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766 Alignment Template

Amie Gustavson
Due to the rapid pace of hiring of Care Ambassadors and the urgent need to get them trained quickly and working independently, a
computer-based course is being developed to train and assess the competency of Care Ambassadors. This elearning training will be
distributed via the hospitals LMS and will replace the current live virtual classroom training. This training module will be available
immediately upon hire to the Care Ambassadors, allowing them to complete the course within a few days, rather than waiting up to two
weeks as they do in the current model.

Terminal Objective: Care Ambassador will identify scheduling errors in booked appointments for pre-visit telephone consult
and provider office visit in patient schedule.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
Use Scheduling Learner will navigate Video software Coached software Uncoached software
Desktop to locate simulated screens to demonstration. simulation (requires simulation. Learner
patient schedule. locate a patient Learners will watch a navigating to the must complete the
schedule. captioned screen patient schedule). requested task
recording of these independently. Hints
tasks being performed. are available, but
points are deducted
A job aid will be from learners score for
provided for learners each hint used.
to print and refer to in Learner must finish
the course of their activity with a
work. minimum number of
points to proceed.
Identify the account Given screenshots of Hot spot screenshots
numbers associated patient schedules, learners will be asked
with the two learner will identify the to identify (click on)
appointments (pre- two account numbers the account numbers
visit telephone consult associated with the associated with the
and the office visit). target appointments. target appointments.
Identify account For each example in Drag and drop activity
number discrepancies the above, the learner screenshots are
between the two visits. will identify the presented and learner
incorrectly booked must sort them into
appointments. two categories
booked correctly and
booked incorrectly.

Terminal Objective: Care Ambassador will utilize the appropriate document template to record information gathered during
pre-visit telephone interview.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity
Identify type of Matching Video software Matching activity one Software simulation
appointment booked activity/question with demonstration. column of appointment that requires learner to
for telephone appointment types in Learners will watch a types and one column select the correct
interview. one column, names of captioned screen of document templates. document template
Select correct document templates in recording of these Learner matches items when shown the
document template. the other column. tasks being performed. in column A with appointment type.
corresponding item in
column B to
understanding of the