Virtual Environments, ATEC 3365.501 Course Information Course Title:! ! Virtual Environments Course Number:!

ATEC 3365.501 Term:! ! ! Fall 2010 Time:! ! ! Tuesdays, 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM Contact Information Instructor: ! ! Phill Johnson E-mail: ! ! ! Office hours:! ! by appointment Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions: 3D MODELING AND TEXTURING, ATEC 3317 Course Description This course covers an array of topics involving virtual environments. Focus is placed on developing skills using spacial relationships and environmental aesthetics. This class will create spaces for real-time settings in projects throughout the semester. Techniques in texturing, lighting, sound, and interactivity will be discussed. Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes This course will exercise the studentʼs skills in using real-time gaming engines, including lighting, texturing, modeling and basic interactivity. There will be weekly assignments in addition to long-term projects. Critiques of work are dependent on student participation and involvement. Required Texts and Materials None. Week 1, August 24 Introduction to key concepts, Unreal Development Kit, and basic geometry. Week 2, August 31 Texturing for games, materials, color theory for virtual environments. Package and file management. Preproduction for games and environments. Week 3, September 7 Lighting, types of lights and setting the mood. World crafting for games. Week 4, September 14 Static meshes, terrain, and geology. Building the outside world from the ground up. Project 1 assigned. Week 5, September 21 Atmosphere, post process effects and fog. Week 6, September 28 Audio design, using audio to bring an environment to life.

Week 7, October 5 Procedural decorations, trash, foliage, etc. Week 8, October 12 Project 1 work day, trouble shooting session. Week 9, October 19 Project 1 presentations in class. Week 10, October 26 Level flow, design, and player challenges. Project 2 Assigned. Week 11, November 2 Particles: steam, smoke, fire, etc. Week 12, November 9 Interactivity and responding to the player. Kismet scripting. Week 13, November 16 Procedural effects revisited, procedural buildings, crowd simulations, portals, render to texture effects. Architecture, civic planning. Week 14, November 23 Project 2 work day, trouble shooting session. Week 15, November 30 Project 2 presentations in class. Grading In-Class Assignments:! Project Write-ups:! ! Project 1:! ! ! Project 2:! ! ! Participation:! ! ! Total:! ! ! !

15 pts. 10 pts. 30 pts. 35 pts. 10 pts. 100 pts.

Class Policies Late work will not be accepted without prior approval before the work is due. Contact the teacher beforehand to receive approval. Students who miss more than three (3) classes are encouraged to drop the course. No extra credit is available. Please be courteous with use of cell phones and web browsing during class. Please do not work on other courses during class. The class is expected to turn off monitors and give their peers their full attention during presentations.
University Policies and Procedures may be reviewed at:

These descriptions and time lines are subject to change at the discretion of the Instructor.

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