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Your AIM2Flourish Success

What Is AIM2Flourish is a business-for-good story platform and prize where business

AIM2Flourish? students publish examples of for-profit businesses doing good. Using the 17
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lens, business students go out
in their community and interview a business leader about a good-for-the-
world innovation, thats also good for the business.

The students stories (425 and counting) live on AIM2Flourish.com to inspire

others. Every year the best-of-the-best are celebrated with the Flourish Prizes.

Why AIM2Flourish? We believe that business is a most powerful force for good to solve humanitys
challenges today, and for future generations. We believe that doing good and
doing well is not only possible, but required. This positive shift is underway but
needs to happen faster. So, AIM2Flourish connects students and businesses to
accelerate this shift, and by celebrating stories inspires others to join us.

Your Assignment 1. Learn about a business thats doing good and doing well in your
community, using the UN SDGs as a guide.
2. Conduct an in-person or video interview with a business leader at that
company, using the AIM2Flourish Interview Template.
3. Submit it on AIM2Flourish.com. After review, your story will be published.

Whats In It for You? 1. Create a personal relationship with a leader who is walking the talk.
2. Networking: AIM2Flourish students have received internships, jobs, and
even a board seat based on their AIM2Flourish experience.
3. Gain a business advantage by being an early-adopter champion for the UN
Sustainable Development Goals, the worlds Must-Do List by 2030.
4. Your published story is eligible for a 2018 Flourish Prize, awarded each year
to the best-of-the-best innovations, along with the business leaders,
professors and students who discovered them.

How to Ensure Take a look at the AIM2Flourish.com stories already on the site for examples.
Your Story Gets
Published Write a story about a for-profit business innovation that meets these criteria:
- Helps to achieve one or more of the UN SDGs
- Makes money or benefits the business. (2+ years is best)
- Embedded in the business, not philanthropy
- Scalable or replicable. This means that the company could expand the
innovation and/or another business could do something similar to increase
the positive impact
- Includes quotes from an in-person (or video) interview

AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead
School of Management-Case Western Reserve University. Learn more: AIM2FlourishTeam.com. 1
Pre-Class Prep Total Time Estimate: 1 Hour

Create a Profile Go to AIM2Flourish.com/signup and be sure to include a profile photo.

Watch 3 Videos Intro to AIM2Flourish: Welcome to AIM2Flourish Video (4 Minutes)

Intro to AIM2Flourishs positive interview style called Appreciative Inquiry:

How to Do an Appreciative Inquiry Interview Video (6 minutes)

Intro to the UN SDGs: We the People for the Global Goals (3 minutes)

Look Around Browse stories and leave some likes and comments for your fellow student
AIM2Flourish.com authors. Yours will be next!

Visit UN Website The UN SDGs are the 17 biggest challenges that the world must achieve by
to Learn about 2030. The Goals were unanimously ratified on September 25, 2015 when the
the Sustainable 193-Member United Nations General Assembly formally adopted the 2030
Development Goals Agenda for Sustainable Development, which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
(SDGs) hailed as a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Official Site)

Watch a Video How to Submit your AIM2Flourish Story Video (for Students) (2 minutes)
About the Online
Submission Process

Review the AIM2Flourish Story Submission Checklist (for Students)

AIM2Flourish Story
Checklist & AIM2Flourish Business Interview Guide (for Students)
Interview Guide

Extra Credit: Read Watch a video, browse a website, or read a report about how business leaders
about Business and around the world are meeting the UN SDGs challenge:
the SDGs
AIM2Flourish Business and the UN SDGs Page

Help & Assistance Send your questions to ProfessorSupport@AIM2Flourish.com for an answer in

with the less than 1 business day.
Platform & Process

AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead
School of Management-Case Western Reserve University. Learn more: AIM2FlourishTeam.com. 2