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Relay Style QTA2

Dc-Neutral Ac-Immune Track Relay

BR Specifications
A range of dc-neutral track relays compliant with
BR Specifications 939A or 966 Appendix F2.
Available with two front contacts to specification,
or with two front and two back contacts.

QTA2 relays are dc-neutral high-percentage-
release track relays.
They are typically used for safety-critical dc track
circuits in ac or other territory.

Benefits Plugboards
Dc-neutral track relay Matching drilled plugboards are available for all
Complies with BR specifications 939A or 966 relays.
Appendix F2 (where specified)
Ac-immune in de-energised state to
momentary application of 750 Vac
Weld-free silver graphite contact sets

Datasheet 3G-3
Datasheet 3G-3 issue 3.0

Description Specifications
A dc- neutral ac-immune track relay, Specifications apply at a coil temperature of 20C.
compliant with BR Specifications 939A
Part Coil Contacts Operating Maximum Minimum Plugboard
or 966 Appendix F2. number resistance current (mA) full release
(ohms) operating current*
Max Min Part Code
current (mA)
number holes
Ordering M25091 20 2F 2B 92 81 115 68% M23079 ACGJK

Please use part numbers from this M25092 9 2F 2B 140 120 175 68% M23444 ADEJK

datasheet or our product catalogue, or M25093 20 2F 92 81 115 68% M23079 ACGJK

contact Siemens to discuss your M25094 9 2F 140 120 175 68% M23444 ADEJK
requirements with our Sales staff.
Contact continuous rating 4 Wdc with 30 V 50 Hz applied
Voltage withstand Will not release with < 75 V 50 Hz applied when energised with
1.5 times the operating dc current
AC immunity Will not close front contacts for up to 250 ms with up to 750 V
50 Hz

* Release current is defined as a percentage of the operating current

Complies with BR specification 939
Complies with BR specification 966 Appendix F2

Layout of Contacts (Rear View)

F = Front contact, B = Back contact

1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
R1 C C R2 C C
R3 R4

2F 2B 2F

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