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Our video would be like an explanation video where there will be a person speaking/explaining

and talking all the things. There will be drawings along the way so the video wont be so boring.
It wont be a story that we make up, but would be more like a comic/drawing documentary.
Subtitles will be included in the video as well.

Contents we will include in the video (in order):

- Brief history/background of the country :
- Geography
- History
- Politics
- Economy
- Languages/Religion
- All the major problems that the country is facing (Might include many problems and say
that we will be focusing at one MDG which is poverty and hunger)
- List of problems
- Environment
- Health
- Education
- Maybe other problems
- Causes
- Effects
- Mention the chosen MDG
- Causes
- Effects
- What government did so far / The way the country is doing to solve the problems
- What (in our opinion) should the government do or continue doing in order to solve the
MDG problem that we chose
- How it would fix the problem and what might happen