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This years school lunches need serious work In the Halls...

What is your favorite thing
Alexis Burrows Not to mention the cost. For the ritating. might actually count as a lunch,
about Thanksgiving?
Copy Editor food I am getting, I think Im paying Fries are offered, but not as a part would be the sandwich line. You get
a little too much money. If I want a of your meal. Theyre free on Fridays, to pick everything you want, such
The lunches at Brighton High salad, its $3.50. With a salad, most but should be offered everyday in as the bread, meat, and veggies.
School need some serious work. people prefer dressing, but the my opinion. This is because Im not Since you get to pick, you can add
Your lunch should be tasty, healthy, school requires you pay an extra going to just go buy fries and have as much or as little food as you want.
and provide you enough nutrients $0.50 for that dressing. Im not go- that be my meal, it should come The sandwiches are also pretty big
to fuel you through your tiring ing to eat my salad plain, and I dont with a meal such as pizza, or maybe as it is, so going hungry wont be a
school day. Questions of whether think we should have to pay extra the bosco sticks. At restaurants, fries problem.
its going to fill you up, or how it will for something that should come usually come with your meal, so it BHS should add more options for
taste today, should not be crossing with it. shouldnt cost you extra to get them sides to your meal. There really isnt
your mind. From the greasy pizza, The sides that come with the meals when youre at school. enough food, and I think that we are
to the hardly there nachos, these arent the best choices. Apple sauce The salad and dressing is similar to paying too much for the amount
lunches are not acceptable. comes with the salad, along with or- the bagels and cream cheese. Most and quality we are actually getting.
Most kids buy their lunches at ange juice, and milk. Since these are people are going to want cream If they arent going to add more
school, which means the school mostly liquids, I dont see how they cheese with a bagel, but theyre food, then the prices should be
needs to provide food for at least are going to sustain my appetite for going to have to pay an extra $0.50 lowered. Yes, the school does have The food...of course.
1,000 people. Students are here all the day, or even qualify as part of for it. to make a profit, but to make the
the meal. Another option to eat would be prices as high as they are, we should
Gavin Victor
day, and I think we deserve a good
quality lunch, that isnt going to There arent substitutes for the pizza. I like pizza, but not the school be getting more than what we cur- Freshman
leave me hungry in an hour. sides either, and they practically kind. If I were to take a napkin and rently are.
The portion sizes are pretty rough. make you take them, even though set it on top of one slice, it would As you can see, the lunches here
With stir fry, you get to tell them they know you arent going to eat be soaked entirely in grease, within could use some work. Students
what you want, but they have a set it. I could tell the cashier that I dont seconds. Thats disgusting and un- deserve a properly made, well bal-
limit on how much they can give want the juice, but she would say acceptable. Why would I want to eat anced lunch during the school day,
you. The same goes for the nachos. since it is apart of the meal, they that? They also only give you one and BHS needs to make changes.
Although they might taste great, it require you to take it with you. This slice. How is one slice of pizza going
doesnt seem like the best option for means Im wasting my money and I to fill me up?
a growing high school student. dont have a choice, which I find ir- The only appetizing option that

Dual enrollment classes are underappreciated

Alexis St. Germain before you graduate from college. You can also test out the waters of
miss the cut off, youre done. Theres
Staff Reporter no chance to make it up. Missing a
Just one class may not seem like some possible majors youd like, so
day of school will bring you far be-
much to get out of the way, but you get an idea of what youll want
Dual enrollment classes have al- hind in your classes as well as dock
its less money you have to pay for to do. I like stuffing.
ways been an option for some stu- you points from the final grade stu-
classes, and itll be one less class to Despite all the great advantages
dents. They can either they take a stress about when youre officially in dual enrollment classes bring to the
dents receive. In all, its a stressful Yale Zuttowksi
time trying to stay on pace with the
class at another high school, or at- college, giving you extra time to do table, theres always the disadvan-
class. If you take a trade class, weld-
tend class at Washtenaw Communi- work from other classes. The course tages following behind. Its more
ty College when the semester starts ing specifically, theres always open
is mostly paid for by the school be- than likely the teachers wont know
up. Of course, in order to take the lab days where you catch up on the
cause its going into your education, that youre still in high school, but
class, you need to fill out the proper class, and theres no doubt you can
however there might be a slight college works differently than high
paperwork found in the counseling do that in other classes as well.
cost depending on the initial price school as it is, so when on campus
office. Is the dual enrollment class All the stress and panicking aside,
of the course. youre required to act like a college
worth your time? Focusing on the dual enrollment is one of the best
Sometimes, students already student. Students in class wont
community college aspect of dual options you have in high school, as
know what they want to go into, smile or laugh if youre distracting,
enrollment, the classes are worth long as youre ready for the respon-
whether its engineering or going frankly, everyone will grow annoyed
attending if youre willing to put sibility. More students should con-
into a trade. Brighton just might with you.
forth the effort. sider dual enrollment classes.
not have the class theyre looking High school always gives you the
The option to take a college class for. Dual enrollment fixes that prob- opportunities to catch up in your ...itll be one less class to
in high school will allow you to get lem, giving you a wider variety of classes if youre falling behind, and stress about when youre
ahead in college prepa and lessen classes youre able to take to further students always use that to their ad- officially in college...
the classes youre required to take your studies in your desired major. vantage. However, in college, if you

