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1. What is a universe?

A. Universe is a semantic layer, which maps to data in the database . Colle

ction of classes and objects
B. universe is the symantic layer that isolates the end use from the comple
x structure of database
2. Analysis in business objects?
A. Slice and Dice and Drill Analysis is available in BO
B. There are two types of analysis . i. slice and dice ii. Drill
3. Who launches the supervisor product in BO for the first time?
A. General Supervisor launches supervisor product
4. How can you check the universe?
A. Using check Integrity, u can check the universe. Go to Designer, Tools -
> check Integrity
5. What are universe parameters?
A. You define universe parameters from the Universe Parameters dialog box (
File-> Parameters) when you create a universe. The database connection is the on
lyparameter that you must manually select or create when you create a newunivers
B. name of universe,description and rdbms connection
6. Types of universes in business objects?
A. Simple universe and complex universe
7. What is security domain in BO?
A. security domain is bomain.key that allocates each user with a name and passwo
8. Where will you find the address of repository in BO?
A. BoMain.key,File that contains the address of the repository’s security domain.
9. What is broad cast agent?
A. brodcasting agent are used to refresh or publish the document at a regular in
terval of time broadly speaking BCA is used to schedule the document.
B. Broad Cast agent agent manages scheduling the documents.
10. In BO 4.1 version what is the alternative name for broadcast agent?
11. What services the broadcast agent offers on the server side?
A. It can also help reduce traffic on the network by running reports at off–peak tim
ich, of course, benefits everyone.
12. How can you access your repository with different user profiles?
A. Distribute the Key file according to the option you chose in the Repository A
13. How many built-in objects are created in BO repository?
14. What are alerters in BO?
A. Alerters are used to draw attention to a block of data either by highlighting
or displaying some message near to the cells
15. What are different types of saving options in web intelligence?
A. Save as a personal document
save this document to InfoView for your personal use
Save to my computer
Save this document to your computer as:
Microsoft Excel format (.xls), PDF Format, BO report(.rep)
16. What is batch processing in BO?
A. It is scheduled process in Broadcasting Agent. Ex: you can refresh a doc
ument at a specified date/time. This can be either a one–off process or a process to
epeated at the same time every day, week, month etc.
17. How can you first report in BO by using broadcast agent?
• While the document is open, select the Send To>Broadcast Agent command from the
File menu, or click the Send to Broadcast Agent button on the Document Exchange
Ã‾‚§ This pops up the Send Document To Broadcast Agent Server dialogue box. There are
several tabs on the Broadcast Agent dialogue box.
Ã‾‚§ Start with the General tab. On the General tab:-
Ã‾‚§ Select the BCagent server in the Server list box.
Ã‾‚§ Leave the Priority as Normal.
Ã‾‚§ Type in an (optional) identifying title for the document to be used by Broadcast
Ã‾‚§ On the Actions tab:-
Ã‾‚§ Select the appropriate action(s), i.e. Refresh Document
Ã‾‚§ Click the Add button
Ã‾‚§ On the Scheduling tab, click the Change button in order to enter the frequency a
nd the start date/time for the processing.
Ã‾‚§ On the Distribution tab, click the Distribute via the Repository option:
Ã‾‚§ If you want to send a document to other users, click the To button in the Send T
o box  the Select Users dialogue box pops up.
Ã‾‚§ In the Select Users dialogue box, hold down the Ctrl key and click the users you
want, then click the OK button. You return to the Broadcast Agent window.
Ã‾‚§ If you click the Add my Name to the List option, your user icon appears in the S
end to box.
B. Finally, click the OK button. The document is submitted to Broadcast Age
nt for scheduled processing.
18. Can we take report on Excel in BO?
A. After creating the report with extension .rep, File – Menu – Save as Excel
yes, we can take the report in exel sheet
i hvae linked 2 data provider..and generate the report ..in that report how can
i find the which data is comming from which data provider…?
n Report, go to structure mode you can see all the data with its corresponding d
ata provider name as ….
Empname (Dataprovidername1)