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TRY OUT SPENDA - 4 D. She bought them from a fair.

5. Reyna tells Jenna mainly about
The following text is for question 1. 5. Reyna tells Jenna mainly about ....
A. her hamsters
FRAGILE MATERIALS B. how to take care of hamsters
PLEASE DO NOT DROP C. her desire to buy hamsters
1. Where can we see this warning? D. how to make money from hamsters
A. On a box. 6. From the text, we can conclude that
B. In a room. A. Reyna will visit Jenna soon
C. On a table. B. Reyna will give one of her hamsters to Jenna
D. On a house roof. C. Reyna has made money from her hamsters
The following text is for questions 2 and 3. D. Reyna attaches photographs of the hamsters
The following text is for questions 7 and 8.
To: Tina
Dear Shinta,
Congratulations! You have won the junior high
cooking competition. I know you are a talented girl. I’d like to inform you that I’ve finally decided
The food you cooked was delicious. I know you will to join the camping activity next week.
become a good chef one day. I hope we can be in the same tent. By the way,
you said that you have two backpacks. May I
Lita borrow one, please? Thank you.

2. “The food you cooked was delicious.” The Arnita
underlined word can be replaced by
A. rough 7. Why does Arnita write the message?
B. spongy A. To offer her backpack.
C. tasty B. To borrow Shinta’s backpack.
D. delicate C. To ask Shinta to bring her backpack.
3. Why does Lita congratulate Tina? D. To ask Shinta to accompany her to buy a
A. Tina has won a cooking competition. backpack.
B. Tina has sold the food she cooked. 8. Which of the following statements is NOTTRUE?
C. Tina has written a book about cooking. A. Shinta has two backpacks.
D. The food Tina cooked was delicious. B. The camping activity will be next week.
The following text is for questions 4 to 6. C. Both Shinta and Arnita will join the camping
From : reyna_cobback@gmail.co.id To : D. Arnita is sure that Shinta will be in the same
jennatasarinah@yahoo.com tent as her.
Dear Jenna, The following text is for questions 9 and 10.
How’s life? I hope you are well. Are you still
busy with your school work? Having trouble getting up early?
I have pets now. Guess what? They are Use our alarm clocks.
hamsters! I bought a couple from a fair in my town There are three choices: chick clock,
last month. duck clock and kitty clock
They are so cute. Just like balls rolling when
they walk. I feed them every day. It is enjoyable to
see them eating. Since then, they have had six
babies. You know, I once read about a student who
made money by selling her hamsters. I think I can
do the same. My parents’ friends who visit our
house say that they like the hamsters. Besides showing the time, they can also function
I’ve attached photographs of the hamsters. I as lamps when the electricity is off. So, what are
am sure you’d like them. My camera is full, with you waiting for? Order now via:
pictures of my hamsters. You must see my practicealarmclock@yahoo.com
hamsters one day.
20% discount for the first 10 buyers.
Regards, Pic. sources: http://www.etsy.com, www.123rf.com, www.giftus365.com
9. What is the purpose of the text?
Reyna A. To tell the readers how to use an alarm clock.
