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Aarhus University 02/17

Graduate School, Arts

Attachment to application for PhD fellowship/scholarship
and enrolment on PhD degree programme

The entire form must be completed electronically

This timetable is considered a part of your initial PhD plan for the completion of the PhD study (and MA study for
the 4+4 students). Please fill it out as complete and precise as possible. We are aware that it may change during
your study and that all necessary information for filling out the form is not available, e.g. course listings in the
coming years we ask you to make an estimated plan for course participation.

Write a short list of activities in the fields below. Each field is limited to 400 characters including spaces.

Applicants name

PhD courses

If possible list the courses and

where you plan to attend them
(max 30 ECTS points in total)

Planned stays at foreign

research institutions

Where and when?

Plans for teaching activities and

other types of knowledge
sharing communications

Content and extent

Timetable for the PhD degree 1st semester

programme and plan for the PhD
2nd semester
The overall timetable is to ensure
that the necessary time is set aside
to carry out the different parts of 3rd semester
the PhD plan, including writing the
PhD dissertation.
4th semester
The PhD plan is to ensure that the
PhD project will be carried out
within the overall timetable of the
entire PhD degree programme so 5th semester
that it is possible to compose a
dissertation in accordance with
graduate school demands. 6th semester

7th semester (only 4+4)

8th semester (only 4+4)

4+4 applicants
Must be filled out by 4+4 applicants enrolled as a Masters student
Student registration number

If already enrolled at Aarhus



Courses and terms

List the remaining courses in your

Masters degree programme


Masters degree supervisor

Expected date of completion

Current end date for Master's

degree programme

Timetable for the remainder of

your Masters degree

The timetable is to ensure timely

progress and completion of your
Masters degree programme during
your enrolment on Part A of the
4+4 scheme (1 - 2 years).

See this page for a list of Masters degree programmes at Arts: