch of physics that is concerned with low Q: In Thermodynamics, series of process in which system Q: Released by acids... Q: Management control where the engineer manager
temperature phenomena. may return to its original condition or state. A: Hydrogen gathered information & evaluation and steps for
A: Cryogenics A: cycle improvement are derived
Q: To make acid neutral, add base (base cancels acid. To A: Feedback Control
Q: Water is hard when _________. Q: Distribution on initial cost by depreciation or reduction make base neutral, add acid
A: It contains certain dissolved salts of a debt (acid cancels base) Q: Payoffs granted to employee by company such as
A: Amortization A: Neutralization money, benefits, promotion, recognition, status and praise.
Q: The ratio of the speed of light in an empty space to the A: Extrinsic Rewards
speed of light in a medium Q: Dispersion Q: Person who occupies a higher position over lower
A: Absolute index of refraction A: emission positions Q: Authority of budget officer
A: Legitimate power A: Functional Authority
Q: The weighted average of molecular masses of isotopes Q: Bluish black halogen solid that gives purple fumes when
based on their relative abundance. A: Physicists atomic heated. Q: Most electric conductive material Q: A material in which the sum of magnetic moments in an
weight A: iodine A: Silver atom is equal to zero.
A: Diamagnetic
Q: The ______ of sound is dependent on the harmonics Q: Limit of an electronic equipment to be exposed to Q: Easiest to die-cast
present and on their prominence. radiation A: Zinc Q: Process in which molecules of a substance pass the
A: Quality A: 100 ms other molecules of other substance. Mixing of gases due to
Q: Number of SI units. molecular motion.
Q: What values form the moral philosophy which Q: One nuclear disintegrations per second decrease - with A: 7 A: Diffusion
constitutes the foundation of ethics? constant mass of mole, as temperature decreases, the
A: Justice, Honesty and Courtesy pressure _____ Q: (hearing range) certain pitch Q: Refer to a fundamental obligation under the contract
A: Becquerel A: 20 to 20000 Hz which goes to the root of the contract.
Q: If no net force acts on it, an object at rest will remain at A: Condition
rest and an object in motion will remain in motion at Q: "Atomos" Q: Annual cost method
constant velocity. This statement is the ______. A: Indivisibility A: Capital Recovery Method Q: Visible light spectrum
A: First Law of Motion Q: Electrostatic unit of discharge A: 4000 A to 7000 A
A: statcoloumb Q: Number of FM translators in a primary (FM) station
Q: The style of leadership an engineer manager should use A: 2 Q: The force that binds molecules in a crystal
if his unit is manned by professionals. Q: absorbed dose A: Van der waals
A: Free-rein leadership A: Gray Q: Founder of scientific method
A: Galileo Q: The property of light which is composed of assortment
Q: Successive repetition of one regular vibration or more Q: unit of radioactivity of wavelength and its intensities
different frequencies. A: Curie Q: ... paired electrons A: Hue
A: musical tone A: Diamagnetic
Q: Diatomic with 5 added half tone Q: Father of modern chemistry
Q: Also known as specific gravity A: Chromatic dispersion Q: Ability of a material to mix with other materials A: Antoine Lavoisier
A: relative density A: Miscibility
Q: Models of... Q: Twisting... Q: Most abundant elements in the earth crust in terms on
A: GANTT, PERT, CPM A: Torsion Q: Mass of water vapor in a volume the number of atoms
A: Absolute Humidity A: Oxygen and silicon
Q: F = ma Q: One pound equal to ____ Newton

GEAS 1 October 2008
Q: Unit charge of alpha particle Q: A large group of organic compounds composed of A: 3.7 x 1010 Q:
A: +2 carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. A: Experiment
Q: What is used to determine the frequency of a tuning
A: Carbohydrates fork?
Q: Perfect absorber of radiation / perfect radiator Q:
A: Black body A: Vibrograph A: PSDN
Q: Refers to annual maintenance for waste investments
Q: Illustration of release of energy such as oil wells or mines. Q:
Q: F= ma
A: Changing water to ice A: depletion cost A: 5
A: Newtons second law of motion

Q: Ratio of normal stress to the change in volume Q: Is a type of annuity where the payments are made at the Q:
A: Bulk modulus of elasticity Q: Doubling the amplitude of simple harmonic motion A: High
start of each period starting from the first period. doubles the?
A: annuity due
Q: The amount of potential difference of moving a 1 A: It maximum speed Q:
statcolumb charge requiring 1 erg of energy A: Thermal conductivity
A: Statvolt Q: Physical characteristic of sound which relates to the Q: Penetration of molecules of a substance into another
frequency of the sound substance
Q: The process in which a material of greater dense settles A: pitch Q:
A: diffusion
in a liquid and the lesser dense particles are poured off A: 6% but less than 3000
A: Floatation
Q: What refers to the measure of disorder present in a Q: Mechanical vibration resulting to a barrel-like shaped or
given substance?
Q: Force that binds the proton and neutron inside the pin cushion image of a square mesh object
nucleus with the help of a third particle A: entropy A: distortion
A: Exchange force
Q: Amount of heat required to change the temperature of a Q:
Q: Internal friction in fluids substance. A: Herzbergs 2 factor theory
A: Viscosity A: sensible heat

Q: Ph stands for Q:
A: Positive hydrogen ion Q: A scientific law is a statement wherein: A: R.A. 6849
A: Summarizes observed facts
Q: Why does pupil contract and dilate Q:
A: To control the amount of light intensity Q: Paid up capital required to grant the mobile providers A: Gibbs Theorem
permit (MC 08-08-2004).
Q: The time it takes for 1 complete cycle of a sinusoidal
A: 100,000 Q:
A: Period A: Archimedes Principle
Q: Which is true about carbon dioxide?
Q: The squares of the periods of revolution of the planets A: carbon dioxide is not an ionic compound
A: Coefficient of Rigidity
about the sun are directly proportional to the cubes of
their mean distances from the sun(the major axes of the Q: A solution wherein water is the solvent Q:
elliptical orbits). A: Aqueous solution A: Simple Harmonic Motion
A: Keplers Third Law
Q: Which is not an ionic compound?
Q: What is another term for specific gravity? A: Resonance
A: C6H12 O6
A: relative density
Q: Defines the electron spin angular momentum vector A: Break-Even Analysis
Q: Brass is an alloy of: A: Electron spin quantum number
A: copper and zinc Q:
A: Hund's Rule of Multiplicity
Q: 1 curie = disintegration per second