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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump:

Predictions for 2016 Election

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This is a special predictive report on the US 2016 Election, examining the
Astrology Charts & Predictions for the two main contenders: Hillary Clinton and
Donald Trump, beginning with a brief tour of Hillary Clintons Vedic Astrology
Birth Chart:
Ms. Clinton is Libra rising in Vedic Astrology. Libra is an idealistic sign,
committed to Fairness, Harmony, and Sacrifice in relationship. Libras are known
for social idealism as well as relationship ideals.
The Ascendant ruler, Venus, is in the first house, along with Mercury, ruler of the
9th house of Beliefs & Good Fortune, and the Sun, ruler of the 11th house of
Ambitions & Rewards. This is a potent combination that adds strength to the 1st
house, increasing the potential for a successful life.
Another really important sector of the chart is the 10th house, the house of Public
Deeds & Achievements in the World. Here too, we find a powerful planetary
combination: Mars & Saturn, the planet of Action plus the planet of Structure
and Focus. This combination constitutes a Raj Yoga in the 10th, indicating high
potential for Accomplishment, Reputation, and Status.
Vedic Astrology considers Mars & Saturn to be natural Malefics. When you
have natural Malefics in your 10th house, your path forward is Not Smooth, but
you are very determined, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
Ms. Clintons has her natal Mercury, planet of the Intellect, conjunct the
Ascendant Degree. For Libra rising, Mercury represents both the 9th house and
the 12th house. The 9th house is the house of Beliefs and Meritorious Deeds; the
12th house is the house of Generosity and Humanitarian Acts. This combination,
in one planet, is what has impelled Clinton to be involved in Social Causes for
her whole life.
But not everything is wonderful in the 1st house. Mercury being the 12th house
ruler, also represents the karma of Hidden Actions, and Venus, even if it does rule
the Ascendant, is also the 8th house ruler, representing the karma of Secret
Activities. Aside from the practical necessity of a real leader sometimes having to
hide their true motives, this does create a predisposition for clandestine activity,
which tends to arouse the suspicions of others.
Moving on now to the predictive analysis, we see that Clinton is currently in her
Sun Major Period, which began in February 2016. For Libra Rising, the Sun
rules the 11th house, the sector of the chart that represents Goals, Ambitions,
Accomplishments and Rewards. The Sun is the planet of Power and Authority,
and its placement in the 1st house enhances the sense of Self, as well as
signifying the power to rule over others. This is in addition to bringing the
karma of the 11th house of Ambition and Accomplishment to the 1st house of Self.
If she becomes the president, she will still be in her Sun Major Period throughout
her term of office.
In early 2016, while the Democratic Primaries were taking place, Ms. Clinton
was in the Mars sub-period of her Sun major period. Mars is the planet of Action,
Combat, and Victory, prominently placed in her 10th house of Public Life. Mars
also activates her 2nd house of Speech. And heres something interesting: Note
that Mars, as the ruler of her 7th house of the Direct Enemy, also gave her a
strong opponent during the primaries.
As the Primaries concluded, Ms. Clinton entered a Rahu sub-period, which will
last her through the election, until March 2017. Rahu is a significator of Great
Desire, placed in her 8th house of Vitality, Transformation, Financial
Involvements, and Secret Activities. This is a somewhat problematic placement in
her chart, an indication of doing something that will expose her to another
manifestation of the 8th house: Humiliation. But, will it knock her out? Rahu is
considered Strong in Taurus, the sign of the Bull and the Bull does not back
down. Also, the 8th house is the house of Support; Rahu represents Foreigners
and those with dark skin. The support of immigrants and minorities is crucial to
her winning the election.
Looking over at the transits, we see that in 2016, Jupiter, the planet of
Opportunity and Optimism, is transiting in Leo, the 11th house of the chart, the
same part of the chart that is activated by the Sun Major Period. This transit is
very fortuitous for Mrs. Clinton: Jupiter boosts the karma of her 11th house, as
well as sending a favorable aspect to her natal Moon, an excellent transit for
getting the favor of the public. Also transiting in Leo is Rahu, the significator of
Ambition and Material Success, which is considered very beneficial when
transiting in the 11th house.
But, three months before the election happens, in August, Jupiter leaves Leo and
enters Virgo, her 12th house of Loss. Although this position is not as favorable to
her chart, it does have an interesting interpretation in Vedic Astrology: Jupiter is
the planet of Benefits; the 12th house is The Unknown. Thus: the potential to
Benefit from the Unknown, in other words, by way of Divine Providence, which
will intercede on Clintons behalf before the election.

