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Naya Nazimabad Club House

Construction of Naya Nazimabad Club House

Consultant: ARCOP

Location: Naya Nazimabad KHI

Weather : Partly Sunny Temp:

Manpower No. Equipment's No.

Project Manager 1
Project Engineer 1 Sub Con Equipment
Site Engineer Excavator 3
Jr. Engineer 0 Dumper 1
Quantity Surveyor 1 Ripper 1
Surveyor 1
Supervisor Hired
Surveyor Helper 0 Loader 1
Skilled Labor Dip out 5.5 inches
Company Own
Sub - Con Mason 0 Loader / Exc 1
Tile Mason 0 Tractor Tank 1
Unskilled Labor Roller 0
Company 0 Generator 1
Sub - Con M Labor 0 Mixer Mach 0
Guard 2 Total Station 1
Driver 1 St Cut mach.
Shuttering Contr Level Machine 1
Skilled Wheel Barrow 3
Unskilled vibrator shaft 0
Steel Fixer

Actual Start Actual Finish Plan Start Plan Finish

(M/D/Y) (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)
Activity description %age

Excavation upto +246' up to 33%

Portion 1 100% 15-Aug-17 19-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 22-Nov-17

Excavation upto +246' up to 66% 100% 19-Aug-17 21-Aug-17 10-Sep-17 6-Jan-17

Portion 2
Excavation upto +246' upto 100% 98% 21-Aug-17 23-Nov-17
Portion 3
Excavation upto +242.5' upto 33% 93% 21-Aug-17 23-Nov-17
Portion 1 (Exc to foundation bottom)

Staff Wash Rooms in progress 90%

Mobilization in progress


1) Last footing pad line of shear wall infront of Grid K, comes over topmost 9th step. Top most step demolishing in progress

2) Construction drawings not yet received

3) Steel demand not yet raised - The project will stuck due to non availability of steel at site.

4) Some footings are of 4'6" and other are 5'6" deep. Excavation can only be completed once Dwgs are issued

Consultant Representative: Contractor Representati

Excavation for Shear wall infront of Grid K - near the step in progress
Contractor: Al-Shafi Enterprises

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017


Material Arrived till now

Material Qty Unit
Wooden Shuttering
Wood Battens Large (8ft) 340 No
Wood Battens Small (4ft) 113 No
Coarse Agg.
Fine Agg.
Folding pipes
Mix wt 6555 kg
Mix wt 6725 kg
Mix wt 5630 kg
Mix wt 6716 kg
20 ft
529 No
16 ft
10 - 12 ft 508 No
4ft - 6 ft 200 No
Joints 5500
Binding wire
Wooden planks
polyethylene sheet
wooden wedge


EW21 - EW17 / D4-

EW17 - EW09 / D4-
Last Step to be broken
EW09 - EW17 / D4- completely
5'6" foundations to be
excavated. Construction dwgs
are required
EW21 - EW15 / D4-

Consultant to finalized interior

sitting pattern

p demolishing in progress

gs are issued

Contractor Representative:
he step in progress