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The CFO from your Research Project Company (the one you selected)
has asked you to do a two-year analysis of the companys liquidity,
profitability, and long term solvency.
Write an IOM in the manner discussed in class that provides your
analysis and recommendations. (20 points) Include a PDF file of JUST
the companys Income Statement and Balance Sheet. (5 points)
Create a spreadsheet showing your calculations for each ratio for the two
years. (15 points) Include the spreadsheet in your submission.
Ratios to use: (If you do not use any of these ratios, please provide the
rationale why it was not used.)
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Debt to Equity
Times Interest Earned
Profit Margin
Return on Equity
Return on Assets
Return on Stockholders Equity
Asset Turnover
Receivable Turnover
Average Collection Period
Inventory Turnover
Average days in Inventory