Now lets consider Donald Trumps Vedic Astrology Chart, and his potential for
winning in November. The first thing to notice about this chart is that there are a lot
of intense planetary combinations, indicating that his IS an unusual life.
Mr. Trump is Leo Rising, with Mars closely conjunct the Ascendant. Leo is the
sign of Royalty. Leo people have a natural instinct, and a talent, for being in
charge. Leo wants to be known; Leo is a sign that prefers Large Projects. Being a
fire sign, Leo is self-centered, and prone to self-aggrandizement. Mars is the
Action Planet, as well as the planet of Combat. When Mars shows up in the
Ascendant of a birth chart, the person is Ambitious, and Naturally Aggressive.
Mars combined with Leo makes one a General, somebody Born to Command
The Sun, the ruler of the Leo Ascendant, representing sense of Self, is in the 10th
house of Public Actions, Career, and Business Success. This placement ensures
that the natural Leo desire to be known, does manifest in his life. The Sun is
closely associated with Rahu and Uranus. Rahu, especially in Taurus, is a
signification of Material Success; Rahu, especially in the 10th house, is Obsessed
with Success. Uranus is the planet of Independence and Rebellion. Thus: Mr.
Trump attains material success on his own terms in his own way. and, being
a Leo, he wants Everyone to know about it.
The Moon in this chart is in Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the Power Signs, with
strong Desires, and a strong Intuition; a natural-born Psychologist. The Donald
was born on a Full Moon, strongly placed in the 4th house, and tightly conjunct
the other eclipse point, Ketu. In Fact, Mr. Trump was born just hours before a
Total Lunar Eclipse!
The combination of Ketu and Moon is quite a strange one. It can make a person
Psychic. or just idiosyncratic, unstable, volatile, and paranoid. Combine that
delineation with the planet of Combat, Mars, conjunct the Ascendant degree, and
you have someone who Reacts Very strongly to any perceived Slight or Attack.
Mercury, the planet of the intellect, is in its own sign Gemini. This makes
Mercury, the planet of Learning and Communications, strong. This guy is no
dummy; he graduated first in his class from the Wharton School of Economics.
Note too, that Gemini is the information vacuum cleaner of the zodiac, pulling
little bits of data from everywhere, without much discrimination: Mr. Trump is
known for quoting The National Enquirer.

One last item about his birth chart: that weird tight conjunction of Venus and Saturn
in his 12th house. The 12th is the house of the Unknown, including people who you
dont personally know i.e., the general public. A lot of politicians have strong 12th
house planets in their charts. Here we find Venus, the planet of Love and Sociability,
which in the 12th house makes it easy for The Masses to like him. Closely conjunct
Venus is Saturn, the planet of Control. In the 12th house, Saturn can give you the
ability to Control people who you dont know very handy for anybody who rules
over others. Mr. Trump is a charismatic manipulator. For Leo Charts, Venus is the
ruler of the 10th house of Career. Venus is the planet of Entertainment, placed in the
12th house of The Masses. Of course, what is Mr. Trump known for?
Now lets take a look at the predictive analysis.
Mr. Trump is currently in his Rahu major period, which started for him back in
November 1998, and continues until November 2016. In other words, right up to the
2016 elections. Rahu is the significator of Great Desire, Transformation, and Success,
and it is prominently placed in the 10th house of Public Actions. The Rahu Major
Period activates his Sun-Rahu-Uranus conjunction. Rahus close association with the
Sun is what gives Mr. Trump the Drive to acquire Power and Renown. Uranus, the
planet of Freedom and Rebellion, makes him willing to take Big Risks; to say and do
things that are quite Unexpected and Unconventional, even extreme. And of course,
this is what makes him so Entertaining, and such a magnet for the Media.
Mr. Trump is now in a Mars Sub-period. For Leo rising, Mars rules the 9th house of
Good Luck and Destiny. Mars, the planet of Combat and Victory, is conjunct his
Ascendant Degree and is a strong feature of his chart. Mr. Trump Identifies with The
Fight. The Mars sub-period takes him to November, 2016, i.e., right up to the
Mr. Trumps Mars sub period activates his Scorpio Moon -Ketu conjunction. This is
both a benefit and a problem for him: Moon-Ketu gives him powerful Intuition,
Psychic ability, but simultaneously creates Emotional Instability. His tendency to
quickly react to any perceived threat, and to blurt out whatever comes into his mind,
could prove to be his undoing in an election campaign where every utterance is
recorded and transmitted world-wide.
