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Temperature and the Effects on Blood Pressure

Morgan Boothe, Taylor Boothe, Grant Fehring, Lexi Sittenfeld-Parkhurst

San Marin ~ STEM Marin

Introduction Objectives Procedure (cont.) Conclusion

Blood pressure affects the heart and the To test how the surrounding climate -Place your hand in 30 water. for 2 Our data shows the resting SYS and DIA

kidneys. Aldosterone, epinephrine, and effects your blood pressure and to prove minutes, then take out of the water. versus the SYS and DIA of our subjects

renin affect blood pressure. Blood homeostasis in blood pressure. -Take blood pressure and record it. after putting their hands in different

pressure increases by multiple situations: -Repeat for 50, 70, 90, 110 water. temperatures of water for 2 minutes at a

genetics, stress, age, or eating habits. Materials -Graph the change over time. time. The data shows that the closer the

Activities before blood pressure is taken water was to room temperature the closer
-Blood pressure cuff Results the blood pressure was to normal. You
can affect results. Caffeine intake,
-Bowl can see that with the 30 water, the
medications, physical activity,
-Hotplate resulting blood pressure was very different
temperature. Over time, high blood
-Thermometer than the original because it was the
pressure can affect your brain, kidneys,
-Ice cubes farthest from room temperature.
and eyesight. They deteriorate because
-Bowls of 30, 50, 70, 90, 110
high amounts of pressure harm arteries.
-Salt Special Thanks
Slow blood flow limits blood to tissues and
organs damaging the brain, kidney, and Thank you to Ms.Mathews and our
Procedure classmates that we used as test subjects.
-Take resting blood pressure as a control.
Hypothesis Works Cited
-Prepare 5 bowls with 4 cups of water.
If the water was colder, it increased
-Put ice a bowl until the bowl of water gets https://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/blood-press
If higher water temperature, then higher
subjects blood pressure. It took subjects 3 ure-measurement
blood pressure. If lower water to 30 (add salt if the water isn't reaching
to 5 minutes for blood pressure to return to http://www.bloodpressureuk.org/microsites/E-Posi
temperature, then lower blood pressure. that temperature with ice alone).