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Part 1


The graphs for y=xany even value are mirror images of themselves across the y axis and as such
are symmetrical about the y axis. The domain of any even power function is y = all values of
x. the range for any even power function is y=>0 as any negative value for x will become


the graphs of y=xany odd power show graphical symmetry when reflected through the origin. The
domain for graphs where y=xany odd power all values of x. The range of graphs y=xany odd power is
for all positive values of x y is positive, for all negative values of x y is negative and where x
is 0 y is 0. y=x and y=x3 cross at points (-1,-1), (0,0) and (1,1) because:
y=x y = x3
-1 = -1 -1 = -13
0=0 0 = 03
1=1 1 = 13

Part 2