Cell phones are not a big issue in classes If a student doesnt want to pay done. simply put it away dont make up
Seeing my family.
Carly Braun
Luke Buzzy attention, thats on them, the rest Students nowadays have all basi- some stupid excuse as to why you Junior
Photography Editor of the class shouldnt have to stop cally been stereotyped that during were on it because nobody cares
learning, just to listen to the teacher test we can be so stupid to use our and it is annoying to everyone else
The whole ordeal with teachers complain about phone use. phones to cheat but thats not re- when the teacher stops the whole
and students arguing back and Now there are some instances ally what it is. Sure it happens here lesson and wastes time arguing.
forth over phone use is quite pa- where it makes sense for phones and there but for the most part we Probably the most pointless scenar-
thetic. I dont speak for everyone, not to be allowed, for instance, ex- plug our headphones in and take io out of the whole phone ordeal are
but I find it very annoying when ams or lab/projects. Now I know a nap, play games, or just browse those phone holders.
Im actually listening to the teacher to the teachers it can be annoying our social medias. It shouldnt be Whats the point of making stu-
and he/she stops what they are do- if youre teaching and a student is fair that just because one student dents put their phones into the hol-
ing to call a student out for being listening to music and the whole doesnt listen in class that everyone sters before a test when all it does is
on his phone, because it just waste class can hear it. Theres two types else should be punished and no waste class time? Each student has
everyone elses time. Teachers jobs of students who use their phones: longer allowed to use their phones. to put their phone in, one at a time,
are to teach us what we need to the ones that go on their phone and Another really annoying thing with taking up time for the test.
know to help guide us through our still get their work done, and ones the phones is when the student
future, not to be worrying about that use their phones and do not acts up and says idiotic things, if the
students on phones. pay any attention,getting no work teacher says put the phone away

Decorating graduation caps should not be allowed

Spencer Crompton ng. Just because seniors are close dents and their parents. The older uation is a big deal and its not a I like all the food.
Editor-in-Chief to graduation, the grind to keep generations of people believe that time to act silly and irrelevant.
their grades up hasnt stopped. decorating graduation caps is sil- I would like it if students wore the
Sebastain Carr
As the last few weeks of the school Students, staff, and families have ly, while the millenials think deco- same themed graduation cap. Ev- Senior
year approach BHS every year, re- watched students graduate for rating caps makes the grads more ery one would match and look the
cently, a popular trend is the dec- years. Some students have recently unique. But why cant students be same. It would be a lot more pro-
oration of the graduation cap. In started to decorate their grad caps unique before graduation day? If fessional that way. Its graduation.
recent years, seniors across the to represent their futures, their past they really cared, Im sure they could Decorate your cap after graduation
country usually decorate their caps experiences through their high- find a way. for your graduation party. Every-
with clever quotes relevant to their school years, or completely irrele- Yes, decorating graduation caps is body should be matching each oth-
futures, or a symbol of all the time vant decorations. a great way to show yourself a little er. Its a formal, once in a lifetime
spent in school over the past twelve Many schools around the country bit, and to be different. But also, occasion. You only graduate once
years. have put rules out for graduating se- I understand how it can be a bad and I wouldnt want to remember it
Cap and gown ordering gives BHS niors limiting what seniors are able idea. Some cap decorations look by everyone looking different and
seniors the realization that high to on their graduation caps. Some highly irrelevant to school or grad- paying more attention to each oth-
school is nearing its end, and that limit seniors only to decorating uation. I believe there should be a ers graduation caps.
our lives about to start soon. Now them in their schools theme. For rule. The rule I agree with is the one
were starting to think deeper about example, Brighton students would that only allows school themed dec- Watching Gene
colleges and our futures. Now that only be able to decorate their caps orations. And nothing too outra-
Graduation is a big deal Anderson buy
November 15th has passed, all the in bulldog themed decorations. geous. That way, the students caps extravagent items for
This doesnt sound like it would would some what match. I could and its not a time to act
students going to college should
have applied by now. Now students be that much of an issue, but peo- do without any decorations as well silly and irrelevant. himself.
either know which colleges theyve ple from around the country are not though. I like the way graduation Kim Davis
been admitted to, or they are wait- liking the whole decorating thing. looks with everybody matching. In Staff
Its a controversial topic among stu- my opinion, its kind of trashy. Grad-
volume 46 issue 2 page 7 opinion

