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Yuliana Andrea Parra Guerrero


Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD)

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Artes y Humanidades

Programa de Psicologa
Bucaramanga Colombia

*Vladimir Ahumada Blanco.

Activity 1)
Personal presentation
Hello my name is Yuliana Andrea Parra Guerrero, i have 18 years, i live in
Piedecuesta Santander, hairdresser Francy Parra work as a manicurist, study
psychology at the National Open and Distance University (UNAD) and english at
the Industrial University of Santander (UIS).
My contact details are:
Mail: Yuli_0920@hotmail.com
Phone: 3152033308 6559290

3. Compose a short description about your health habits

Activity 2)


Paragraph 1 Name and age and My name is Yuliana Andrea Parra
occupation. Guerrero, I have 18 years old, I work
as a manicurist hairdresser Francy

Place of living. I live in Piedecuesta - Santander

Write a short idea about why Make any kind of sporting activity at
it is important to do exercises. least twice a week helps to have a
more healthy life, in addition to distract
from everyday life, it gives us a lot of
Paragraph 2 Write how often you exercise, I exercise 5 or 6 times a week, I go to
where you work out and who the gym or amount bike, work out with
you work out with. weights strength training and cardio do
with my bike

Paragraph 3 Write what you eat to be I eat 5 or 6 times a day maintaining a

healthy at breakfast, lunch balance in my diet.
and dinner. Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes with: egg
whites, whole oats, cinnamon and flax;
and tea with milk almonds
Lunch: chicken breast, rice, grains,
vegetables and avocado
dinner: fish and salad
Paragraph 4 Write a short conclusion Being fit improves health because it
about why it is important to reduces the risk of health problems
be in shape such as heart disease, high blood
pressure, diabetes and some cancers.
Also, keep in shape can help prevent
or alleviate back problems, fatigue,
stress, depression ... to name just a
few. Regular exercise is also key to
losing excess weight.