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1. Richard Owen- a famed paleontologist devised the term dinosaur in 1842. The
word derived from the Greek deinos infers "terrible" or "fearfully great," and
sauros means "lizard" or reptile." Scientists stratify dinosaurs into two orders
Saurischians and Ornithischians. The classification is based on the structure
of their hip bones. Dinosaurs, undoubtedly were the largest creatures to have
existed on earth.
2. Technology can be deemed to be pretty good at regulating external reality to
foster real biological fitness, however, it's an undeniable fact that its even
better at rendering fake fitness subjective indication of reproduction and
survival without the real-world effects. Fitness-faking technology has a
proclivity to evolve at a much faster pace even more than our psychological
3. Noted author Ayn Rands magnum opus Atlas Shrugged traverses an anti-
utopia where the productive class refuses to be ill-treated any further by the
society. As the government exercises increased control over the industry,
citizens who were the most productive, simply step back to follow a cult leader.
Registered as one the classic masterpieces of all times, the magnum opus is
worth a read.
4. In current age, we tend to narrow-cast stories of vested human interest to each
other, rather than choosing to broadcast messages that promote universal peace
and development to other star systems. Perhaps, the same pathway was
followed by the bright aliens too. I doubt that a certain period of narcissism is
inevitable followed by the evolution of any intelligent life.
5. The relation between narrative style and moral judgment in literature has
always been much talked and deeply discussed about since ages. Narrative
style can be interpreted as formal literary aspects employed by the author
whilst the moral judgment can be referred to as a message conveyed by a
particular text when referring to objects beyond itself.
6. Post liberation of Nazi concentration camps post second world war and in the
wake of the horrifying holocaust, the international community vowed to not let
that happen ever again. There were however, a series of genocides taking place
which for some reason or another couldn't be prevented as international actors
failed to live up to their promise.
7. Year 2008 witnessed one of the most terrible market meltdowns ever in history.
The financial system not only collapsed but also paralyzed the chances of
resurgence anytime sooner. Researchers were keen on understanding the
potential reasons behind the brink as there was not just one reason behind the
financial disintegration.
8. A number of research works in years gone by, have delved into the small,
spiny, marine invertebrate which is known as the sea urchin to all and sundry.
It has been deduced that the genetic code demonstrates a close resemblance to
that of humans leading us to conclude that sea urchins and humans share a
common ancestor.
9. According to Guinness World Records, the longest reticulated python in
captivity is Medusa, who lives in Kansas City, US. She is 25ft. Natusch lists
several species that are said to exceed the reticulated python record for length.
These include the Australian scrub python, African rock python and probably
the best known: the green anaconda.
10. Banksia scabrella, commonly known as the Burma Road banksia, is a species
of woody shrub in the genus Banksia. It is classified in the series Abietinae, a
group of several species of shrubs with small round or oval inflorescence. It
occurs in a number of isolated populations south of Geraldton, Western
Australia, with the largest population being south and east of Mount Adams.
11. The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly
bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and
airplanes have disappeared. Unexplained circumstances surround some of these
accidents, including one in which the pilots of a squadron of U.S. Navy
bombers became disoriented while flying over the area; the planes were never
12. One of the most popular natural dandruff remedies, coconut oil can help reduce
some of the yeast that contributes to flakes, explains Geeta Shah, MD, a
Maryland-based dermatologist. She recommends massaging a small amount
into your scalp and leaving it there for at least 15-20 minutes. The longer the
better, she says. Some people even leave it on overnight with a towel or
shower cap so it penetrates a little deeper.
13. The Earth just had the hottest month in recorded history, and its even worse
than normal. The record comes in a run of unprecedentedly hot months. Not
only does it break through the all-time record set a year before, it also
continues a now 10-month long streak of months that are the hottest ever
according to NASA data. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration calculates temperatures slightly different.
14. Smartphones have become an everyday essential for millions of us we rely on
them for everything from updating our social media profiles to banking. Taking
out a smartphone contract that bundles together your calls, data and texts with
the cost of the handset can help spread the cost but can also mean youll pay
more over the long run.
15. Football teaches the players team spirit, selflessness, agility, and
sportsmanship. Every year a number of big matches are played in Calcutta
under Indian Football Association. Now many World famous foreign teams are
also taking part. Nowadays, we have the pleasure of witnessing India famous
players participating in different tournaments each year.
16. Once youve picked a general topic for your paper, you need to come up with a
thesis. Your thesis is the main and focal point of your paper and its the
position youll take on your particular topic. Formulating a strong thesis is one
of the most important things you need to do to ace your paper.
17. Many papers you write in college will require you to include quotes from one
or more sources. Even if you dont have to do it, integrating a few quotes into
your writing can add life and persuasiveness to your arguments. The key is to
use quotes to support a point youre trying to make rather than just include
them to fill space.
18. Networking is easy and fun because it taps into this human predilection to talk
about ourselves when asked. Consider successful networking as little more than
the process of guiding a person to tell you about his life, what hes doing, the
company that employs him, and his current industry.

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