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X2 HO analysis

The HO inter eNodeB include X2 HO and S1 HO, When there is X2 link

between eNodeBs, the X2 HO would be triggered first, if there is no X2 link or
X2 link faulty, It would triggered S1 HO.
1 The following three counter is inter eNodeB HO including S1 & X2 ,if
you find the X2 HO att is fewer , please check the total HO att num
inter eNB whether is more. If the total HO att num inter eNodeB is more
than X2 HO att.
It means there is no X2 link or X2 link faulty between related eNodeBs.
reNB.IntraF eNB.IntraFr eNB.IntraFr 2.IntraFre 2.IntraFre .IntraFreq.
req.PrepAtt eq.ExecAtt eq.ExecSuc q.PrepAtt q.ExecAtt ExecSucc
Out Out cOut Out Out Out
including S1 HO & X2 HO X2 HO
2 Use the cell to cell counter to check the target cell information that
triggered HO att inter eNodeBs. The following is the Cell to Cell HO.

3 Use the MML DSP X2INTERFACE to check whether there are X2 link between
source eNodeB & target eNodeB that exists HO att, or whether the X2
link faulty.
If there is no X2 link, First check whether the X2 son setup function
switch is ON, then let the project team to check it.
If the X2 link faulty, please let the project team check it.

4 For X2 HO Succ rate analysis, the HO procedure could be devided two

procedures, the firs is HO prep procedure, the second is HO exec
The following picture is the X2 HO procedure and related counter
measurement point.
So when we analyze the X2 HO succ rate, we must know that the failure
happened in which procedure first.
5 If L.HHO.NCell.ExecAttOut num is smaller than L.HHO.NCell.PrepAttOut
num like the following red mark. It means the failure happed in the
Prepare procedure.
If L.HHO.NCell.ExecAttOut num is equal with the L.HHO.NCell.PrepAttOut
num , but the L.HHO.NCell.ExecSuccOut num is smaller than
L.HHO.NCell.ExecAttOut num, It means the failure happed in the Exec
L.HHO.NCell.PrepAttOut L.HHO.NCell.ExecAttOut L.HHO.NCell.ExecSuccOut
(None) (None) (None)
500 0 0
300 300 200

6 The Prepare procedure failure means the NBR parameter configuration

maybe wrong or the net maybe faulty.
For example:
the cell id in NBR parameter is wrong, the cause is that It is not
same with the Cell ID in the MML LST Cell, it is same the Local
Cell ID in the MML LST Cell. In some sites the Its local cell ID
and CELL ID is not same.
The Net is faulty
7 The Exec procedure failure maybe the following cause.
For example:
Bad wireless inviroment .( PCI MOD3 interference, Uplink
interference, weak coverage)
The distance between source sites and target sites is too far.
The target site maybe faulty
Another cell that have the same PCI with the target cell nearby the
source site.
8 We also have some failure cause counter that could help us to analyse
the HO failure. Like the following.

9 For some failure, we also need to do the signal trace to help us to

10 The attached is the template of PRS & U2000. Some counter we need
to activate first.