B. To advertise an alarm clock.
C. To describe an alarm clock.
4. How did Reyna get her hamsters? D. To announce about an alarm clock.
A. She bought them from an animal market. 10. What is another function of the clock?
B. Someone gave them to her. A. As a lamp. C. As a calculator.
C. She found them on the street. B. As a game. D. As a pencil case.

only one class has a listening test on Tuesday There must have been changes. How many hours will the bazaar be open a day? Monday Tuesday Thursday 8-9 a. The party will be held in a restaurant. Eight hours. 11 am. Beginner A Intermediate B Intermediate A A. for 3-4 p. For: Cindy Dear ex-class VI Year 2010 friends of From the schedule we know that Pandawa Elementary School. Thank you. C. month. B. products made by us. What is the criterion of the class winner? B. C. To ask for suggestions about a reunion party each class will be marked.m.m. Intermediate A Intermediate A Beginner A Writing 12 p. All classes are invited to participate. A. Contact persons: Maya(08122222999) Watching a Flower Drink Anung (08777711111) . snacks. The party is free of charge. If the stand decoration is attractive enough. sell B. Six hours. good. start preparing yourselves now.m. We will exhibit and sell class VI year 2010. D. Seven hours. 11.m. there are six classes which have tests on the were last together. crafts and C. before 25th May 2013. 10-11 a. Beginner B Advanced - A. Beginner B. Which class does NOT have tests on Thursday? C. most products will be judged the winner.The following text is for questions 11 to 13. D. Intermediate A D. If the products displayed are good. reunion party. Advanced class has to do two tests in the Venue : Lezat Resto. since we B. So. If the class can sell the most products. The people are from the same class in OSIS staff members.000 morning and two tests in the afternoon Don’t miss the event! The following text is for questions 18 to 20. The bazaar is going to be held on Sunday. To do fund-raising at a reunion party for ex- June 2013 from 8 a. What is the purpose of the text? Attention all students. C. We have not met for more than 5 years. D. display Speaking Reading B. conceal A. 9th B. To invite ex-class VI year 2010 members to a school magazine. to the A. Beginner B has to do two tests in the morning party on: Date : Sunday. elementary school. Listening Reading Writing C.m.” The Listening Speaking Reading 4-5 p. A. D. If the job distribution among stand keepers is The following schedule is for questions 16 and 17. for example. Intermediate B. Listening Speaking Writing 9-10 a. The party will be held in the morning. Jalan Pahlawan 2 Cost : Rp20. Intermediate A Beginner B Writing Beginner A Listening Reading D. next f 2010.m. crafts and school magazine. A.m. 14. The following text is for questions 14 and 15. The class which can sell the for ex-class VI year 2010. D. Which of the following is NOT TRUE? of the products you are going to exhibit and sell.m.m.m. Advanced Advanced Intermediate B example. Intermediate B Beginner B Advanced B. to 4 p. Please inform 15. Speaking Reading 13. “Blossoming” English Course Test Schedule 12. Nine hours. 9th June 2013 on Tuesday Tinle : 10 a. “We will exhibit and sell products made by us. Beginner A. One more thing. Beginner B Beginner A Intermediate B antonym of ‘exhibit’ is Listening Speaking Writing 5-6 p. Want to know about each other’s news? days Let’s join our elementary school reunion C. buy 16. snacks. To describe a reunion party for ex-class VI year There will be another bazaar at our school.

a . northwards arffcollides with Asia. you might see traces of the food A. Lay the water to help them digest it easily. flowers. Where should we wrap the tape? the crumplihg of the Earth’s surface as India moves A. 23. At the end of the cut. 2. the best C. At first 1. as well as K2 The following text is for questions 21 to 23. mountain chain. Farmington Hills. In a dark room. What did the writer think as silly? Adopted from: John Farndon. Within a few word ‘it’ here refers to hours. Miles Kelly Publishing. The horse’s eyes are bigger than a human’s. C. step. Horses in general.410 km (1. but B. so although horses enjoy it. 2007. Stop when you get to about halfway up words such as ‘no’. This will horses enjoy it. Flowering Plants. they have to be given plenty of fresh prevent the stem splitting any farther. hay colouring appear in the flowers. Jimmy never rides the horse. However. Carefully put each half of the stem in each D.. highest mountains in the world are found in this B. The colour does not matter. D. In Touch with Nature. Its long legs. To entertain the readers about drinking D. After a day. and China. C. At the bottom of the stem. 19. Take a piece of tape and wrap it several times hay. The Gale Group. My uncle and Jimmy take turns feeding it with 2.500 miles) long between India. Fill two matching tall glasses with cold water. A. What to do: My cousin Jimmy often talks to the horse. 100 Things You Should Know about flowers gently to one side. They form an arch B. Under the window. the glasses.