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Critical Incident Technique example:


One of our teachers who taught us business communication was a feminist which means that she
favored the girl students and disliked the boys.


She used to target the boys only while giving examples about ineffective business communication. In
other words she gave examples that boys are not good presenters and do not dress properly always but
the girls are always on point and professional. She also used to punish the boys without any reason.

Consequences of the behavior:

After a few examples and punishments we (boys) understood that she is a feminist and would keep on
targeting us in the whole semester. She would also be biased towards grading girls and would grade
boys unfairly this created dissatisfaction among us. Due to dissatisfaction among us students she was an
ineffective teacher, so we complained to our HOD (Also a women but not a feminist) and she put an end
to our feminist teachers unfair behavior but still she biasedly graded the girls.