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450 Anchor Activity

Use the independent learning time in order to find and explore useful websites to
create a hyperlinked list of resources that extend your thinking about the current unit in
the course. For each useful site that you explore, add a new row to the Resource
Table below. In the space to the left, rank each site on a scale of 1-5 for how useful
you found the site to be. At the conclusion of your independent time, complete the
Evaluation prompt:

Resource Table:
1-5 ELL
4 MPLS Model for ELL support
3 Teaching Diverse Learners Website: Brown University
4 Reading Rockets: English Language Learners and the Five Essential Components of
Reading Instruction
3 ESL Games Plus
4 The GO TO Strategies: Scaffolding Options for Teachers of English Language Learners,
4 Perdue Online Writing Lab
4-5 ESL Teacher Resources
4-5 British Council Teaching English
5 TESOL Resource Center

Evaluation Prompt: Thinking about the sites that you have visited, evaluate and
justify with specific evidence which of the sites was

a) The most useful of the sources was the TESOL Resource Center. This is such a
great resource that I plan to use as a teacher. This resource is the best on the list
because it provides real activities to do with students that are research- based, such as
a vocabulary game. This is so great because it had lesson plans that teachers can use
in the classroom that are engaging for students. This website has opportunities for
professional development and provides a platform for a TESOL and ESL teacher
community, which is important to me. The website includes jobs to apply for,
conventions that teachers can attend, and literature about TESOL related topics.
Essentially it is a website that contains a large amount of information that ESL
educators can use in their own classrooms. I would use this website as a starting point
for my further research into TESOL.

b) The least useful is the ESL games plus. This could be a great resource, but it is
difficult to know which apps or games are actually research- based. It would be great to
use computer games with the students, but it is extremely important that students work
with materials and strategies that are proven to help through research. I could go
through all the apps and games to make sure they fit with research based methods, but
it would be better if the website had it written on the website with sources.