(Paragraph 3). deep chest and  Food colouring powerful muscles allow it to run a long way at great  Carnations or similar cut flowers speed.Take care to keep both halves neat and recognize voices and can learn to understand simple even. The Himalayas is a vast mountain range formed by D. C. Horses and Ponnies. To describe drinking flowers. Jimmy said that horses are carefully in half lengthways. What is the purpose of the text? B. My uncle said that hay is dry grass. Of the individual peaks. 4. B. B. glass. fresh grass shows that the water has been drawn up by D. the stem. This C. C. 21. The 20. Its eyes are twice as large as a  Tape human’s and even bigger than an elephant’s. so although around the stem at the end of the cut. To relate an experience of seeing flowers drink. fresh water the colouring should be very obvious. Near a sunny window. with a craft intelligent animals and that they quickly begin to knife. The horse is given a plenty of fresh water. The sunny window and leave to stand. What does the text tell you about? Add a few drops of food colouring to one of A. Ask an adult to help you slice the flower stem I thought it is silly. . preferably blue or red. The writer’s experience of riding horses.You will need: My uncle who lives in a village has a horse. Adapted from: Camilla de la Bedoyere. known are Everest and Kanchenjunga.. The horse the writer just bought. On the glass surface. The following text is for questions 24 to 26. To tell the readers how flowers drink step-by. The writer’s uncle’s horse. 18.. Jimmy often talks to the horse. Where should we place the glasses and flowers? A. Behind the door. Essex. without tiring. A. a type of plant the stem and into the flower. Pakistan D. and Nanga Parbat in the Karakoram range. 3. 2004. ‘stop’ and ‘go’. The  Two tall glasses horse has a mane of long hair on its head and neck and  Craft knife a thick tufted fail. with Nepal perched among them. Place the glasses and flowers near a 22. Near the flower.

C. She also told me that she was A. there Newton invented an entirely new branch of were traffic jams everywhere. He discovered that sunlight is a mixture of all A. Brahmaputra.. The gambyong dance caused traffic jam. The following text is for questions 30 to 32. C. C. I realized that the cause of the traffic jams discovered that sunlight is a mixture of all colours. Indus and B. because I was two hours past the B. England. What is the factor that forms The Himalayas? D. Karakoram range D. he often sentence). so I got out the taxi to watch A.. The scientists. he also Later. How sunlight works. C. because it feeds great rivers like the Ganges. informative . extensive D. Chancellor Press. The writer forgot to inform his aunt. By taxi. Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest Indus and Brahmaputra. the peaks of the Himalayas Newton was born on December 25. my mobile phone rang. India moves northwards. I arrived at the town and tree when he left Cambridge. The opposite of ‘vast’ is A. colours. “His book The Mathematical Principles of Natural 28. India moves westwards.. The writer went to his uncle’s house. how the Universe is held together. The snow of D. 27. “The Himalayas is a vast mountain range (First Woolsthorpe. The writer wanted to see the dance A. He had the theory of gravity. 2001. It 31. I complained a lot. A thousand girls from various junior high 30. It is not mentioned in the text. the Himalayas Natural Philosophy” is the most influential science B.” (Paragraph 1). uncle about my arrival. I forgot that I had to inform my D. He was attracted by it. He complained about it. He invented calculus. broad water clocks. He invented windmills. What did Newton discover with his theory of schools in town did that. hired a taxi to go to my uncle’s house. How the Universe is held together. the snow of the Himalayas book ever written. large made mechanical devices such as model windmills and B. As a boy. The synonym of A. narrow With his theory of gravity. 1642 in 26. 25. scheduled time. mathematics called calculus. 24. C. to escape the plague. because it feeds great rivers like the Ganges. What is paragraph 3 about? the Himalayas is vital to people south of the range A.” (Last sentence). I felt guilty. by their gracefulness. Besides. What did the writer feel about the dance Philosophy’ is the most influential science book performance? ever written. On foot. Tell Me Where. Newton said that Last Sunday. ‘influential’ is . performance. Earth’s of energy... She asked me whether I about Newton? had arrived in town. All the girls danced beautifully.. it. After the theory was inspired by seeing an apple fall from a flying for about two hours.. was a gambyong dance performance on the main Miles Kelly Publishing. However.northwestern extension of the Himalayas. C. B. A. By bus. Which of the following statements is NOTTRUE was from my panicky aunt. India moves eastwards. D. It was common. D. By plane. How did the writer go to the town? D. B. India moves southwards. 29. His book “The Mathematical Principles of word ‘it’ here refers to . Lincoln. I couldn’t help wanting to gravity? watch the performance. B. 32. 1000 Facts on Science and Technology. B. I was hypnotized C. Adopted from: John Farndon.. “. London. A. C. Adopted from: Anonymous. street. Essex. Then. 2009. worried about me. What the Earth is made of. I went to my uncle’s house. Newton discovered The following text is for questions 27 to 29.