Against the backdrop of his Rahu-Mars period, now consider the influential transits.
The first thing to notice is that Jupiter is transiting in Leo, which puts the planet of
Confidence, Expansion, Opportunity, and Beliefs, right in Mr. Trumps ascendant.
Jupiter is powering up his natal Mars, the current sub-period ruler. So, no surprise,
he is full of energy, as well as full of himself, ready and willing to take on all
adversaries. Rahu, significator of Ambition & Obsession, joined Jupiter in Leo at the
beginning of 2016. The transit combination has Mr. Trump totally pumped up,
confident of his own success.
Another major transit is Saturn, currently in Scorpio, and approaching his natal
Moon this year. The transit of Saturn through the sign of ones natal Moon indicates a
harsh confrontation with what Saturn represents: Reality.
Simultaneously, Saturn is opposite his natal Sun, the ruler of his chart, as well as
opposite his natal Rahu, his current major period ruler. Saturn represents the
Established Order. Natal Sun + Rahu represents His Ambition for Power. So here we
see a perfect astrological representation of The Donalds Main Problem: The
Established Republican power structure actually opposes his bid for the highest
But what happens in November? With the help of Astrology, we can look at where the
planets will be on that fateful day, and see how each of the contestants will fare. A
transiting planet inserts its energy into the house it transits through. So. how do the
transit positions on November 8th affect the contestants charts?
For Ms. Clinton, the Sun and Mercury land in her Libra Ascendant, with the Sun
closely aligned with, and powering up, her natal Venus. Venus, her chart ruler, winds
up in her 3rd house of Making Efforts, and is closely aspecting her natal Uranus. The
Moon is energizing her 5th house where her natal Moon is. And, as noted before,
Jupiter is in her 12th house, signifying Benefit from the Masses. On the day of the
election Jupiter is exactly conjunct her natal Neptune, planet of Dreams and Idealism,
a signification of Your Dreams Come True.
The malefic planets are the ones predisposed to cause trouble. Mars is the planet of
Attack, as well as Victory. Mars is at the beginning of Capricorn, aspecting Clintons
10th house of success and reputation, and afflicting her natal Mars and natal Saturn,
indicating a Fight. But the aspect on her natal planets is far from exact. Saturn is in
her 2nd house, in a late degree of Scorpio, and although it may cause some trouble to
natal Jupiter, again, the aspect is far from exact. Saturn the planet of Caution, keeps
her 2nd house of Speech under control.
Next consider what the transits are doing to Donald Trumps chart on Election Day.
Of the benefic planets, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, only Jupiter is interacting with
natal planets: namely, transit Jupiter on natal Jupiter. Its in the 2nd house of Speech,
where it boosts his natal Jupiter propensity for declaring his personal beliefs to
everyone far and wide.
On the other hand, the malefic planets are creating a lot of impact. Mars is in Trumps
6th house, directly across from his natal Venus-Saturn position. Mars transiting in the
6th house of Struggles indicates a fight, and simultaneously gives you the energy for
the fight.
But Mars opposite his natal Venus is fighting against Females, and Mars opposite
natal Saturn is fighting against the Established Order. Meanwhile, Saturn is
transiting quite close to Mr. Trumps natal Ketu-Moon combination. This is a rather
anxiety producing pattern, which will make him very Defensive.
Notice the Moons position: it is exactly opposite to Mr. Trumps natal Mars, and by
the end of the day, opposite his Ascendant Degree. Whenever there is a contest, the
7th house needs to be looked at carefully, because the 7th house is the house of the
Direct Opponent. Benefic planets in or aspecting the 7th house help the opponent,
Malefic planets aspecting the 7th house spell defeat for the opponent. Here the
waxing Moon is helping his opponent, Ms. Clinton. But the exact opposition of Moon
to Trumps natal Mars and natal Ascendant is an interesting question. The Moon-
Mars opposition makes you Excited, Reactive, and Angry, especially when there are
other-pressure inducing combinations. In Astrology, the Moon indicates The Public.
Here, The Public is clearly Opposed to his Ascendant Degree, the most personal point
in the chart. The opposition is exact, late in the day. It does not appear that Mr.
Trump will be winning this election.