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ED223: Field Observation 2 15 Points

Your Name: Jess Beal Date of Observation: 10-18-17

Name of School, Center or Site: West Hempfield Elementary Type of Program: first grade
Age of Children: 6 or 7 Time of Observation: 12:20-1:30
Number Present: Teachers: 1 Children:22
Observational Task: Health/Phys Ed. Class Observation Prek-4
Observe a health in its entirety. Identify the goal of the lesson, the procedures and the content
being covered. Note the methods of instruction along with the interaction between
teacher/student and student/student. (Note: This can be a physical education class)

I observed Mrs. Boldens first grade health lesson. I work with this teacher for my
practicum so we have developed a rather strong relationship. Before she began the lesson she
told me she wanted to be honest with me in saying that this is the only health lesson that
theyll do all year and its a complete joke. She then handed me a packet titled The Great Body
Shop. This is about Willie who realizes he cant run or throw as far as his friends when he plays
with them. He goes to his doctor and asks him how he can be better at these things and his
doctor explains that exercise is necessary for muscle growth and a healthy body. It then lists
some examples of exercise then goes into how to be a good sport. After reading, the packet has
a section in which students can write two exercises they enjoy participating in. There is a list of
vocabulary at the end including words such as muscle and heart. Students simply read this
packet out loud as a whole class. Mrs. Bolden would occasionally ask questions during the
reading then reviewed the vocabulary terms at the end.
This surprised me that this was the only health lesson for the entire year. The short
story honestly was very dumb and barely informative. I would have rather seen children
learning about proper hygiene or about eating healthy foods. Teaching the importance of
exercise is also essential to this grade level however there are much better ways to present this
information. Since this is first grade, students also shouldnt simply be reading from a packet
they should be doing interactive activities. I reflected upon this assignment with Mrs. Bolden
after class and she agrees with these concepts. She stated unfortunately this is the curriculum,
she doesnt have the option to teach something else. Standards achieved in this lesson are

All observations and rationales are required to be typed.

10.11.D1 distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviors, and 10.21.A1 identify
fundamental practices for good health.

Type a one page rationale/reflection about your observation. Include your perceptions, thoughts,
opinions, and reflections on your time in the classroom. Include a PA Academic standard that ties to
the specific observation with an explanation.

All observations and rationales are required to be typed.