without a thought.the river before eating the fish. D. Walker. The fish. He forgot to buy his wife a gift. B. It dropped its own fish into the rushing Suddenly. Steele. We should not be greedy. enojrrious. What can we learn from the story? A. so merchants. He thought his wife wanted something round. He wrapped Company. In his shirt pocket. Among his charcoal. What happened to Wang? A. Parker. “She wanted something round. end. Nashville. swung wide bamboo baskets stacked high with A heron was on its way home carrying a fish it just charcoal. bought a mirror. C. The fish it caught fell from its mouth. He freedom. Wang knew he must become a traveller. C. It saw another heron carrying a fish. It was round. He couldn’t sell his charcoal. We should not be stingy. . He did not even know what a mirror C. D. A. Adapted from: http://china. In a piece of cloth. disappeared. It saw another heron trying to snatch its fish.html (4th May D. bridge. 33. His money was just enough to buy a mirror. Riley. Wang had B. looked in shop after shop for something to make his Adapted from: Sally Hewitt. was. significant charcoal. B. The heron failed to eat the fish. However. enjoyed its round. J. It tried to around the city for his wife’s present. Its mouth watered at the sight of an moon. rough path led to this village. P. B. Freedom is everything. universal maRelfie journey to the city. 2012) 34. C. crossing the bridge over the river. “A beautiful comb like those rail to the river below. As it was he asked his pretty young wife. It was surprised to see another of the imperial court!” The combs they used in the heron just like itself staring back. The Southwestern Suddenly. but it forgotten what his wife wanted! It was getting dark. so very river. He lost his money for the gift. The following text is for questions 36 to 38. D. mirror. We should be honest. He sold his charcoal for a good price. 37. which was still alive. “A comb like It was what the other heron was carrying that that!” she cried. The fish was successful in tricking the heron. pointing to the crescent of the golden interested it. he noticed the moon. It saw a bigger fish swimming in the river. caught from a river. S. and Learn Volume 2: Science and Technology. A. it gates. with only one bow to the shopkeeper. Where did Wang put the mirror? Once upon a time. it looked over the “A comb!” she cried. He looked flew . B. officials and travellers rarely visited. He only knew that it was round. P. In his empty bamboo basket. he spotted the perfect gift. a simple man named Wang A.” he thought. Why did the heron fly down to the river? his purchase in a piece of cotton cloth and hurried off. narrow. 2003. Why did Wang buy a mirror for his wife? 35. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? 36. His wife’s mirror had broken. To sell his D.town from the bridge into the water. lived in a village during the early Han times. fresh squirming fish. His wife liked to see her reflection in the A. and C. Explore young wife happy. 38. He forgot what gift his wife asked for. Wang arrived safely at the city so much tastier than its own that. B. then swam deeper into the river. country at that time were made of wood. This other fish looked After a long trip.mrdonn. C. It decided to take a walk to the “What present would you like me to bring you?” other side of. he had snatch the fish from the other heron. C. The fish was still alive.org/wangthepeddler. irrelevant Wang shouldered his long carrying pole. The heron dropped its fish when it was on the D. Only a B. D. At each The following text is for questions 33 to 35.

