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Cattells 16 Personality Factors

Raymond Cattell
People have long struggled to understand This further reduced the list of 16 key
personality and numerous theories have personality factors also called 16 PF
been developed to explain how personality
The following are the 16 Personality Factors
develops and how it influences behavior.
by Cattell:
Trait Theory provides that human
1. Abstractedness: Imaginative versus
personality is composed of a number of
broad traits or dispositions.
2. Apprehension: Worried versus
Gordon Allport listed 4,500 traits. confident
3. Dominance: Forceful versus submissive
A psychologist named Raymond Cattell
4. Emotional Stability: Calm versus high
eliminated terms that were redundant or
synonymous on these 4500 traits listed by
5. Liveliness: Spontaneous versus
Allport and reduced the number of traits to
6. Openness to Change: Flexible versus
Using Factory Analysis, he identified traits attached to the familiar
that are related to one another. 7. Perfectionism: Controlled versus
Factory Analysis looks at enormous amount
8. Privateness: Discreet versus open
of data in order to look for trends and to see
9. Reasoning: Abstract versus concrete
which elements are the most influential or
10. Rule-Consciousness: Conforming versus
Types of data 11. Self-Reliance: Self-sufficient versus
Life Data involves collecting
12. Sensitivity: Tender-hearted versus
information from an individuals
natural everyday life behaviors.
13. Social Boldness: Uninhibited versus shy
Experimental Data involves 14. Tension: Impatient versus relaxed
measuring reactions to standardized
15. Vigilance: Suspicious versus trusting
experimental situations.
16. Warmth: Outgoing versus reserved
Questionnaire Data gathering
responses based on introspection by
an individual about his or her own
behavior and feelings.

Report in Psychology
by Marites T. Casiple