Point/Counterpoint: Staff Editorial

Should we have quarter or semester exams? Students should not skip on
Hayden Vernier Testing brings a lot of anxiety to to make up and turn in. Semester
senior skip day
Staff Reporter students. With quarterly exams you exams have double the time of
get two tests that average togeth- learning which leads to double the As students enter their senior year, they look forward to what
One of the biggest debates in er, so it has the pontainal to help amount of homework and learn- is to come in their last year of high school. Homecoming, gradua-
school is whether quarterly exams grades more. On the other hand, the ing. How do they expect us to re- tion, prom, the senior all night party, and much more. How about
or semester exams are better for semester exam is just one big test, tain the material from every lesson Senior Skip Day? Senior Skip Day is a traditional day where seniors
students. I think quarterly exams so it isnt averaged with any other within a six month span, with big feel entitled to skip a day of school just because. Some think we
are a much better option for stu- test.The grade you get is the grade breaks in the middle of the semes- should have a mental health day, some think we just need a day
dents than semester exams. They youll end up with. The second test ter? Quarter exams are also short,
off because we are seniors, and some just follow the tradition. This
are easier to pass because you learn can help your grade tremendously because we are being tested on
and it can bring your grade up an a three month span, instead of a tradition is a crucial event for a senior.
everything in the span of three The real question is, was this skip day taken too far? Earlier this
months, so it stays fresh in your entire letter grade. huge semester exam.
Free time is very important to Quarter exams are long. Some year, Principal Johnson made an announcement to the school
mind. With a semester exam, you
learn all the material though out six students and it helps balance our tests can be over 100 questions about the rumoured Senior Skip Day. In favor of the seniors, if they
months. Theres usually a big break schedules. With quarterly exams, and those test take a long time to have a certain grade in a class and a maximum amount of 3 ab-
within a quarter, but if we switched a lot of free time is taken up with finish. We get an hour to study in sences or tardies, then they are allowed to opt out of their last ex-
to semester exams there would be studying, but with semester exams school before the exam and a hour ams of their final year. But, he told the students that if they didnt
around two big breaks which means a lot more time would be taken. to take the test. Semester exams show up, they would have to take their fourth quarter exams. The
a lot of the material we learned can With quarterly exams it gives stu- are longer than quarterly exams,
seniors argue that they deserve a day for them to take off and that
be forgotten. Quarterly exams give dents the best chance to pass their and switching would put unneces-
classes. We get half the amount sary stress on students. it is a tradition. They dont think that it should be taken as far as a
us the best chance to do well and punishment.
succeed in class, and pass with bet- of homework in a quarter than a
semester, so if theres a lot of miss- The teachers appear upset about it also. They plan a whole lesson
ter grades.
ing work, theres less assignments that day of school to find no kids in their class to teach. Perhaps if
they knew about the day they could have prepared a lighter les-
Counterpoint- to be so many things to do good on Survey results show that 63 per- son.
Zach Zukowski and instead it would only be 2 tests cent of students worry that exam Students agree that if there is going to be a Senior Skip Day, ev-
Staff Reporter a school year that determine grade stress negatively affects their scores. eryone should agree on the same day and it should be consistent.
point average, along with your If students at a college level feel There were different rumors that the skip day was going to be on
I believe that we should have ex- grades. that way, then imagine how young- a certain day, and then it wasnt. So some students skipped while
ams at the end of every semester, Also, there would be less stress er people whose scores are deter- others went to classes.
opposed to the end of every quar- on the average student. Whether it mainig if they can go to college or Some also agreed that the day the skip is going to be on should
ter. Students say that exams are a be fear of a bad grade, unprepared- not feel.
be a reasonable day not just a random one. For example the day
waste of time, anyway. I would feel ness, or just test-taking anxiety, The school could also benefit from
stress is almost always a product this with more school days. If there
after a long weekend to make it a 5 day vacation, not just a ran-
less stressed if I only had to study
for exams. Every quarter I have to of the assessments. It is shown that was only semester exams the school dom Wednesday in October. It should also be on a day where it is
try and cram everything Ive learned students have more stress during wouldnt have to give the one or later on in the year because in the beginning months like Novem-
into one night to be ready for them. and leading up to exams, according two days off after every exam. ber and December, we already have a ton of breaks and days off.
I would be so much better if I would to the University of Brigham Young The school could use this time to So, we should spend it on a day later on in the year when we dont
be able to learn everything over the (BYU). teach more material or teach more have as many breaks.
semester and at the end I would Our survey shows that our stu- things that students want to learn. Senior Skip Day should be included as one of the seniors tradi-
be able to recap everything ive dents think that the stress and Thats why I think that we should tions, without such a large punishment. Even though the teachers
learned in a timely fashion. Also anxiety caused by exams is getting do semester exams instead of every
arent very fond of it, we think that we deserve it and the tradition
with less exams there wouldnt have worse, director Rob Jones said. quarter.
should continue. As long as we keep it on the down low, pick a

Sams Sketches
good day and keep it consistent, then we should be able to enjoy

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