B. I would pay the cashier. from other plants. 45. when does a walrus turn pink? 50. It has no leaves. arrived B. . It is a parasite. Oxford University Press. A walrus uses its long D. He agreed to let me pay for the food the next C.. . It is Rafflesia. the restaurant owner was kind. Four D. tired A single walrus tusk can measure up to one metre C.Duncan Brewer. there were . 5 – 7 – 8 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 6 an¬other day. .4 kilogrammes. Arrange the following jumbled words to form a C. arrive C. As a protection for its face B.. After 6. I then remembered that I had used the money It was the first time I went to Jakarta. Oxford. of Jakarta. . a person B. Miles Kelly Publishing. B. Flowering Plants.. Two C. which has become the landmark 5. It lives A. So. After eating. We . I ordered a bowl of noodles and a glass of hot queuing to enter. . This flower . blood leaves its skin to maintain the temperature of its 46. 39. I went to the to buy books. (47) food the body. The text is mainly about A. happy around coasts. 6 – 5 – 2 – 7 – 4 – 1 – 3 B. steals 2002. keeps Core. bloomed A. means ‘tooth walker’. 1000 Facts on Mammals. 4. . grows D. Blooming B. (48) just four days a year. For questions 46 to 48. I often see this flower. body A. satisfied long and weigh 5. We decided to queue again later. A. or proper The walrus has approximately 300 whiskers on roots. with the monument as the wallet. . Adopted from: 47. each one opening in turn like Do you know the world’s biggest and heaviest flower? a 1-m wide fan. National Monument. A walrus is a sea animal with thick fur.The following text is for questions 39 to 42.. 43..A. However. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. 2004. monument. . have arrived  Do The Best To Be The Best  44. When it swims in the winter day. choose the correct words to 3. the D. 5 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 8 Then we queued again for tickets. tea. So. basking walruses turn a deep pink Sumatra. After it eats clams meaningful paragraph. My father promised me to go there D. 6 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 3 A.. In Touch with Nature. A. 5 – 7 – 8 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 6 announced that ticket selling had been closed.. Looks for . right. the walruses’ physical description Cruel – the lady – giant – the – released – the prince – 40. 5 – 7 – 8 – 2 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 1 were . 6 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 7 41. We C. what is the function of a walrus’s whiskers? 1 2 3 4 5 6 A. at an earlier time. . For questions 43 to 45. It is a single flower more than one metre across each side of its moustache^which are used to help it and weighing more than 7 kilogrammes. 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 2 D.S. . The Gale Group. . we visited hawkers selling souvenirs nearby. When it swims in the water 1.. complete the paragraph. A. (43) there at about 11 a. the description of a special walrus 49. Which paragraph states how a walrus turn pink? C. To help it find food 7 C. we decided to buy tickets to enter the 7. (45)..m.. Three D. Stays A walrus can eat 3000 clams a day. ... has C.. 48. gives C... stem. much . a C. B. many B. the habitat of a walrus meaningful sentence. In the forest near my house in In the summer. The Rafflesia find food in murky waters. In water. To smell A. disappointed tusks to help it clamber onto ice floes-its scientific name. Yes. Farmington Hills... When it swims in the summer 2. B. (44) people 8. I felt very hungry yesterday. D. Five 42. I went to a nearby restaurant. choose the correct words to Walruses swim by sweeping their huge rear complete the paragraph. However. . walruses in general B. Luckily. bloom C. background. a walrus turns a pale grey colour as Adapted from: John Fardon. D. Odobenus.. Essex. flippers from side to side. To help it breathe From B. . arrives D. blooms D. helps D. Arrange the folllowing sentences to form a A. 2002. which means it . A. Hornby. How embarrassingl There was no money in my taking some photographs. (46) as their blood vessels dilate to radiate heat away from well there.

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